Welcome To The Totally-New Carscoops V2.018

Wha? New website? It sure is. This is John Halas and I’m excited to introduce you to the totally-new Carscoops that comes nearly two years after our last redesign back in 2016.

First, allow me to elaborate on that ‘V2.018’. It stands for Version 2.0 introduced in ’18 to emphasize the depth and nature of changes made to Carscoops this time around.

Fourteen years after the birth of this site (my, how time flies, right?), we made the difficult – but totally worth it, decision to move to an entirely different platform (hence the 2.0) and state-of-the art servers. To put it simply, everything you see and don’t see is brand-new from the ground up.

Tell me about the highlights of the redesign

In this initial release, among the chief changes you’ll experience is a much cleaner and more minimalistic look adapted to today’s needs as well as more user-friendly features ranging from the search results to the collapsible galleries for mobile devices, just to mention a few.

Furthermore, our talented team of developers from Evergrowth coded everything from scratch to reduce the need for browsers to repaint our website. This leads to discernibly faster loading times even with ads – which we hope you can keep on to support our site and all the people working here.

Perhaps most important of all are the tools provided to us and the opportunities they open with the introduction of the new platform, as for the first time, we’re not technically limited by the underpinnings.

What else is coming?

Today marks the introduction of the first phase of the redesign, so don’t fret if something doesn’t work or look right.  I can’t stress enough that this is not the end of our digital journey, this is just the beginning.

In the days, weeks and months ahead we’ll be improving every aspect and introducing new features to the site, some of which we’re actively developing, like a re-think of the navigation and menus, and others based on your input. We’re also working on improving our social media accounts and the introduction of a more engaging and up-to-date newsletter, so stay tuned for updates.

Give us your input to improve the site

While what you see now is a first glimpse of our vision, ever since Carscoops was launched in 2004, we’ve always asked and closely listened to our readers. That hasn’t changed. At the end of the day, your opinion counts the most. Period.

I’m sure you’ll find areas where we can improve upon and we strongly encourage you to let us know about them in the comments below or by shooting us an email.

We’re all ears!

Naturally, such a seismic change in groundwork may lead to hiccups, so if you experience any kind of issues, we’d hugely appreciate it if you tell us about it, noting down the problem as well as your device, browser and operating system. Including a screenshot can help our tech team to troubleshoot.

Meanwhile, we’ll continue to turbo-boost the technology behind the scenes to make the site more user-friendly and faster, but more importantly, we’ll push forward editorial improvements and additions to make Carscoops your go-to homepage for your daily car news and features.


  • Craig

    Great job!! It took only a few seconds to figure it out. Very nicely done.

  • Tuan Cao

    I like the old layout better.

    • paulgdeaton

      Agreed. This one is harder to navigate, loses its linear timeline, and, apparently, eliminated all the previous comments under the articles that appeared before the “update”.

      So far… I am unimpressed.

      • JohnCarscoop

        I saw that too about the older comments, it wasn’t done on purpose. We’re investigating

        • Just a reader

          John, please take into consideration Paul’s comment. I, too, have this feeling that the news feed does not have a linear timeline. One could say that for the whole new layout. I apologize if my criticism sounds offensive, since I have no such intentions. This comment is written with the purpose of helping your staff make this a better place for reading about the automotive world. Personally, I feel lost due to the fact that the news feed has two columns, one smaller and one bigger (on the left), so it lack the “one by one article” feel that the old website had. That leaves the reader to figure it out by checking all the dates beneath the headlines. The old website had the “standard blog” feel, and that added to the simplicity of the whole design. As a result, navigation was simple and intuitive. However, I must admit that this might be subjective, as people are usually not amicable to new things and especially changes. Replacing the familiar with something new. Some of the changes and decisions deserve praise. For example, I like your decision to use and keep the Disqus commenting system, since it makes it easier to read and write comments. I always praised your website for having a sleek and simple design. The color choices, or the lack thereof, made it look fresh, modern and easy to read. The updated layout still has that feel, even if the segments lack an intuitive timeline.
          CarScoops has been my go to automotive blog since WorldCarFans disappeared from the internet. The replacement is pumped with multimedia, oversized photographs and “find a dealer” ads. To large and unnecessary complicated. I personally hope that this is not the direction that you are heading in.

          I am looking forward to seeing what you and your team can come up with. I wish you all, both the team and the readers, the best of luck and a lot of success in your endeavors this year.

          • JohnCarscoop

            Not offensive at all! I get what you’re saying and we’ll revisit the two-column layout on the Latest News section in due time. It is true that when you present a different spin on things it takes readers some time to get used to it. But that’s the reason why we’re having this conversation so we can figure out together what works and not.

          • futures


            You will definitely lose readers by losing the chronological timeline. My friends and I visit at least once a day, and we used to be able to easily see the new stories. We’ll be searching around for a different site without this feature.

          • JohnCarscoop

            Stay tuned – we’re not done yet. We’ll fix that!

      • 31/12/2999

        At he begining but a lot of use you will like more than before.

  • gor134

    Thanks for continuing to support this website! This is my go-to website everyday to read and find out more about new and unique cars. Just hoping it can be a bit faster, as this update has made it lag a bit.

    • Tumbi Mtika


    • JohnCarscoop

      We’ll look into those speed issues.

      • gor134

        One last thing, on mobile, when clicking on pictures, it opens the image separately, so if you want to go back to the article to look at other pics, it reloads the whole page. Can we have the old option back where you click on an image and it opens a pop up version where you could click zoom in and out buttons. Ty. (Idk if this made sense hope it did)

  • Tumbi Mtika

    I like the added freshness to it. I need to still find my way around though.

  • Day_Trader

    Bravo! 👏👏👏👏🤪💥🤪👌

    • Day_Trader

      P.S. John, try to also write actual (meaning, long) articles. Not just little short write ups, but actual, full, complete, feature stories on select subjects and cars. 👌

  • Evan McMaster

    Been my homepage for years. Love the new design, except the loss of a chronological feed

    • mas921

      yeah, same here

      • JohnCarscoop

        @mas921:disqus @evanmcmaster:disqus We’re experimenting with the current layout that includes sections, but we’ve also created a pure chronological news page. Click the “News” menu or just go here: https://www.carscoops.com/category/news/

        • Evan McMaster

          Ok if you go to the individual sections up top, but you should incorporate a page with all of them, “News”, “New cars”, “Concepts”, etc. combined in one page chronologically. I can make due just by going to all the separate sections its not the worst, and I understand some people would only want news, or concepts so I like the separation, but it would be great if there was one with all of them as well.

    • Nordschleife

      I also love chronological feeds as well but I’ll make due.


    I can dig it. It will take some getting used to but I don’t expect any serious issues.


    • JohnCarscoop

      That’s on our to-do list!

      • COOL.

      • smartacus

        …as long as i’m still able to click somewhere to quickly go to the home page.

        • JohnCarscoop

          Just tap the ‘Carscoops’ logo and it will take you home

  • smartacus

    i have one request for the HOMEPAGE:
    i want to see the names of the authors
    next to each article’s date/time stamp.

  • drc

    More confusing layout for short attention spans? Has the look of a click-bait site now. FAIL

    • JohnCarscoop

      Sorry you didn’t like it. Like I mentioned before, we did create a pure “News” page with nothing else. https://www.carscoops.com/category/news/

      • jsz00

        This layout is like the other news websites now. That’s what happens when you use a template, just because everyone is using it doesn’t mean it’s the best.

  • xDRAN0x

    Whatever, its good that you update the keep the design with current trends.

    One request – no more accident/fatal/violent crashes video or road rage bs.


  • Kash

    I miss being able to click on the cover photo to jump straight into the gallery, right now it just refreshes the article.

    • JohnCarscoop

      Funny story – what you mention about the cover photo opening the gallery wasn’t done on purpose, it was actually a glitch that was never fixed.

      • Kash

        Ha! Well it was a nice glitch for debut articles that made it quick and easy to just thumb through the photos.

  • Thanks for making the category/news page for us who like to jump to the current pages. That’s pretty much what I ask and thanks for listening to it.

  • Belthronding Tinuviel

    Anyway, i ll keep being around here,because it is my lovely very best website

  • no25

    It’s alright imo. like others said – dont care for the non-chronological order; reminds me of instagram’s change and still no one likes it. it definitely looks cleaner which i like, but the older one is still better i feel. if it aint broke dont fix it.

  • Victor DB_2017

    I think it looks better…well anything new is good for the experience…that said…I like the fact that i can continously scroll down without have to go to the next page…the feature was there in some earlier iterations of the site and then suddenly changed.. so i hope you guiys keep it this time ..

    i also believe adding some “poll” functions would help the more quiet browsers participate in discussions. I also believe comments should be sorted from newest as default,

  • Christian

    As long as Carscoop exist…i’m happy

  • SamuraiJack

    Hi John. I like the new look and layout. I would like to see less spelling mistakes though, especially obvious ones in the article headlines. It sometimes feels like the writers just post the articles without bothering to proof read it.

  • Vassilis

    I like it overall. I must admit the previous layout (article after article in pages) was more convenient but I’ll get used to the new one. Maybe after Editor’s Picks, Offbeat News etc you can continue with The Latest and not start More News from the beginning.

  • Jean-Pierre Pasche

    Nice. I like it.

  • Jack

    Please go back to older version, new version looks great and all but no longer works on my works internet so I can use the site anymore!

  • donald seymour

    I like the new look now.

  • eb110americana

    Good to hear about the behind-the-scenes updates and keeping all of the tech current. Ever since Autoblog turned their site upside down, this has been my number-one source for automotive news (and I have been a follower for much longer than that). Thank you for putting in so much work to build the site into what it is today.

    That said, the many sized images and fonts across the main page actually make it look more cluttered now. I don’t know where to look when I am there. You have a horizontal list of images across the top with one font and no description, then a longer vertical ticker with medium images and 3 more types of fonts in the titles, descriptions, and dates, and then a smaller image “trending list” that is also vertical, but not as long along the right side with smaller versions of the previous titles/dates but no descriptions. Even just the ticker has multiple size images which change the format. Then below you have all the same stuff repeated under, “Editor’s Picks,” “Offbeat News,” “More News,” “Detroit Autoshow.” I am not opposed to some of these, but together they are approaching what Autoblog did, which is regurgitate about 20 different ways to view different types of links in different types of lists, formats, order, etc. In the end, all of it becomes noise with the ads, and what I actually came to see becomes harder to locate or focus on. The site may be better in a lot of ways than the old one, but the graphic layout of the main page needs work.

    I would add to the description/excerpt from each article to make it at least a few sentences long. I feel that this will lead to more hits on each article if there is something to entice you into wanting to read more. If you want to offer multiple categories, put them under a menu at the top. And if you want to offer multiple ways to sort things (date, popularity, events, etc.) those can be options in the hamburger menu above (instead of every way all crammed into one page). Hope that helps.

    • JohnCarscoop

      Points taken. Things like the excerpt and menus are already being looked at. We’ll also de-clutter the main page and hone the segments, just give us some time to address more pressing issues like de-bugging and speeding up the site on all devices!

      • eb110americana

        I just tested the search function. Now it provides a reverse-chronological sort after running an internal search (instead of redirecting to Google, as on so many other sites). That is a very useful improvement!

  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    Good work! If you can now write an article about why the sports utility vehicle is dying off, I’ll be more than happy.

  • fabri99

    I really like what you did with the website, it still looks quite new and strange, but it will definitely get better with time. The graphics on the front page are still quite confusing, I don’t like it that you don’t get a full sentence in the articles preview and I think articles per category should be on a different page (otherwise in the home page you get the same articles repeated three times). The font is a bit to simple, too, and the “largest” articles (those that occupy more space on the home page, like the latest one) should only come with high-resolution pictures (otherwise we only get a giant pixelated rectangle), so either you only keep those spots for main articles with high-res pictures, or you find a way to make everything smaller and tidier.

  • Romanovich

    How many personage going to say, THE OLD HAD BETTER???

    • brn

      How many people are going to predict what others will say?


    Old version still good

  • StrangerGP

    another site ruined by the mobile friendly looks, happened to IGN as well not long ago

    • JohnCarscoop

      All recent versions of Carscoops, including the current one, have responsive designs. We didn’t alter the desktop version to make it friendly for mobile devices.

  • ZKocev

    Old, please…

  • Shobin Drogan

    I’d suggest to make an Android app that supports disqus comments as well. But I get why you guys wouldn’t want to make it. Maintaining an app can be a hassle.

  • Geza

    Usually changes are good, but not this time. Previous version had more style, this one is a bit stretched.

  • rover10

    Good luck. I do like the new look it’s fresh and easy to use.

  • ediotsavant

    The biggest I had in the old one was the editors that wrote some of the articles. Misspelt words. Wrong pictures.

  • salamOOn

    even bigger mess than 2016 redesign…. and why is some part of content 2x on the index? some atrticles from the top are in “more news” section down below….

    Editor’s Picks + Offbeat News – those are absolutely useless.
    also stretched top pic when you open an article, and also those 4 big thumbs at the top of the index are big NO….

    all i need is list of news with same sized preview pics… so make it simple and clean if you want a clean design….

    • JohnCarscoop

      The duplicate content is a glitch and we’ll fix it soon. While we can’t make everyone happy, we’re listening. What kind of layout do you like – shows us some examples!

      • salamOOn

        “While we can’t make everyone happy”
        i am aware of that….

        section “more news” is great. it is exactly as i mentioned, just simple list of news with same sized preview pics. simple, clean, easy to look at….

        i would make whole index like that, no interruptions in main column with “big preview pic” articles or another sections (Editor’s Picks + Offbeat News). i would put those to side column, just like “Trending” section.

        but hey, thats just my humble opinion, no matter what i appreciate your work guys.

        • JohnCarscoop

          Thank you SalamOOn. Let me rephrase that – we can’t make everyone 100% happy, but we’ll try to make most readers 90% happy with what they see.

  • TChristopher

    No offense but this thing is a total mess……as many other comments have said, it’s very difficult to try to keep up with where you left off and what you have seen and what you haven’t seen…..plus, those articles in the middle of the page (editors pick, offbeat news etc.) causes a break in continuity and more confusion.
    And most of all, PLEASE get rid of the “infinite scroll”…..it eats up ram like crazy…..I have ram meters on my machine and I can see it building up very fast.

    • JohnCarscoop

      Regarding your first comment, this is not the final layout, just give it a chance, and if it still bothers most users, we’ll change it. As for the infinite scroll, apparently it’s one of those things that some readers like and some don’t. We’ll see how that goes.

      FYI, if you click the “News” menu (https://www.carscoops.com/category/news/) you’ll find a chronologically ordered and numbered pagination layout.

  • BlackPegasus

    No complaints to report. Although I don’t understand the need for the frequent changes after only 20 months. But I’m glad the site is still here. It’s been part of my daily browsing feed for years. Keep giving us the latest and greatest in auto news. 👌🏽

    • JohnCarscoop

      This particular design change was more the by-product of moving to a different CMS (Content Management System) than anything else. The previous platform that we had been using since 2004 had reached its limits long ago, making it if not impossible, at the very least, extremely time-consuming to implement even the simplest of upgrades.


    All older comments gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JohnCarscoop

      As previously mentioned, this is a bug that we’re troubleshooting

  • Sedat GÜNAYDIN

    Definitely better then ever. Congratulations. Don’t give up this kind of improvements.

  • MagicTH

    The look is clean. The TRENDING sidebar doesn’t scroll properly. The bottom part is cutoff and you have to scroll a long way down on the main section to get the TRENDING section to move where it’s visible.

    I’ rather see the current articles in the sidebar instead of TRENDING. Otherwise, I have to click back and forth between your email and the website to read everything.

  • carlbolt

    Looks like Carscoops is following the Autoblog’s footsteps to make its website a complete crap!
    Who can recommend a better car website?

    • JohnCarscoop

      Well, I follow and read a bunch of diverse car websites and forums, from Autonews.com, Jalopnik.com and autocar.co.uk, to the Reddit Cars forum. Too many to list here, but I’ll gladly send you an email with plenty of suggestions if you want. In the meantime, it could be more helpful (and constructive) if you told us what you didn’t like about the redesign and what you want to see. Just sayin’.

      • europeon

        Jalopnik? For real…

      • gor134

        This is the main website I use, but I also use netcarshow, Jalopnik, Reddit cars, motorauthority, leftlanenews, and caranddriver

  • MagicTH

    Hold on…I found the current NEWS in the menu.

  • Scott Carmichael

    Don’t like it. AutoBlog changed their layout and I left and came here. Now you change. Time to find another source.

  • brn

    When you change things, people react. Looks like I’m one of those people. Here my knee jerk reaction.

    I agree with those wanting a chronological layout again. This isn’t a one-stop site. It’s one where you need to know where you left off, so you can continue.

    I get that a goof made old comments disappear. Over time, it won’t matter. If you have to focus resources, focus them in decluttering the site.

    I’ve no problem with the four pictures of articles across that top. It’s a non-intrusive way for you to push certain articles.

    I do hate the other injected sections (editors picks, etc). It’s the key part that messes up the chronological order, it mess up your attempt to simplify, and I can scroll by the same article multiple times. Quite frustrating.

    Listing the additional articles on the right creates clutter and confusion.

    I may not be remembering it correctly, but I recall there being more text next to the picture, before you go into the article, before. I prefer that, as it helps me decide if it’s something I wan to read. I know it reduces ‘clicks’, but I find it helpful.

    Autoblog made some similar changes quite a while ago. I tried to stay with them, but became frustrated. It was good news for you, as it forced me to find another site. Another very bad decision AB made was, only allowing logins via facebook. Thank you for not forcing me to use facebook, google, or some such thing as my login.

    • brn

      The actual articles themselves are simpler and less clutter. That’s nice to see. I would like all articles to include references to information sources. Sometimes you include links to the source in the article, but it’s hard to figure out which, as most links are to other CS articles.

      This isn’t limited to CS. Back in school, my papers would get rejected if they didn’t provide information sources. I don’t understand why it’s now acceptable for news sites.

    • JohnCarscoop

      Once we solve some other more pressing matters like the disappearance of the older comments, we’ll rethink the right side bar you mention as well as the injected sections. The purpose of this post is to have a conversation with all readers to figure out together what works and not. If most users feel the same about something, we’ll change it – just give us some time to sort everything out. We’re reading every single comment and we’re taking everything you say into consideration for the upcoming tweaks and updates that will be rolled out soon.

  • europeon

    @JohnCarscoop:disqus This is just what I’ve noticed today, I’m sure more will follow.

    First of all, there are inconsistencies in the article “lists”. For example the articles in the “highlighted” top bar can’t be found in the “latest news” feed. Also the “highlighted” articles top bar is a bit too big.

    There should be a separate “latest news” feed for the regulars, something like carscoops.com/latest, where you can find all the articles published on the site in descending chronological order, without any “highlights/more news/offbeat” bars.

    The gallery it’s fixed now so that’s ok now.

    Low res article header pictures look weird if they scale up, so I guess you have to take care of that.

    There should be a “chapeau” text on the main page for each article, under the headline, instead of having the first 100 characters from the article 🙂

    The “featured” articles text over the picture is not consistently aligned for each corner, and it kinda looks tacky. Maybe if you have it in low transparency cell instead of a pure background/white one they’ll look better.

    iPhone version is still fucked and does’t display everything.

    • JohnCarscoop

      We do have latest articles on the “News” menu here: https://www.carscoops.com/category/news/ .

      We removed the “highlighted” articles in the top bar from the regular latest news feed because people were complaining about duplicate appearance of posts!

      All pages, including the homepage, are still being tweaked, and we’ll take care of all those issues. Can you share a screenshot of your iPhone (is it the X?) so we can see what’s wrong?

      • europeon

        The mobile one is better now – mine is a 7, but I’ve tested on my SO’s X as well. It didn’t display all the articles and they scaled weirdly. Now it’s fixed, the only problem that I see now is the “highlighted” top bar displaying only one article, with no way to scroll left and right – might be a good thing.

        BTW, the mobile version is *much* more readable now.

        • JohnCarscoop

          We originally had four (top) articles displayed one under the other on mobile, but I didn’t like it, so as a temporary solution until we try out a swipe version, we limited it to one.

      • europeon

        BTW, maybe you can take a look at censored/approved world list for disqus, there are some very strange ones/false positives there.
        I don’t know how disqus works, but would be great if you could allow youtube links too.

        • JohnCarscoop

          I can take a look at it. You can add youtube videos. Just paste the link – https://youtu.be/3HUZfe3-ZWA

          • europeon

            Yeah, I know you can, but they go straight to moderation. I don’t know how Disqus works, but it would be great to be able to post Youtube links without moderation – I mean, Youtube is pretty much moderated by the Google’s AI, it’s pretty safe 🙂

      • europeon

        @JohnCarscoop in the old version we were able to right click pictures and open them in a new browser tab, now that function is disabled. Please bring it back.

  • rssreader

    I read you thru my RSS reader. Now none of the articles have photos. Unsubscribed.

  • Bananarama

    I don’t like the way the main article picture is stretched and cropped weirdly on the actual article page. It’s much nicer to have it normal and at the top of it, not cropped and awkward across the top in a strip.

  • rssreader

    Can’t take constructive criticism huh. Glad I unsubscribed.

    • JohnCarscoop

      Your comment can be found below. As for your idea of “constructive criticism”, I think you might want to look that up… This is what you posted: “I read you thru my RSS reader. Now none of the articles have photos. Unsubscribed.”

  • ramish rambarran

    I have been a follower of your site for many years, almost every working day. I live in Trinidad, West Indies. While many of the models featured here that make it to the showroom, will NEVER be seen in Trinidad, it is nice to see that you include Japanese JDM models.
    We have a very strong market here for used JDM vehicles. As a matter of fact, I have been importing units for local clients for many years, and more than 70% of the vehicles on our roads are used JDM models. They are quite a bargain as opposed to buying one new at authorised agents.
    Keep up the good work, John. Have us dreaming !

  • Ted Sturgeon

    Infinite scroll is a bit harder than limited number of posts per pages, I prefer the latter

  • TheBelltower

    I gotta say, I like it. Good UX.

  • Sjaak

    i miss the instant foto’s

  • Przemix

    Pictures in rss feed is gone. Not to mention that will be nice to see full articles in rss feed.
    In addition, cover photos are strangely stretched on iphone 6.

  • jsz00

    Nice copy of the Mazda3 gauge tach for the image of this article. By the way, the site sucks now, too much scrolling. I can’t even figure out what’s new considering it’s in categories now. Also, you should have a separate Tesla section for Elon Musk news, unofficial car renderings, and Abu Dhabi Motors.

  • Phil

    The new site looks fine, I didn’t mind the old site but if this puts you on a better path of development then great. I come here for the quality and breadth of content, so as long as that doesn’t change I’m not going anywhere. It would be good to see better moderating of the comments sections though; obvious trolls and abusive posts never seem to get banned no matter how many times they’re reported.

    • BlackPegasus

      I haven’t seen any “abusive posts” nor trolls worthy of being banned in the comment section. Maybe you have the wrong site in mind.

      • Phil

        Wow, and you read all the stories and all the comments? I guess we’ve found our moderator solution right here.

  • An Existing Person

    The new layout has grown on me the more often I have used the site. My only gripe (for now) with it is the loss of a chronological order feed. Apart from that, it is an improvement over the previous and I look forward to seeing further updates to the site I visit the most.

  • Bash

    That’s why I had this SSL error msg on my chrome browser yesterday.. but from what I see here, I like the new site. Great job!

  • drc

    I REALLY dislike this new format, just looks like Click-Bait City. Was fun while it lasted, I’m moving over to autoblog. Good luck.

  • brn

    I already commented above, but as I’m browsing other sites, I had a thought. Take a look at DPReview and how they handle their main page. It’s easy to scroll down chronologically ordered articles. You get enough of a picture and a reasonable amount of text. Each articles is naturally separated. There are additional articles in the right column that I just don’t notice. I’m sure that’s not their intention, so let’s keep it a secret.

    Once I click on the articles themselves (your site), the decluttered nature is refreshing. The one downside is that the text goes the entire width of the screen. Articles are easier to read if you don’t have to move your head side to side. Maybe find a way to narrow that a bit.

  • What’s up with the large empty spaces in the web page?

  • Polyester Poontang

    Liked the previous set up. Why fix something that’s not broken? Like the new look as well. I feel we are guests at your web page by choice and if it is not to ones liking just stop opening Carscoops to bitch, be polite and constructive.
    I’m sure you will massage it to it into one of the most informative auto news site.

  • Marek Andrzejak

    I missing the automakers list on the right panel….

  • bubusdad

    Bad move. The thing is designed to get more clicks, so the info is dispersed all over the place. There is no central place to visit in an orderly fashion—but that would leave other parts of the website dead, right? Well, the way it works… in the effort to get more clicks, you may end getting far less. John, you need to offer some central place to access info, which used to be your advantage over Autoblog. Now, their site looks far better than yours.

    • JohnCarscoop

      Please read my post! I stressed the fact that this is not the final version. If it turns out that most of you dislike certain aspects of the layout after a few days of getting acquainted to the new site, rest assured we’re going to make adjustments. That’s how we approached redesigns in the past. We did not design anything for more clicks. We’re actively gathering information from your input and will be implementing changes very soon.

      • bubusdad

        Yes, I read your post later and I’ve changed my bookmark to the link you suggested (https://www.carscoops.com/category/news/). In all sincerity, the site does look a lot like click-bait, even though, I know, you say that wasn’t the intention (but it’s clear I’m not the only one who has felt this way about it, so the impression seems widespread). Sorry, but, with what’s happening to sites all over, it’s just sad to get the same feeling at a favorite car-news spot. It becomes a turnoff. When a site appears to be click-bait, I no longer take it seriously. Please try to avoid this at all costs. Also, the new site looks awfully white. It’s not good on your eyes and seems like a waste of energy. After an entire day working on the laptop, the last thing anyone wants to face is a really white car-news site. Is there any way to use a background color that is less bright and hard on the eyes?

      • jsz00

        Oh please, we know it’s for more clicks and SEO. That’s why you try to jam as much article as you can in one page with keywords intact.

        • JohnCarscoop

          You shouldn’t feed the… well, you know … Still, the fact that a) we immediately asked our readership for their opinion on a public forum and that b) in less than 72 hours since the site went live we’re already looking into making changes based on that feedback proves your point…not.

          • jsz00

            Why would you change what already works then? You *just* have to completely revamped the UI when moving to the “state of the art” servers….not.

            I would totally fire you speaking like that as the product owner, working for a company that cares about their users.

  • Kannag Don Amenra

    I prefer the old layout as well. Please don’t fix something that’s not broken. It was much easier to navigate and find things. This looks like everything is everywhere.

  • TB

    So far so good…looks great!

  • Denis Spahija

    The letters to bold.
    Before it was easier to read!

  • This has the smell of the Autoblog redesign. I left there and came here. I don’t know anyone who likes the continuous scroll – indexed pages are far easier to navigate and get back to your place.

    [EDIT] Looks like you still have indexed pages via the news link – carry on, I’m happy.

  • The-Fez

    Can you make it so that I don’t get sent to the top of the main page after I click back from an article at the bottom?

    It gets rather tiresome when I’ve scrolled 100 feet down…..


    • JohnCarscoop

      It is coming back in the next batch of updates. Earlier this week we fixed a bug and restored all older comments. We’re implementing changes to the layout too, as discussed here.

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