Would You Pay $140k For A 2018 Dodge Demon Or Go For A Porsche 911 GT3?

While all numbers point to the Dodge Challenger Demon being an absolute monster on the drag strip, is one really worth an extra $55,000 over MSRP?

Before you answer, consider that $140,000 buys you a 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT S with some nice options, or a brand new Porsche 911 GT3.

Yet, the owner of this used Demon thinks $140,000 is a fair number, as the car has just 21 miles (33 km) on the clock and features all options, even the Demon Crate, bar the sunroof. The ad can be found on Craigslist and a brief look at the description reveals that this is model number #348 of 3300, and that it has been kept inside a garage.

Now, the Demon is a beast on the drag strip, but asking AMG GT-S or 911 GT3 money for it might be a bit too much.


  • Bo Hanan

    The Dodge is a one-trick-pony. The Porsche would be far more entertaining and hold its value too- if not better.

    • Honda NSX-R

      Especially if it’s the Touring package.

      • LWOAP

        Oh absolutely. The touring package is beautiful. I wish it was made for reasons other than 911R flippers though.

        • Tumbi Mtika

          On the contrary, I love how much of a big middle finger it is to those, trying to price enthusiasts out of driving those cars which they actually WANT to.

          …And now I understand why German football fans hate Leipzig.

  • LeStori

    Rather buy an Alfa Romeo Giulia QV. You meet a nicer type of person at Alfa Romeo club meets.

    • europeon

      Uhm, not really…
      Source: long time Alfa owner and Alfisti meetups participant.

    • baofe

      If you’re buying a car to meet nicer people at car club meets.. you’re doing it wrong

  • GobbleUp

    They are actually selling for $10k over.

  • Dre Andre

    Delusional. 5 years from now the Porsche will worth a lot more. Hellcat resale value will be very low since potential buyer won’t know the amount of abuse it had been through.


    Do you need to ask? It would be a GT3 with a manual. I’m not paying 55 grand more over MSRP for a car that’s only fast in a straight line. I like the Demon but this guy is asking for too much.


    • Tumbi Mtika

      This guy gets it.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Not for a car essentially done to go fast only on a straight. I’d go for the Porsche. Even a Lotus Exige to be honest.

  • Buy a classic car, watch the worth go up in value. Job done.

    • exeptor

      Why buying a car for investment?

      • It’s a double gain, you got to enjoy the cars and by the time you ready to pass on to someone else. You got your money back and even more.

        But in the end it’s the enjoyment of driving and owning it.

  • Six Thousand Times

    I wouldn’t pay $140 for that POS Dodge.

    • Tumbi Mtika

      I’m guessing the “$140” part isn’t a typo on second look…

      • Six Thousand Times

        It’s no typo. 😉

  • Tumbi Mtika

    In the words of Bishop Bullwinkle-

    There is a LOOOOOONG list of cars, some 100+ strong, that I would get over this.

  • No Contest

    The Porsche 911 GT3…I don’t live life in a straight line.

  • Honda NSX-R

    I’d choose the GT3 or an AMG GT. I’d rather have a Hellcat widebody instead of the Demon anyway

    • Yep Hellcat is enough, hell I’ve rather get R/T Scat Pack, you just don’t need excess horsepower and SRT badge.

  • Kagan

    Easy choise.

  • Craig

    Are they only making 3,000 of them? AND NO MORE? Then an argument could be made for paying $140,000 for a Demon. But in order for it to keep it’s value you would have to basically seal it up tight and keep it like new for 30 years. And NEVER race it or drive it [other than onto a trailer] Hmm…. not for me. Life’s too short. Besides. I’ll most likely be dead in 30 years. And I’m sure I could find one for much less. Eventually.

    • Like COPO Camaro and Mustang Cobra Jet, instead of putting them in drag strip, there are a lot (yes lot, not hyperbole) of people that buy it hoping to make an investment and rarely drive it.

      Those old factory drag lightweight like Thunderbolt and old ZL1 is expensive for a reason, because it’s rare and back then people don’t held them in some garage waiting the value will go up.

  • Terrill Spencer

    Give me the Porsche… Imma euro car fan anyway plus I’d take handling over a str8 line runner anyday

  • Vassilis

    GT3 every single time.

    • Tumbi Mtika

      Except if there’s an alternative.

      • Vassilis

        There isn’t a good enough alternative to the GT3 :p

        • exeptor

          I’m a Porsche fan, but AMG GTR is one hell of a direct competitor.

          • Vassilis

            The GT R is a great car but it isn’t as good as the GT3.

  • Darnell Robeson

    I’d take the Demon. The Porsche is incredible but the Demon is so badass and mind-blowing

  • Bob White

    This is basic supply and demand. The market decides. The production capacity for the GTR and GT3 are very high. They’re not rare cars. If the Demon is in fact limited to 3000, maybe the GTR and GT3 are overpriced. Hellcats are not a good example as they have produced a boat load of them. Another 2-3 years and they will be dirt cheap.

  • Eric D

    Demon is a fad. Porsche is proven to be worth every penny.

  • psiqtas

    It lacks rear bench seats too…

  • exeptor

    I most probably will take GT3 (manual) as I’m a massive Porsche fan, but I’m not that great driver and definitely doesn’t have the required balls size to be able to extract the difference which GT3 has in comparison with Demon. I doubt that Demon can only go straight. If so it will be quite limited in usage, don’t you think :)? I this case it is all about feelings which come with the car and in this case these two are quite equal.

    • You don’t need to be great driver and high speed to enjoy car believe me. And for Demon, it can turn but I assume the drag set up makes it hard to do it (drag tires and I assume the suspension is set up for drag)

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