Corvette Owner Intercepts Mid-Engine Corvette C8 Prototypes!

With recent spy images showing the eighth-generation Corvette performing cold weather tests and now this, it would appear that the car is perhaps even further along than we initially thought.

Performing public road tests is a pretty big jump from doing winter tests on a closed track, so it’s certainly not out of the question that we’ll get to see the new Vette before the end of this year – even though production should commence in early 2019, which means that a Detroit Auto Show is also possible.

These fully camouflaged prototypes were chased down earlier this week by Corvetteforum user jbsblownc5, in his supercharged C5, around Idyllwild, California.

Here’s what happened in his own words:

“Got a call from my Mec on his way to work that there were 4 Camouflaged Corvettes headed my way up the mountain this morning. I grabbed a few cameras and jumped in the C5 to intercept…

I thought I turned on the front go pro, but could not believe it did not record, anyway, a did get a bunch of shots and some short video clips on my Ihpone, and a little with my rear camera…

As I was headed down the mountain, the first 2 flew by me, I flipped a U turn and caught up to them, then the other two came in behind me! I chased the front two for a good 15 minutes thru the canyons, the roads were wet, but we did get after it a bit!”

Despite the heavy body cladding, there are certain design features that are either visible, or nearly visible, such as the square-shaped quad tailpipes, small rear window, flat engine cover, or the possible side air intakes.

If reports are right and the C8 Corvette will be offered with a choice of three powertrains, it would appear that one of them will use electrification in hybrid form.

Thanks to Keith/CorvetteBlogger

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  • Bash

    Two words,
    Dash Cam!!
    but honestly, what a catch. love it

    • chuck2

      Love the phone segment when he has to shift.. :-0

      • Bash

        Exactly!! lol

  • ErnieB

    This vette is going to be one sweet ride! Can’t wait! Finally the US is creating some badass cars!!

    • seriously

      finally? Im guessing youve been in a cave the past several decades

      • ErnieB

        Yeah i guess


    I’m already anticipating what a track focused version will look like,

    • ErnieB


  • fabri99


  • seriously

    It reminds me of a 360 modena in the camo…really looking forward to this one though

  • DMax

    IMO it’s going to be a Cadillac halo model not a Vette. Unless they’re going to make a Corvette it’s own brand and have several models. It would be really dumb on GMs part to ditch the affordable FR layout Vette everyone loves. On the other hand maybe that’s the reason GM has been willing to let Camaro boys go all out with it to fill the FR sports car role.

    • ErnieB

      Yeah.. this is not looking like it’ll be cheap.. its now in Halo category.

  • eb110americana

    Came here to hear the new C8, fell in love with supercharged C5 instead.

  • nastinupe

    Just saw a C7 ZO6 next to a Lamborghini Gallardo, the C7 looked better. I can’t believe that I just typed that.

  • BlackPegasus

    That’s hot 👌🏽


  • Shane

    Funny to see this and the Supra in the news at the same time. Toyota a huge step back and Chevy a huge step forward.

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