This Hyundai Elantra Is Part Ironman And Part Fast And Furious

Every country and culture has its own car tuning scene and in Nicaragua, it appears as if mods inspired by the first Fast and Furious film are still very much in fashion.

One Redditor recently made a trip to the small country in Central America and stumbled upon this; a third-generation Hyundai Elantra with an Ironman-inspired paint scheme and a bodykit which Brian O’Connor would have approved of roughly 15 years ago.

The hideous modifications begin at the front where the owner has ditched the standard front bumper in favor of one with various intakes, unsightly bulges, and LED daytime running lights. The bumper has then been ‘complimented’ by aftermarket headlights and a hood with no less than two fake air scoops.

As is necessary of any tuner car looking to emulate this style, the overhauled front end has been paired with new wheels, side skirts, a different rear bumper, and a large rear wing. Combine all of these odd new parts with a gold and red theme which Ironman would be proud of and you have one of the strangest-looking Elantras on Earth.

While we’re not exactly huge fans of the modifications performed, things could be worse. For example, the owner could have fitted a pair of chrome spinner wheels or badges from a more desirable car.

  • Six_Tymes

    and part ugly as sin

  • Craig

    Part Ironman. Part Fast and Furious. And part Chinese Restaurant.

  • Nordschleife

    And all abomination.


  • Eagle By Singer

    Part Ironman, part Fast and the Furious, & full hideous.

  • Bo Hanan

    I’m all for “individuality”, but- this makes me want to shoot at it.


    Welp, time to kill it with fire.

  • Zandit75

    He must have painted this himself. No self respecting panelbeater would touch this paint design with a bargepole!

  • marulk1

    I want to vomit