Volkswagen T-Roc’s Interior Won’t Earn It Any Fans

After the Touareg and Tiguan, Volkswagen finally has a small SUV in its lineup, the T-Roc.

Just like most modern vehicles made by the Volkswagen Group, it’s based on the same MQB platform as the Golf, sporting a slightly smaller footprint than the Nissan Qashqai.

On paper, the new Volkswagen T-Roc promises to be a roomier alternative to the ever popular Golf. And indeed, it has decent head and legroom on the rear bench, and plenty of storage spaces inside, along with a good luggage capacity.

However, it appears that the brand’s newest SUV uses some cheap plastics om the cabin. According to the reviews shared below, the T-Roc’s hard plastics found on the top of the dashboard and doors, won’t earn it any fans. In fact, their quality is even worse than what you’d get in a smaller and cheaper VW Polo.

To enjoy a sat-nav and digital instrument cluster means going for the range-topping model, which puts it dangerously close to the larger Tiguan.

When it comes to the Tiguan, the T-Roc has another flaw, as it’s not as good as its larger sibling on the road. For more details, check the video reviews below.


  • Christian

    Mat Watson is one of the few guys that can turn me gay…. Just sayin”.

    • Bo Hanan

      Henry Catchpole (Carfection-EVO Magazine) has got my eye. I’m just waiting for a nod or a wink…
      -Oh, this is a game? Yeah, oh, ok. I knew that. LOL

      • Christian

        Nah. Only when I’m into the Wolf-thing.

        • Bo Hanan

          LOL! Thank God somebody got it. And yes, I get (and have heard) he’s nicknamed Wolf.

    • gor134

      Watch his review of the Stinger GT and you’ll be turned off. I don’t watch his videos anymore because of it.

      • filetx

        fanboy detected

      • Yeah, he was very biased from the beginning…it’s obvious he received strict instructions from his paymasters in Germany…

      • Christian

        Because of the middle console thing? Ya, I find the part offensive too… I did report it to Projecteverydayfemenist.

    • DGC

      You know that this is 2018. I think you can use better words.

      • Christian

        You’re soooo Right! I mean, not like supporting the right, bur right in like you are correct. I’M SORRY FOR the once I offended and I shouldn’t had used such a nasty word! I don’t know what I was thinking, but I will say its hard to be on the right path on such a racsit site…

  • Rocket

    And VW said the reason the T Roc won’t be coming Stateside is because it’s too premium for the segment. Typical Wolfsburg BS.

  • Jason Miller

    Why is it that manufactures put so little effort into the one place you look at and touch while you are driving?

    • Sébastien

      Well it looks good inside, it’s just not great to touch… But hey an Audi Q2 isn’t any better

  • Well it’s good to see our European brethren are getting a taste of what us Yanks have had to put up with for a decade…

  • SteersUright

    Holy hideousness!!! Delete that image at once!! For g-d’s sakes, some of us have children in the house and they might be frightened!

  • SteersUright

    Well thats just sad, especially from the King of Interiors that is Audi/VW Group. I guess thats the cost cutting highway to greater and greater profitability. Hopefully consumers vote with their cash and VW learns their lesson.

    • Matt

      How do you think VW are going to pay for the emissions scandal and their EV push? You’ve got to cut costs somewhere.

  • TheHake

    I’d rather look at my own puke than at that monstrosity!!!!

  • TheHake

    I do not agree with all this. Go have a seat in the T-Roc. The plastics were chosen so that you can have it in different colours inside. Everyone cried about VW’s ‘boring’ black interiors, but when they do something else, the same people cry again. I would not take it with a black interior, but rather with something colourful to brighten it up. The top is still the sam soft touch as the Passat and Tiguan.

  • Matt

    That’s one ugly dashboard. Is it the 1990’s again?

  • Matt

    That’s not a ‘better’ alternative.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Anyone looking its rear side, rear door zone can’t avoid noting how much it looks like an Audi in that part and others. This shows a sheer lack of creativity and what in essence is a VolkswAudi. Germans are really running out of imagination and living off imaginary virtues perpetuated through marketing. Just my opinion of course.

  • Christian

    Well, the engine option sucks…1,5 WEAK ASS Diesel or small Wigga 1,2 Turbo petrol.

  • ChuckstarUK

    I don’t get what all the fuss is about the material used for the dashboard. Who seriously fondles their dashboard everyday? I would rather have a robust interior… this is supposed to be an SUV! It’s a great car and is fun to drive. #bamtheram #donthatethedash

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