All-New 2017 VW Polo Aims To Conquer The Supermini Class [85 Pics + Video]

VW has pulled the wraps off the all-new Polo supermini, with the sixth-generation now being bigger, more technologically advanced and fuel efficient than before.

Based off the MQB A0 platform, VW’s new supermini model is now the largest Polo ever, measuring 4,053mm long and coming with a 94mm longer wheelbase, with obvious benefits to the cabin space. Even the boot volume is now 25 percent bigger, at 351lt of capacity.

VW has also added a range of assistance systems, usually found on bigger segments, as standard to the new Polo. These include the Front Assist with City Emergency Braking and Pedestrian Monitoring, a speed limiter and a tire pressure monitoring system.

The new Polo can also be optioned with features like an Active Cruise Control (which on DSG-equipped models includes the Stop&Go function), Blind Spot Detection with Rear Traffic Alert and Park Assist.

The biggest surprise comes once you open the door, as VW has given the new Polo a fresh-looking interior, with the dashboard design being completely new and aimed to offer a better view of the digital displays and controls to the driver.

Speaking of which, the new VW Polo is the first model to come with the second-generation of the company’s Active Info Display, with the optional digital instruments offering more info, better graphic clarity and a more logical structure. The latest glass-surfaced generation of infotainment systems is also present, with entry-level models getting a 6.5-inch display as standard.

As for the engine range, the all-new VW Polo will eventually be offered with nine engines. The range will kick-off with the 1.0-litre petrol which will be offered in both naturally aspirated and turbocharged versions, starting from 65PS and up to 115PS. The new 1.5-litre TSI will also be on offer, featuring a cylinder deactivation system and 150PS while the new Polo GTI will be powered by a turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol with 200PS, enabling it for a 0-62mph in 6.7 seconds.

The diesel range will be comprised by two versions of the 1.6-litre TDI, with 80PS and 95PS. Models with 93PS and over will also be available with an optional DSG transmission.For the first time in a Polo, VW will also offer a natural gas engine, the newly-developed 1.0 TGI with 90PS.

The new compact model will be available in five trim levels, with the familiar Trendline, Comfortline and Highline welcoming the new Beats and R-Line versions. Customers will be able to choose from 14 exterior colors, 12 wheel designs (ranging from 14- to 18-inch), 13 different decors for the dashboard and 11 different seat covers.

VW will launch the new Polo in most key European market by the end of the year at ‘extremely attractive pricing’, which in Germany starts at 12,795 euros and with Front Assist as standard.



  • Evo45

    It looks so boring at the front that entry models could be fleet vehicles nicely.

    • andy

      No need for this, on the outside the current Polo still does the job. They have to show the GTI version with those big rims to minimize it’s lack of personality, make it as much attractive as possible, otherwise bland. It is a mix between the actual Polo and the southamerican VW Gol.

  • Matthijs

    I’m not a VW fan but I actually think it looks pretty good. Nothing exciting but just good. But I thought the same of the current one when it just came out and soon this will be just another boring Polo as well. Interior looks kinda cheap..

  • Finkployd

    This looks great; the interior is beautiful too. Good job VW

    • Ameer Hassan Tajaldeen

      i agree with u but most people who drive polos tend to go for the entry model rather than a 25000 euros hatch with a nice interior – cause believe me these cars end up costing this much once you start adding packages to look this this good

      • Finkployd

        true but now you can’t assume people are buying Polos just because they can’t afford a Golf/Passat/Tiguan 😉

        • Ameer Hassan Tajaldeen

          a fully loaded polo will set u back more than 25 thousand euros

  • Giorgos Papaspyros

    The new Polo will be offered in 3door versions.
    Source Carscoops.

  • OdysseyTag

    Definitely happy it came out looking this good. Yes, not revolutionary overall, but it’s design was never broken to begin with. Also like the dash layout – the digital cockpit elements give it a more premium feel. Rear end feels especially fresh with its minimalism. Overall, refinement done tastefully.

  • roy

    Wow to the interior… Rear more audi q2 now which was like a polo to begin with….. And front while not bad is dunno

  • Wis

    Uninspiring. New Ibiza > New Polo.

  • Carson

    Overall outline reminds me of the Suzuki Baleno, looks rather rounded and ungainly in my opinion, I’d rather have the new Ibiza.

  • Sébastien

    manual handbrake is the only concern I see, else it’s beautiful: wheels leave little overhangs, profile looks sporty enough, practical entertainment screen placed on top of vents….
    well done

    • Vassilis

      Manual handbrakes are the best! First of all they make u-turns extremely easy. Second, in case of an emergency you have a little extra braking power if you need it.

      • Sébastien

        electric handbrakes do act as emergency too (just keep it pulled).
        I’m all for automation when it works fine, just like DSG vs manual stick.

        my point is, no electric handbrake might mean no Auto-Hold feature, which is cruical to get the best out of ACC when the car needs to remain still more than 2s

        • Vassilis

          You mean something similar to hill hold assist? That’s available to cars with a manual handbrake as well.

          • Sébastien

            Yes but that only works for about 2s, so won’t hold the car in a traffic jam or traffic light and beep at you to press the brake pedal (tried on a Seat Leon 2015 with DSG/ACC, was surprised when it did that compared to my Golf 2015)

          • Vassilis

            Oh that’s what you mean. I still wouldn’t give up my manual handbrake :p

  • Mike Gonzalez

    oh god, that interior was literally transplanted from the new Ibiza

  • Vassilis

    I find this a little underwhelming. Both inside and out. I love the current Polo and I don’t think this looks nicer. Also, no 3-door version is a shame because small hatches look great with 3 doors.

  • Infinite1

    Interior and exterior looks really good

  • mp412c

    Nice facelift

  • Dennis Scipio

    The Digital Speedometer and Tachometer does look nice.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Like a lot of VW group products, your best bet is to get the SEAT or Skoda versions and save money.

  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    The modern trend to launch little cars in orange with a similar interior continues.

  • Ganfu

    Would love VW to sell this in Canada against the Honda Fit and Kia Rio. As a long-time owner of a few Mk1 GTIs, this seems like it’d be a blast in GTI form.

  • Im loving this car, it’s really a classy winner, the interior is neatly done and thank heavens it’s not a floating tablet screen! Im not so crazy about the steering wheel design, I expected a new design there too like the one on the concept sketches. The GTI could have had the exhaust pipes side-by-side IMO.. other tan that it’s spot on!

  • Mark S

    Handsome Car! Bring it to the US.

  • MIL1234

    bigger than the first golf
    almost bigger than the mark 2

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