Kia Rules Out Additional Stinger Variants And A Pickup

The Kia Stinger has attracted a lot of attention but it appears the company won’t capitalize on the momentum by introducing multiple variants of the rear-wheel drive model.

Wards Auto reports Kia Motors America vice president of product planning, Orth Hedrick, confirmed the company won’t create a Stinger sub-brand or any variants of the well-received model. Instead, Hedrick wants the Stinger to elevate the Kia brand and noted “That was one of the points in making sure that we feature the Kia logo loud and proud [on the car].”

The Stinger has only been on sale in the United States for a few months but initial results look positive as Carsalesbase data shows the company sold 1,021 units in January. That means the model was significantly more popular than the similarly priced Cadenza but only time will tell if the model becomes a hit.

Despite the similar pricing, the Cadenza and Stinger appeal to different people and it appears both models have a place in the company’s lineup. As Hedrick explained, “There’s spots in the market that still want a big easy-driving, front-drive sedan.”

Besides talking about the Stinger, Hedrick revealed the company isn’t planning an A-segment crossover like Hyundai. The product planner said a small crossover isn’t a “priority at this point” and stated “I think we would see more opportunity in C-segment [crossovers] then we would in A- or B- [segment models].”

Hedrick also downplayed the possibility of a pickup even though Hyundai is working on a production version of the Santa Cruz concept.

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  • Craig

    I would never say something like that. I would simply say, “KIA is always considering every possibility!” NOT, “That’s it. So don’t waste your time dreaming!”


    Well, disappointing but it is what it is. I kind of hoped they would make a Stinger variant that would give the AMG and M models a run for their money.

    Oh, well.

    • Hmm would be hard in terms of pricing? As the Phaeton teach us, there are limits on how much money people will spend on brand.

  • Submarines

    I think he meant to say that they want to focus on strengthening their current lineup rather than diluting it.

  • Frank Yoster

    dont even think about building a pickup truck kia…toyota and nissian are already having trouble gettin their trucks off their lots…Ram Ford and GM own the truck biz…asian imports just dont know how to build a decent truck.

    • Ken Lyns

      Actually Toyota has some of the shortest time-on-lots in the industry. Nissan is a different story… Fiat, Ford and GM don’t know how to build a decent truck, either, but they make a glut of them and shove them down dealers’ throats, then offer $10k rebates to get them sold…

  • brn

    I’m quick to criticize CS for attention whoring headlines, so I want to take the time to do the opposite. I just finished reading another automotive site. Their headline was a teaser that didn’t tell you anything. I didn’t read their article. Your headline was descriptive, caught my interest, and I read your article. Thank you.

  • Honda NSX-R

    A crossover based on the Stinger would make for a nice Cayenne competitor, plus it could get more people in the showrooms

  • To be honest, they don’t really need to do more with the Stinger – it’s there to be cool and act as a flagship vehicle for the brand. Get them in the showroom and sell them a Sportage instead.

    • Lol exactly, in real life that is what’s going on.

  • TheHake
  • Socarboy

    Well KIA the Stinger was a good decision, the Cadenza, on the other hand, will continue to be over looked, as people in the market for a light truck, will continue to bypass a KIA dealership.

  • Honda NSX-R

    Not only that but it could persuade that somewhat small crowd that hates crossovers that crossovers *can* be cool. I guess Kia doesn’t really care if the Stinger doesn’t sell as well as long as it brings curious people to showrooms. Also, I kind of think Nissan should make a Macan competitor, since they’re into expanding their SUV/CUV lineup, and they sell crossovers like hotcakes. Take the Q50 platform with the new 3.0TT V6, raise it a few inches, give it some sleek Z-inspired styling, and brand it the “ZUV”.

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