McLaren Plans To Double Its Chinese Sales This Year

McLaren intends on doubling sales in China this year with new retailers and sites to be added throughout 2018.

McLaren Automotive chief operating officer Jens Ludmann is currently accompanying British Prime Minister Theresa May on a tour through China and announced the plan.

One of McLaren’s first steps in improving its presence in China will be the upcoming launch of a new, limited-run 570S variant that’s been created alongside a well-known Chinese fashion designer. The car will “incorporate traditional Chinese elements with a modern twist alongside hand-crafted panels from a traditional Chinese embroidery master.”

“McLaren Automotive is recognized as an innovator that pushes the technical boundaries in areas such as hybrid powertrain, lightweight materials, the use of virtual reality and beyond. So it is a great honour for us to help represent the best of British business in China,” Ludmann said.

“The UK is not only home to an incredibly impressive indigenous talent pool but is able to attract talent and expertise from all over the globe that allows us to create the world-beating products that we do.”

Helping McLaren achieve its Chinese sales goals will be the local introduction of the 570S Spider and 720S.

The marque’s Chinese expansion forms part of its ongoing Track22 business plan which will see 15 new cars or derivatives introduced by the end of 2022.

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  • Michelin

    Hoping mc Laren are able to improve reliability of its cars too !!!
    Genius is needed also in quality department ….

    • LWOAP

      The same is true for Alfa Romeo. They are just as bad in terms of reliability and their build quality leaves a lot to be desired. I’m sure FCA will get right on it. 😉

  • SteersUright

    Apparently McLaren wasn’t watching the news. The market correction is widely predicted this year and a very steep one at that. The Chinese economy is so intertwined with the US economy that once ours is hurting, the Chinese won’t be throwing money at supercars either for some time. They’ll be lucky to stay solvent, as will many other luxury goods companies.

  • Well detuned tax-breaker version would help. Or a jacked up off road version of their cars.

  • Denis Dowen

    I loved my 570S. However it corroded on almost every body panel. McLaren after sales service is beyond poor. They have no interest whatever in existing customers. Contact them direct at Woking and you’re batted away by an extremely unpleasant woman called Louise.

    After most panels were replaced. It once again began to rot on a “new” panel

    If you live, like I do 120 miles from the dealer, they start by asking £1000 to transport it in for service, after which you then pay for the service. My last Ferrrari 488 cost £120 to be taken to servicing in Nottingham, slightly further than Manchester. Service costs were also free for 7 years

    I adored my 570S, BUT SOLD IT DUE TO DIABOLICALLY POOR MCLAREN after sales service

    The a/c failed after 1 year. I was told, if it needs a recharge, I would be billed !!!

    McLaren is the ultimate fur coat with no knickers company. Shame on you McLaren. No contact. No response to various surveys you’ve sent me. No interest in customers who could return again and again or write posts like this

    So annoying when the car was superb

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