President Trump Said To Support A 25 Cent Increase In Gas Taxes

America’s infrastructure is crumbling and it’s a rare issue that Democrats, Republicans, unions and businesses all agree on. Unfortunately, that’s where the agreement ends as everyone has their own idea on how to fix the problem.

We’re starting to get a better understanding about President Trump’s philosophy as Fox News reports several lawmakers have confirmed he’s open to increasing the gas tax.

According to Senator Tom Carper, President Trump expressed support for increasing the tax on gasoline and diesel by 25 cents a gallon. The funds raised from the increase would then go towards improving the nation’s roads, bridges and highways.

While some people have expressed optimism about the President’s support, others strongly oppose any move to increase taxes.

CNBC reports Strategas Research ran the numbers and determined the obvious – it would cost drivers billions of dollars. When a government-estimated gasoline price increase of 20 cents per gallon is factored in, Strategas’ head of policy research says “The combined $0.45 per [gallon] increase in gasoline prices eats away $71.6 billion from the $120 billion in individual tax cuts or 60 percent of the net tax savings for consumers.”

A White House spokesperson declined to confirm the President expressed support for increasing the gas tax but told Fox News “everything is on the table” and noted the rumored increase has “pros and cons.”

The gas tax currently sits at 18.4 cents per gallon and hasn’t been raised since 1993. A number of politicians have supported increases in the past but the issue typically doesn’t go over well with voters.

  • Jay

    Oh come on.

  • Milk it and fix the infrastructure before electrification takes over and people will charged their cars with their home-made energy.

  • Adilos Nave

    Or maybe cut back on our out-of-control and enormous military budget a bit to pay for it. What really burns me is that the new tax bill gave all the rich even more money (or saved them money depending on how you look at it) while an increase in the gas tax takes money out of the pocket from middle-class workers mainly. It hurts the lower and middle classes far more.

    • LWOAP

      Not happening. They’d shoot themselves in the foot before they ever considering cutting back on military spending.

      • Enter Ranting

        Maybe Drumpf could shoot them on Fifth Avenue.


  • David Pagano

    So for how many years have gas taxes and fees gone into a DEDICATED (HUGE COUGH) “Highway Fund” that America’s finest 535 foxes guarding that “chicken coop” have done their supreme due diligence in rebuilding the infrastructure? Next question.

    • BGM

      Thank you. In Virginia I pay *property tax* on my car. And I tell you that outside of NYC Virginia has the worst roads I’ve ever seen (and I’ve been places).


  • Honda NSX-R

    Tax cuts for the rich and tax gains for the rest of the American public, gg

  • GobbleUp

    F this guy.
    Taxes in LA went up over a decade ago to fix the roads and nothing was done. All BS.

    F off.

  • Rob Banks

    Here in Cali, gov Brown just recently passed a new gas tax for the same exact reasons. We saw a more than 60 cent increase per gallon almost immediately. Money was already set aside to fix our roads but our incompetent leaders ended up spending it all on other things. What happened to letting the people decide by letting it go through voter proposition? I understand the need, but I can do without the manufactured consent and insulting my intelligence with a ridiculous sales pitch in what really amounts to a racketeering scam by our gov officials.

  • schnittz

    Defund a bunch of useless government agencies and stop corruption and will have more then enough to rebuild the country twice! This is a scam!

  • smartacus

    meanwhile toastla doesn’t pay a single penny
    into the Federal Highway Trust Fund.
    Thank God that working poor parent
    commuting with his 500lb motorcycle
    is subsidizing toastla’s share of road use.

    • Silimarina

      your gas taxes don’t cover the
      cost of roads and highways. Since the interstate system was implemented
      in 1947, US spending on highways has exceeded the amount collected from
      fuel and vehicle fees by more than $600 billion. Where has the rest of
      that money come from? Mostly bonds, property taxes, and the general
      fund. So even if you don’t drive, you’re paying for highways, a type of
      infrastructure that only cars can use. Roads in your city are generally
      financed through local, property, and sales taxes

      • smartacus

        Your gas taxes DO go towards the cost of roads, highways, and interchanges.

        Bonds cover bridge and toll road projects that recoup
        their money from tolls.

        And now that you mention local sales tax; that makes toastla is even worse
        because not only does it not pay into the Federal Highway Trust
        They don’t even pay local sales tax on each gallon of fuel.

        • Silimarina

          Sales tax is not limited to fuel.

          • smartacus

            that’s quite an admission

  • U8INIT

    America has a 3rd world infrastructure; we need to learn from Japan.

  • Enter Ranting

    Will this gas tax fund the road repairs required by Drumpf’s military parade?

  • brn

    I first misread this as they were going to increase it to 25 cents, up from the current 18.4 cents. Based on that misunderstanding, I was going to support it. Now that I see the intent is to more than double the tax, Fk ’em.

    I will say that we’ve suffered many 25 cent increases from the oil companies and just accept it. If I’m going to pay 25 cents more, I’d rather have it go to the government than Exxon. That is setting the bar pretty low though.

  • Nick099

    Senator Tom Carper is a #neverTrumper.
    He has spread negative rumors on Trump before.

    Jeez! Can any of these writers bother to dig even a 1/4 of an inch below the surface of the story????

    Make america great again by increasing fuel tax a bit, but still having the cheapest fuel of anywhere else.

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