This Corvette Thinks Honda’s Civic Type R Doesn’t Have Enough Tailpipes

Unless you’re driving some type of awesome classic from the 60’s or 70’s, you probably shouldn’t be rocking a large chrome bumper, especially on your late 90’s sports car. Oh and the six exhaust tips seem to be a bit too much too…

The way Honda justified sticking three exhaust tips on the all-new Civic Type R was by offering the two outer pipes with straight-flow mufflers, and then a central pipe tasked with generating a louder and more aggressive sound at low speeds, while also reducing cabin noise at highway speeds.

Now, if we had to guess, we’d say that this Corvette C5’s tailpipes do none of those things, and are probably there just to look…pretty, different, weird – take your pick.

Well, maybe the car does sound loud and that would at least be something worthwhile, but aesthetically, we can’t help but squirm at the sight.

As for where the image was found – reddit, uploaded by somebody with the username SST87, who gave his post the title of ‘Exhausted Vette’, which is a pretty good way of describing what we’re seeing.

Still, whoever modded this Corvette made sure that the cut-out in the chrome bumper would allow the tailpipes to be visible, so at least they put some thought into what they were doing.


  • Stephen Sutherland

    Dear God,



    • Status

      Dear Stephen S.

      The guy was dropped on his head when he was a baby. Quite a number of times, actually.



    It already had quad exhausts which was more than the Type R anyway and actually looked good. Then this bozo decides to ruin it.

  • Bash

    I don’t know what to hate more, the extra meaningless tail pipes or the crome bumper.

    • LWOAP

      I hate both tbh.

      • LeStori

        I would add in the Car itself. A meaningless corporate expession on a grand scale.

      • Bash


  • TB
  • LeStori

    Who cares.It is only a modern Corvette. Would rather a 1959 one. A time when American cars were made with some passion. Now just cobbled together dross.

    • Status

      Interestingly, the Corvettes of today are more reliable, better built, lighter, faster, easier on gas, and better to drive than any C1.

      • LeStori

        So is a VW Golf. It is not that the older Corvettes were better cars compared to modern cars but rather old Corvettes had panache. The modern ones are just modern cars. Seen one, seen them all.

  • Six_Tymes

    the chrome bumper…

  • eb110americana
  • Bo Hanan

    Love your avatar name.

  • What’s with the chrome bumper? Like seriously.

  • wait a minute

    must be photoshop?

  • BrucieBruce

    I am a little disappointed. Since power comes from a V-8, the owner should have gone with 8 chrome exhaust tips. Eight tips would make some sense. Crazy but not stupid.

    • wait a minute

      …and perhaps a couple of side pipes too. Crazy but not stupid.

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