Pagani To Launch Pure Electric Hypercar By 2025, Huayra Successor To Get A Manual

Pagani is developing not one but two new hypercars, and the real surprise is that one is going to be an all-electric that’s set to arrive by 2025, as confirmed by Horacio Pagani in an interview with elTres TV.

However, before the world meets the all-electric Pagani, the Italian supercar maker will launch a traditional hypercar with an internal combustion engine to replace the Huayra.

The Huayra successor will be powered by an all-new twin-turbo engine still sourced from Mercedes-AMG, with Horacio Pagani saying that his new creation will pass even the strict California emission standards without the need of electrifying the powertrain. More importantly, the company’s founder confirmed that the upcoming model will be available with a manual gearbox.

The decision to offer the Huayra successor with a manual was driven mainly by the huge demand from Pagani customers, with Horacio referencing the Porsche 911 R as an example of the high-end market’s newfound love for manual transmissions.

As for the all-electric Pagani, he said that he has already a team of more than 20 engineers working on the project, without revealing further details. Pagani believes that the high-capacity, brawny internal combustion engines powering exotics will remain viable for manufacturers until around 2025, when he plans to launch his EV hypercar.

When asked about autonomous driving technologies, though, he replied that his cars are bought to be driven, therefore there’s no reason to include them.

H/T to Autodato!

  • By 2030 there will be no sane car company to produce non-electric cars for the developed countries. ICE cars will be limited to short weekend drives and race tracks.

    • willhaven

      The wealthy will be able to enjoy the sport. The rest of us will have to trade whatever racing passion we have for RC cars :-/

  • Matthew Daraei

    I love his quote;

    “When asked about autonomous driving technologies, though, he replied that his cars are bought to be driven, therefore there’s no reason to include them.”

    Exactly cars are meant to be driven by a driver, otherwise everyone would have used trains and public transport if they don’t want to drive.

    Regarding Pagani becoming electric, I just hope that the company preserves the iconic Pagani cars’ sound somehow in their vehicles.

  • At least customer still got two options, and also the manual is a good sign. He really is visionary designer/engineer.

  • willhaven

    It’s nice hearing him speak Spanish instead of Italian:-) We Argentines don’t have too much to be proud of and Pagani certainly helps lol

  • Vassilis

    That will be a handful 😀


    I take it they will stop making one off Zondas too?

    • As long as Pagani exists Zonda will never die it seems 😛

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