Audi Driver Thinks He’s Starring In Michael Bay Film, Has Awfully Close Call

We get it. People are always in a hurry. But that never justifies performing reckless maneuvers in traffic, be it on a highway or in the city.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to share that type of knowledge with the person driving this Audi A6 sedan, since they obviously assume it’s OK to drive like the stuntman in a Michael Bay movie. This close call could have easily been a brutal crash, had the Audi made contact with that hatchback.

Even the guy driving the camera car couldn’t believe what he had witnessed, stating how the Audi flew by him “like a bullet, weaving his way through a few cars. I was stunned and shocked, I tried following him to get his plate number but he was long gone.”

That was probably for the best though, since attempting to keep up with somebody who’s going that fast means putting yourself at risk too. Better to just call the authorities, describe the car and maybe send them the footage.


  • Mind Synthetic

    oh my goodness

  • Bash


  • robotlogic

    Hopefully it will be just a single car accident that takes this idiot out!

  • Infinite1

    i see that at least once a day to and from work. Always that one idiot

  • Adilos Nave

    Who are we supposed to notify when we see such blatant dangerous driving? 911 is reserved for true emergencies only (or that’s the original intent,) but calling the local police is difficult when traveling on the interstate or outside of a city’s jurisdiction. It’s just as dangerous to be looking through your phone to find the local police number while driving. Should be an easier way to report drivers like this.

    • Phil Navarro

      911 Dispatcher – “Sir, are you using a Hands Free Device, to make this call?”
      Camera Car – “Well….no, but…”
      911 Dispatcher – “Sir, we have your number and will be issuing a citation for Non HFD. Have a nice day!”

    • fathornyblackandjoe

      A lot of municipalities have a “non-emergency” police number (in the Chicago-area, for example, it’s 311 instead of 911). So look that up and put it on speed-dial.

    • brn

      In my municipality, they’ve relabeled 911 to “911 Assistance”. The word “emergency” has been removed. There are two key reasons.
      1. They don’t want you trying to figure out if something is truly “emergency” worthy. Dispatch is trained to make that decision and they do it all day long.
      2. They don’t want or need a second set of operators to address non-emergency calls. It’s more cost effective to add dispatch staff, than to staff a separate call center.


    Idiots like him/her shouldn’t be on the road. Period.

  • Status

    The white Hyundai didn’t even blink.

    • Jay

      Probably texting and didn’t notice.

  • wins_lord

    Okay that’s reckless… Because the turning indicator was off.

  • Bandit’s Dodge Stealth

    Craziest wreckless driving, the guy who stole the White Challenger HellCat last year in Houston, Chrysler engineered that car excellently.

  • fathornyblackandjoe

    Don’t worry you guys, that’s just Uber testing their Auto Pilot software.

  • Ken Lyns

    Corolla wagon (Matrix) driver oblivious to surrounding traffic as always.

  • Commonsenseonthefield

    Highly likely the car was stolen

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      Well it was being driven like it was.

  • Timothy Gough

    Audi drivers are the most dangerous drivers in the world. Proven fact.

  • Timothy Gough

    Audi drivers are known to usually leave their homes with a desire to commit suicide on the road and take others with them.

  • Vassilis

    That white car sitting in the left lane going slowly is reckless as well.

    • Loquacious Borborygmus


  • rodriguez256


  • Harry_Wild

    There are teenage drivers doing this all the time now on the highways. No cops around at all and they just keep on going fast around 90-120 mph as their average speed! It sort of wreckless driving in my opinion. But I just am use to this now and mind my own business.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Luckily he wasn’t driving a Mustang. He’d have crashed on every single item on the road. Audis still manage to save idiots.

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