First Customer Morgan Aero GT Completed, Only Seven More To Go

Morgan has started building its most extreme road-legal model to date, the limited Aero GT which made its world debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

The British boutique manufacturer will build just eight examples of the Aero GT as a farewell to the Aero 8. The first customer example is finished in Miami Blue and is now heading to Scotland.

This also marks the last time Morgan uses BMW’s naturally aspirated 367hp N62 4.8-liter V8 engine.

All Morgan Aero GTs will be fitted with a six-speed manual transmission and the company’s latest adjustable suspension. Each Aero GT buyer will go through an individual design consultation with Jon Wells, Morgan’s Head of Design, to tailor their new sports car to their desired specification.

Tipping the scales at 1,182kg (2,605lbs), the Morgan Aero GT is capable of hitting 62mph (100km/h) in 4.5 seconds, before maxing out at 170mph (273km/h). Compared to the regular Aero 8s, the Aero GT features more aggressive aerodynamic elements, such as the larger rear diffuser, louvre vents on the front fenders, canards on the front end and more.

“It was a pleasure to reveal the car to the world just a few weeks ago, to see the first car leave the factory is an honour and I know the new owner will be delighted when they take delivery,” said Steve Morris, Managing Director, Morgan Motor Company.

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  • Eagle By Singer

    Far more unique, resale, and possibly a far better experience

  • rover10

    In order for such small companies as Morgan to survive long term, they need to create more limited series. Each of a unique style, but always mistakenly Morgan. In many cases, they could name their price as they are so universally loved. Long may they continue.

    • 3Wheeler has ensured their survival, it’s their best selling model and it actually has more profit per car rather than complicated Aero, but overall Morgan sales is still strong and stable, not to mention their success in China lately.

      • rover10

        As every other vehicle will inexorably look more like cubes, with the coming of automoinous and linkable systems, handcrafted bodies will be even more in demand. Sadly, Morgan may have to comply with the future however, a hand crafted cube by Morgan, will still have a cache.

        • Since Morgan held EU SVA for their Plus range, I wouldn’t see it as a problem.. sure they can’t breach American market with it. But they had 3Wheeler which is technically not a car so it can be sold in the US.

          With Electric Morgan on the pipeline, I’m sure they will be doing just fine.

  • Matt

    Lol at bring up the GT-R in a Morgan article. Point…. missed.

  • The blue color is so beautiful, it’s still one of my dream car but what a way to end a production run.

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