Porsche Comically Envisions A Mission E Tractor For The Farming E Championship

Porsche, of course, makes sports cars. It also makes crossovers, sedans, and wagons – with gasoline, diesel, and hybrid engines.

But once upon a time, it made agricultural equipment, too. So for this April Fool’s Day, the German automaker reached back into its history and melded it into its future. The result is the fictitious Mission E tractor.

Like its sister company Lamborghini did, Porsche made a line of Super tractors back in the 1950s. But that was a long time ago. This amusing rendering puts the automaker back into the farming business several decades later, applying to it the technology and design cues from the Mission E sedan and Cross Turismo concepts.

The result is an open-cockpit, single-seat form very different from the one it will field (in a very different sense) in the FIA Formula E Championship starting next season.

700 fantastic horses

The imaginary finished product, according to the manufacturer, is a tractor with over 700 horsepower and 800-volt fast-charging capability. That’d not only make it as green as the crops it would harvest, but also “the fastest accelerating agricultural vehicle in the world.”

Not exactly what most farmers would need, but it’d probably clock one heck of a lap time around the Nürburgring Nordschleife. (For tractors, at any rate.)

Along with it, Porsche envisions a FastFarm app to monitor weather in real time and help farmers make quick business of their arduous work. Similar apps may already be available for the agricultural industry. But we wouldn’t count on one coming from Zuffenhausen any sooner than the whimsical tractor concept it’s designed to complement.


  • LouInPA

    I see what you did there 🙂

  • Bash

    Someone is moving in his grave.

  • Paul

    April Fools. Ha ha.



    I was wondering if any car makers would bother with the April fool’s adverts this year. It seems to me as the trend reached its peak a while ago and I thought doing it again this year was akin to jumping the shark so I’am glad most of them got to sit it out this time around. Maybe give it a rest for a few years as the novelty has worn off.