Skoda Kamiq Revealed In First Official Image Ahead Of Beijing Debut

Skoda is set to reveal an all-new crossover at the Beijing Auto Show this week. We’ve already seen a whole batch of images that have leaked out. And the automaker has released some sketches. But this is the first official glimpse we’ve had at the finished product.

Called the Kamiq, it’s a “city SUV” positioned underneath the Karoq and the larger Kodiaq. But don’t start calling your local dealership yet, even if you live in a market where Skoda is represented. Unless you live in China, that is. Because the Kamiq will be exclusive to that market.

Little wonder, since China represents Skoda’s largest market worldwide. The Czech automaker has competed there for over a decade now. And since entering the market in 2007, it has sold over 2.35 million vehicles there. Last year alone, it sold 325,000 vehicles in China.

The new Kamiq aims to help Skoda nearly double that figure to 600,000 per year by 2020. But it won’t have to go it alone: Skoda says it plans on developing even more SUVs specifically for the Chinese market, of which the Kamiq will be just the first.

“Škoda sees particularly dynamic growth in the SUV segment on the Chinese automotive market, as demand for SUV models in China has doubled in the past three years alone,” said the company’s CEO Bernhard Maier.

“Škoda’s SUV campaign in China has begun with the successful launch of the Škoda Kodiaq and Karoq models. Continuing this campaign, we have developed another SUV exclusively for the Chinese market – the new Škoda Kamiq. Škoda will be presenting the next large SUV later this year, expanding our offering to four SUV models in China,” he added.

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