What’s Your Favorite Movie Car?

Cars and movies go hand-in-hand. Even if you’re not an enthusiast, there’s a high chance that a car played a major role in your film. It’s really interesting, and I’m going to get a little poetic here, but movies bring out a different side to automobiles than just being forms of transportation. And this video by Thomas Flight captures that.

The video below is a 12-minute long look at how movies have used cars to portray just how important the hunks of metal are. It’s kind of a curious thing – I’ve been trying to explain to friends and families for years that cars are more than just ways of getting from point A to B. But my words continuously fall upon deaf ears.

For some odd reason, no matter how much I try to explain it, they just don’t see cars the same way I do. But if they just watched the video below, I think they’d get it. Somehow, Thomas Flight managed to mash a bunch of movie-related scenes from various films to create a harmonious look at all the ways Hollywood utilizes cars.

Original Ford Mustang Bullitt

This got me thinking about some of the more stirring cars in movies. We all know about the Ford Mustang Bullitt and how Steve McQueen chased down a couple of wrongdoers in a Dodge Charger in the ’68 film “Bullitt” or Doc’s DeLorean time machine from “Back to the future”

And the majority of us know about the Lamborghini Miura and the epic scene from “The Italian Job.” The list goes on and on – there’s the Ferrari 250 GT California from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” and the classic Buick Roadmaster from “Rain Man”.

But which one of these cars is your favorite in the context of the film? Naturally, when I first started thinking of this, I gravitated towards superheroes and their supercars. Like “Iron Man’s” Audi R8 or Bruce Wayne’s antics in a Lamborghini. But those cars, at least in the movies, never made my jaw drop and saw wow.

Toyota 2000GT Convertible

What did was James Bond’s Toyota 2000GT Convertible from the film “You Only Live Twice.” And while I won’t go into a debate on who was the best James Bond, because it’s obviously Sean Connery, I do think the 2000GT Convertible is one of the more memorable cars from films.

The 2000GT has an interesting history. Things, motorsport wise, were really ramping up in Japan in the ‘60s. The first Japanese Grand Prix took place in 1963 and both Honda and Datsun came out with their first roadsters in the same year – the S500 and Fairland 1500, respectively. Toyota was late to that party, revealing the Sports 800 in 1965.

The Sports 800 met the need for a lightweight sports car, but Toyota wanted more, it wanted to come out with a flagship model, as Toyota GB claims, to make a vehicle to showcase the tech and manufacturing experience it had accumulated. Toyota reached out to Yamaha Motor Co. for some help in creating the first prototype of the 2000GT, which was unveiled at the 1965 Toyota Motor Show. Needless to say, the vehicle went on to become a major hit and is now regarded as one of the prettiest cars ever made.

Toyota 2000GT Convertible

For the Film “You Only Live Twice,” Toyota made two open-top versions of the 2000GT. The automaker never sold a convertible body style of the sports car, which is a shame, because it looks epic in the chase scene from the film.

Do you think the 2000GT is the most iconic car from a movie? If not, let us know which automobile you think should belong in movie-car heaven below.

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  • fgclolz
    • Dr Strangefingger

      Oh, he’ll yes!!!

  • ace_9

    Such a long video and completely pointless without KITT !!! I know I know, it wasn’t about TV shows, but that just shows how the point was completely missed, because there are whole TV shows based around a hero car. The video feels like some school project that had to be about movies specifically and the car theme was the student’s choice. And for me it is like making a documentary about the tip of the iceberg and completely ignoring the part under water. Feels wanna be artistic and very incomplete. I also hate similar kind of wanna be artistic movies with plot holes the size of a crater.

    • brn

      I want to agree with you, but I can’t. The car you’re thinking of us from a TV series, not a movie. There was a Knight Rider movie in 2008, but it contained a Mustang.

  • Jason Miller

    Christine – ’58 Plymouth Fury
    Vanishing Point – ’70 Dodge Challenger R/T

  • Charles Lane

    Got to be DeLorian

  • Joe Mosely

    Max Rockatansky’s “V8 Interceptor”(a.k.a. 1973 Ford falcon XB GT) in MM2: The Road Warrior

  • Bob

    Here’s one that made me wish it wasn’t just a movie car. From “Click” of all movies mind you.


  • KidRed

    The Audi in Ronin. The black Mitsubishi in Cannonball Run.

  • Carmelo Van Cabboi

    The white Testarossa in Miami Vice

  • Eagle By Singer
  • LeStori

    The original Italian Job from 1969

  • CarBrough

    Does Sam & Dean’s Chevy from the “Supernatural” series count? Asking for a friend…

  • Marty716

    How bout the red Diablo in Dumb and Dumber!!!!

  • There are so many movie cars that I could think of, But the V8 Interceptor from Mad Max had to be in one.


    • Bash

      Wow, this is crazy 😀

  • I know it’s not really the place to talk about car history but the whole Toyota 2000GT background story were incorrect.

    First of all 2000GT weren’t born because of Motorsport, and the class that the car compete is all wrong, Honda is mostly raced at GT-I class (up to 1 litre) and 2000GT and Fairlady were at GT-II class (up to 2 litre).

    While true that Toyota didn’t have any strong line up for Japanese GP except saloon. (Mostly at T-II (400-700cc with Publica) and T-VI (1,6-2,0 litre with Crown). But the reason that Toyota went through was Yamaha offering them canceled sports car project that they made with Nissan, Toyota pick it up in hope of having halo cars to prove Japanese car quality (at that time Japanese cars were considered inferior) but of course they ended up with excellent car but cost the same as 911 and E-Type.

    2000GT did ended up participating in racing, but they couldn’t keep up with mid engined prototype of Prince/Nissan R380 and Porsche 906. They also raced in SCCA with Caroll Shelby with success but the program was terminated after a year.

  • Six Thousand Times

    The Bueller “Ferrari “ was actually an MGB kit car.

    • That is rather incorrect, it was made from scratch chassis and had a Ford V8, while indeed some of the body parts were *moulded* from an MGB (Remember that they made 4 of them). It’s safe to say it is a custom car.

      Another interesting fact would be, the original script called for a 300SL, in fact the original script detailed the gullwing door.

      • Six Thousand Times

        You can go see it in Cancun, Mexico. Or you could’ve before the planet Hollywood there closed.

        • As I said, it’s not that your comment is wrong, it’s just incorrect, the car did use body based of MGB mouldings.

          And I wouldn’t count on Planet Hollywood, they made a lot of claimed about stuff that they show but it turn out to be a very good replica. (Like the Mad Max interceptor).

  • Six Thousand Times


  • Six Thousand Times

    Nicely done video, too.

  • Bash

    How about the 6000 SUX. Ha!

  • f1300

    There was a brief Herbie-moment at the end…

  • Vassilis

    KITT for me, easily. Then General Lee and then the Batmobile from Batman.

  • DJ

    1. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    2. Mercury Marquis Coup (uncle Buck)
    3.Wagon Master 2000 (Vacation)
    4. AMC Pacer (Wayne’s World)
    5. Pinto (Drivers Ed)

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