Billionaire George Soros Spends $35 Million, Becomes Tesla’s New Bondholder

Tesla Motors has been facing concerns from investors recently, in the wake of production issues, accidents and senior staff departures.

Nevertheless, there is some good news, too, because Elon Musk’s company has managed to attract George Soros on its side.

Reuters reports that the 87-year old billionaire has become Tesla’s new bondholder after an investment firm, founded and controlled by him, took a stake in Tesla bonds for the first three months of the year.

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The convertible bonds, which are basically hybrid securities that can be exchanged for a number of common shares, cost Soros’ firm $35 million and allow the controversial businessman to participate in stock-price exchanges indirectly, “but with the yield and greater security of a fixed-income instrument”, according to the news outlet.

Contacted by Reuters to comment on the investment, a spokesperson for Soros declined to respond. However, this isn’t the first time when the American billionaire with Hungarian origins has his eyes on Tesla Motors, as he previously held some stock in Musk’s company, which he sold last year.

In the meantime, Tesla’s founder spoke to employees earlier this week, telling them that the automaker is undergoing a “thorough reorganization”, likely referring, among others, to a production halt at the Fremont factory to adjust Model 3 assembly.

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  • Dr Strangefingger

    Im not sure Soros becoming a company’s bondholder is such a good thing. There’s obviously more to this than just a new investor.

    • ErnieB

      Thought the same thing …. Soro bets on failure!

      • LWOAP

        Well if he is betting on Tesla then something might be up.


    Okay. It’s not like much will change.

  • Six_Tymes

    Soros, aka Darth Sidious becoming the company’s bondholder? This is definitely Weird.

    • TheHake

      Brilliantly said. You win the comment of the day!

    • EyalN

      i see him as the bad guy in james bond movie.
      whatever he is he is the evil guy in any movie.

  • scumbag globalist

    • Knotmyrealname

      You’re being too kind.

  • robotlogic

    I’d watch out, Soros is up to something.

    • TheHake

      Water is wet…


    • Research Janitor

      You should go hide in the cry closet.


        • ChrisInIL

          CHEETO VOMIT is the name of Michgo’s new punk band.

  • TheHake

    Ok that’s the final nail in th coffin for me. Now I will flatly REFUSE to ever buy a Tesla.

    • James Denz

      I totally agree. Anything Soros controls is off limits to sane thinking adults.

  • Brent Morrison

    Globalist cuck

    • Knotmyrealname

      You’re also too kind…

  • Knotmyrealname

    You gotta ask yourself, when most people hit maybe 65-70, and they don’t need to work anymore, that they slow down and even retire. But when you’re hammering away at 87, then there’s really something else going on and there’s a serious agenda at play. The weird thing is, that he will probably die either before his sick agenda is complete, or he’ll be too old to see it being properly realised. Does anyone actually question how someone’s mind works at 87? He can’t be in complete control of his faculties and yet he is allowed to make decisions and dictate to countries what agendas they must follow. Absurd. How we bow to money.

    • ErnieB

      Well some folks love what they do and it’s not work for them.. I know plenty of doctors that can barely hear and still use a stethoscope in their 70’s.. plenty of artist never stop.. Soros loves bring evil .. so there you go:)

      • Knotmyrealname

        Doctors inherently try to heal and remedy. This sicko loves tearing whole countries apart to suit his bank balance.

    • EyalN

      soror give his evil groups 18 billion dollars to keep on what they are doing after he dies.
      he just want to f..k us after he pass away. he doesn’t want to retire at age of 65

      • Knotmyrealname

        I know about Soros. Others should learn about Soros. Spread the word wherever you can. I know there are others but it’s worth educating people wherever possible.

  • Craig

    I wouldn’t want Soro’s anywhere near me or my company.

  • Smith

    Even rich successful businessmen can make stupid decisions. Hello stupid!

  • Perry F. Bruns

    “I looked into the comments, Ray…”

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    Let me guess, he will appoint Bill and Hilary to the board? Nice knowing ya Tesla.

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