Lagonda SUV Confirmed For 2021 Reveal, Will Be Fully Electric

After wowing Geneva visitors with the stylish Vision Concept back in March, Lagonda has now confirmed that their first production model, a zero-emissions SUV, is coming in 2021.

According to the British automaker, this new model will be the world’s first zero-emission luxury SUV, while also upholding “the qualities of the reinvented super-luxury marque”. Visually however, it will feature an evolution of the design language found on the Vision Concept, which had a bold, yet sleek exterior.

“In reviving one of the most iconic names in motoring we have created a unique opportunity,” stated Aston Martin president and CEO, Dr Andy Palmer. “One that allows us to cast aside an inherited 20th century approach and instead design cars around 21st century demands and desires. The Lagonda SUV is the first of its kind: a spacious, high-performance 4×4 that successfully reconciles a love of technology, luxury and style.”

More about style, less about utility

Meanwhile, the company’s chief creative officer, Marek Reichman, claims that the Lagonda SUV “will be like no other SUV to drive,” and that its looks “have to reflect that new reality and to serve as pathfinder to a future in which the most desirable and prestigious automobiles still have a place.”

It sounds to us like he’s saying that the final product won’t look too much like a conventional SUV, so it’s possible that we’ll end up with a product that has Vision Concept-like styling, yet possibly more ground clearance. Besides, the Lagonda Vision Concept wasn’t actually something you could call a Sports Utility Vehicle.

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  • I would love to see it, and despite the reaction of other traditional luxury market that they don’t see Lagonda as a threat, it seems Lagonda has shaken may major luxury car maker such as Bentley and R-R and even because of Lagonda, Bentley might electrified next gen Mulsanne as we see in the news here few days ago.

    • Mark Hawthorne

      But you know that’s entirely speculation because there is no plan for a Mulsanne replacement and Rolls-Royce don’t care about what anyone else thinks. Lagonda does not figure in anyone’s plans except Gaydon’s. It poses absolutely no threat at the moment because it’s all scale-models and bluster from Andy Palmer. By 2021 the SUV market and electric car markets will look very different. This is all hubris and hot air.

      • Yeah I know, at this point we won’t know if Bentley will make Mulsanne or not, but that doesn’t mean everyone should be agreeing in one narrative, You already put out your reason and it makes sense but I’m with the camp of next gen Mulsanne, and if I’m right or wrong that wouldn’t matter anyway is it.

        Maybe because I’m too partial with Palmer and his second century plan, but the reception of Lagonda is overwhelming according a certain motoring publications (Yeah people would say this publication are known for it’s jingoism but I believe it), and while us internet is concerning about Lagonda design, automotive executive are watching this space.

        No, no, no I totally understand, while everyone entitled to their opinion, me as a subject of criticism is allowed to make a defense, If my speculation is “wild” I believe I based all my comments on media gossip such as Autocar, Car or Motor Trend (Sometimes Auto Motor und Sport, I’ve been trying to learn German. And publications like that can get “wild” it depends on how you see it. I also get my gossip from old friends within UK car dealers and one of those owners club people. It’s amazing how many gossip can come out of them, sometimes back by an interesting evidence.

        While I believe this is a rather un-gentlemanly. I can mention someone in this site who always make a comment based on his own imagination, total stuff that even media didn’t even speculate and I can see that he just simply playing games with his own mind, which I believe it’s not my kind of style. I wouldn’t name the person but I’m not impressed on his comment everytime, but of course for average internet run-of-the mills petrolhead, he looks like insider who knows all of automotive industry.

        And no it’s wasn’t you Mark. Just to make it clear.

  • nellydesign

    Horizontal windshields are the wave of the future!

  • Cobrajet

    Ugliest Lagonda I ever seen.

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