Audi A6 C7 And A7 Suspected Of AdBlue Tampering, Production Stops (Updated)

Audi has stopped production of its current A6 C7 model following accusations pointing to the presence of software written to manipulate emissions controls.

According to Spiegel, both the A6 as well as the A7 Sportback TDI could be fitted with a previously unknown defeat device. If that proves to be true, more than 30,000 vehicles could face scrutiny in Germany alone, states the publication. The real number of suspected vehicles is currently 60,000, reports The Local.

“The KBA has requested a hearing on suspicion the Audi V6 TDI A6/A7 models have been fitted with an illegal defeat device,” stated a spokesman for Germany’s Transport Ministry.

What is this unknown defeat device?

Right now, word has it that the two models could have software that deliberately slows down the use of AdBlue cleaning fluid in the final 2,400 km (1,491 km) of its life span, thus keeping drivers from having to refill it in-between regular servicing. With reduced AdBlue functionality, the engine’s harmful nitrogen oxides are more difficult to neutralize.

“An official recall for at least the affected Audi cars registered on German roads is highly likely,” wrote Spiegel.

Affected diesel engines are the V6 TDI Gen2 Evo, specifically the 200 kW (272 PS / 268 HP) versions.

While this issue is quite different from the scandal that plagued Volkswagen back in 2015, it’s also not the first time the German car industry has been accused of AdBlue tampering – both Mercedes as well as VW faced similar accusations.

An Audi spokesman had this to say: “We discovered an irregularity just over a week ago and communicated it to the KBA last Friday. We are working on a software update and are in close contact with the KBA.”

Correction: We’re sorry to say that some of the information regarding this report has been lost in translation across the web today. Suspected of AdBlue tampering are the current/previous-generation A6 (C7) model, as well as the first-generation A7 Sportback. The all-new Audi A6/A7 aren’t in any way involved. Thanks to Mark for pointing it out!

  • Well, well…

  • Jason Panamera

    This new A6 interior is really nice. Why I’d even care about AdBlue during A6 voyage ?

  • S3XY

    Lousy Audi.

  • T2X

    Diesel & Fake Exhaust? Wow… No thanks!

    • Mr.Knockout

      You’re retarded you know that?


    VAG can’t catch a beak, can they?

    • Robert

      Their troubles are self inflicted.

  • Merc1

    You have got to be kidding? Again?


    • LWOAP


    • Spinnetti

      No, Still. its the existing models not the new ones…

  • Kagan

    They are unbelievable!

    • Autoexperte

      Audi are unbelievable (and mother Volkswagen), not ‘the car industry’

  • Leconte Dave

    They didn’t learn their lesson

  • Six_Tymes

    remember what car companies have been telling us for Many Years, diesel engines are “Clean Diesel”.

    whoever invented that marketing phrase should be sued, no one has, yet.

    • Autoexperte

      German car companies, especially Volkswagen

  • samurai

    The headline is wrong, the Spiegel article is about the current A6 not the all new which is launching in a couple of months

  • Daniela Wolf

    Fake News!

    It’s about the old A6 not about the all new A6 !!!!

    • Fallible Guy

      It’s the new Audi A6 (C8), typo within the article. Other sources cite that specific model, hence the low quantity of cars affected.

      • Daniela Wolf

        Audi puplished a press release in which the company states that ONLY the C7 series is afflected.

    • Autoexperte

      the Wolf (codename of Volkswagen founder Adolf Hitler) from Volkswagen

      • Daniela Wolf

        Are u sure about that!

  • Diesels should be banned for personal automobiles…should only be used for commercial vehicles…

    • LWOAP

      But then how are people supposed to do rolling coal?

    • Mr.Knockout

      Why’s that?

      • You really haven’t been keeping up with the news and tech, huh?

    • Daniela Wolf

      Yeah because US SUVs are more eco friendly with petrol engines…….. no more words to add………

      • Diesels give off more particulates than petrol and is thus more deadly…Also, look in your own backyard…SUV sales in EU are skyrocketing…typical snobby European…also, why is it everytime I am in EU, the longest food line is always at a McDonalds?

        • Daniela Wolf

          Dude 80% of our SUVS are equipet with Diesel!!!

          • Not in the US…I have no clue what you are saying…you appear confused…

          • Daniela Wolf

            Iam talking about europe because u talked about europe.^^

  • alexxx

    Just go electric for God’s sake…. enough with this diesel already

  • Miknik

    No, who would have thought that VW would tamper with Diesel engines? They claimed that now after the scandal it’s of course the cleanest engine in the world, and only few days ago when introducing their EA288evo declared Idesle is the future 😉

    But i guess reviewers will still love them, invited to press releases in exotic 5 star locations….

  • DanSemering

    You have to love the fake news!!!

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