XC40’s Success Spurs Volvo To Replace V40 With An All-New Model

The XC40 has proven a runaway success for Volvo. So much so that it’s adding additional production capacity to keep up with demand. And at the same time, it’s confirmed that it’ll introduce new models based on the same architecture.

Little in the way of details or timeframe were given, but the Swedish automaker used the term “models,” in the plural, suggesting that more than one will follow.

The new models will build upon the same Compact Modular Architecture that underpins the XC40 compact crossover, and is being shared by parent company Geely and the new Lynk & Co brand. Whenever they do arrive, they’ll replace the aging V40 that’s been on the market (some markets anyway) since 2012.

The manufacturer has already confirmed that the new models “will be sold globally in all major regions,” and that (unlike the V40) means the US, too. Given Volvo’s usual modus operandi, we’d expect a new S40 sedan and V40 wagon/hatchback to form part of the plans. And fully electric versions will be offered as well.

Current Volvo V40 Cross Country

“More product details will be disclosed at a later stage,” says the Swedish automaker. In the meantime, it’s ramping up production of the XC40 both at its Ghent plant in Belgium and the Luqiao plant in China. Volvo reports having received nearly 80,000 orders for its smallest crossover, which recently won the coveted European Car of the Year trophy.

“The XC40’s success has surpassed even our highest expectations,” said Volvo Cars chief Håkan Samuelsson. “The small SUV segment is the fastest-growing segment in the industry now, and with these additional CMA-based models we expect to benefit further from that growth.”

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  • Comp1

    They are so popular that when we ordered in late April we were told our wait would be late October to early November.

  • salamOOn

    for me is the new XC40 best looking XC model….

  • D3X

    Let’s try this again…

    Volvo has been working on the new 40 series for a while. Hark back to the 40.1 + 40.2 Concepts that were incredibly well received. The 40.1 Concept became the XC40. So naturally the new S40 and V40 will be based on the 40.2. Now you guys do your research. The XC came first due to obvious demand that’s seen from both the XC90 and XC60, it made sense to make a higher volume vehicle first.

    So I don’t think this was a “spur” of the moment thing from Volvo, it was from design but great to see that their plan has done so well by their initial XC40 offering.

    • supermanuel

      I gave up hoping for anything even resembling journalism from this site a long while ago. I’m just here for the pictures now…

      • Edums

        Me too, after reading the title I go straight to the comments, and then check the pictures. I am also avoiding all that super car, useless rendering, and Russian dash cams. Car and Driver has much better articles, and Autoblog the best pictures.

        • salamOOn

          Car and Driver

          “Sorry, this content is not available in your region.”

          what a great internet content in the digital age….

        • ErnieB

          C&R has great articles on Porsche models.. wait.. all of their articles are about Porsche models..

      • alexxx

        Comment of the year…well done sir👍

  • Belthronding

    damn, i was finding tesla fanboys irritating but i ended up being a huge volvo fan after all. we are planning to replace my wife’s wrangler rubicon and xc60 seems to the best option.

  • SteersUright

    Great to see Volvo doing so well, though Im personally suspicious of their ultimate quality these days. Anyone have any experience with Volvo’s in the last 2-3 years?

    • Jay

      I’ve had multiple Volvos since 2009 and currently have had a 2016 XC90 for 2 years and haven’t had an issue with this one or any of my previous ones.

  • Tostik

    Some had your problem with the XC90 when it was all new. Volvo gave them short leases on the old XC60 until their XC90 arrived.

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