Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Arrives Suitably Early To The Party With Over 700HP

Aston Martin is expected to lift the veil off the new DBS Superleggera very soon. But not before the first images and details have found their way online across a number of outlets.

Set to replace the outgoing Vanquish, the new DBS Superleggera is expected to borrow much from the DB11 – much like the last DBS was based on the old DB9, only turned up to 11 (or well past it).

As you can see, it has mostly fresh bodywork – rendered almost entirely in carbon fiber to help cut a good 160 pounds (72 kg) off the curb weight, now down to a reported 3,733 lbs (<1,700 kg). The grille is larger and the lines crisper, thanks to what we expect is a collaborative effort with Carrozzeria Touring – which lays a stronger claim to the Superleggera handle than Lamborghini ever did.

The new DBS is far more than a rebodied DB11, though. The 5.2-liter twin-turbo V12 is expected to produce some 715 horsepower (533 kW) and 664 lb-ft (900 Nm) of torque, channeled to the rear wheels via the same (but retuned) eight-speed automatic transmission as the DB11.

The suspension is also said to be a bit lower, with active dampers, larger carbon-ceramic brakes, and more – all of which add up to greater performance potential. Word has it that it’ll run 0-60 mph (97 km/h) in just 3.4 seconds, while 0-100mph takes 6.4 seconds.

We’ll hold off on calling these details “official” until we hear them from the manufacturer itself later today. But from what we’ve seen so far, Aston’s new flagship GT looks to be the stuff of legend.

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  • Matthew Boyd

    Wow. This makes the DB11 look… kinda boring.

    • Bo Hanan

      Watch that grille find its way to the new Vantage, which still has that ridiculous aftermarket-looking tuner-face.

      • Merc1

        I agree.


      • Mynameis Taylor

        I love it. it looks industrial

    • Merc1

      Bingo and it fixes all the issues with the DB11 IMO.


    • AnklaX

      While your comment is agreeable, seems to me the first DB9 in the last series was the most beautiful in its generation and the same will be true for the DB11 this generation.

      That Aston Martin maw keeps getting bigger every year. Where does it end.

  • AJJB

    That backend is straight up a Porsche copy.

    • Auf Wiedersehen

      Isn’t amazing how many manufacturers want to be the cool kid? First the Merc AMG GT, now this…

  • wintergraan

    It’s a gorgeous looking car and the color is dope. My only gripe is that ginormous grille – sometimes less is more. 🙂

    • Infinite1

      Tell me about it, Toyota has it on the new Camry. I hope this isn’t a new trend that car makers are moving towards.

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    Que every top tier YouTuber reviewer…

  • Bob

    Okay, okay. Not close to as nonchalant as the previous DBS; not as much swagger BUT the power figures, along with the visual distance from the DB11, make it worth it.

    • wintergraan

      Now I see it! The roofline is almost identical xD

  • Kaisuke971

    Wow that’s a very agressive looking car. It kinda loses that distinct Aston-Martin look from the rear, that we’ve been used to seeing since like the DB7 and stuff though. But to be fair if they linked up with la Carrozziera Touring, it wasn’t just to make a classic Aston. And looking at this, it not only looks agressive and different, but good also and that’s the most important. So job done, plus that sub 1700kg weight for a four seater turbo V12 car that i find impressive !

  • Elmediterraneo

    Bentley you have to reply to this ! Make a +700hp Continental GT Speed as soon as possible.
    Knowing that Mercedes is also coming with their 800 hp hybrid next generation AMG S73 Coupe and BMW as well with the 650 hp M8 ! And I can’t wait to see too the Ferrari GTC4Lusso replacement that will ditch the shooting-brake form and look back to a more classic and elegant coupe style knowing that they are working on a SUV for those who needs praticallity.
    That’s a pure european rivalry at its finest ! Love it !

  • iea96

    That is a beauty right there.

  • Belthronding


  • Infinite1

    Car is gorgeous, love that color on it!

  • Shtekeris

    Man, it must be tough being rich these days. So many beautiful cars coming out everywhere, how to choose…

    • Belthronding

      it is simple,if you can’t choose any,then you go for the best one,aston martin:)

    • Depends on how long you’ve been rich, if you are new money without fame, good luck securing build production for some models.

  • It is pretty yeah, but I just disappointed that they couldn’t differentiate it more from DB11.

  • Bo Hanan


  • Miknik

    That has a lower load sill than many hatchbacks and estates, kudos for building in a practical side as well…

  • Ruel Lewis

    Dissapointed and underwhelmed. It just looks like they stuck a bunch of db11 and vantage parts together instead of creating something unique. I still prefer the look of the previous vanquish and DBS.

    • PkmnHK12

      I agree, the previous Vanquish and the previous DBS still looks pretty better, as well as the previous Vantage. I mean for this new DBS Superleggera, I don’t like the look of that larger grille, looks so much weirder compared to that new Vantage which I also don’t like it as I preferred the previous Vantage. And even the rear design, it looks very unnatural, and doesn’t look like an Aston, it seems that they copied some of Porsche’s rear-lights designs from the 911, Cayenne and Macan and having that singular-stroke lights which looked like something came out from 1990s vehicles.

      Overall the design of that new DBS Superleggera is way too generic compared to the DB11.

  • Vassilis

    Very, very nice! Love how they differentiated the taillights and how aggressive the front looks. Great job.

  • Jay D

    holy f**k, that is sexy!!

  • Mike

    Side profile kind of looks like an F-type, especially from the hood down. Definitely not a bad thing…

  • Mr. Crankypants

    Not that I’ll ever have to look at one in my garage…but IF I do I’ll toss a blanket over that gaping maw of a grille.

  • Lloyd Anthony D Peters

    As beautiful as this is. I hope there’s a badge delete option. Because the “Aston Martin” on the back looks like someone went to auto zone. It’s just not aesthetically pleasing to me.


    shame that dbs is once again much faster db series

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