Jaguar Land Rover Launches New Subscription Service In The UK

Jaguar Land Rover has joined a growing list of luxury automakers offering a subscription service as the company has just launched its Carpe service in the United Kingdom.

Designed to appeal to “busy, high-mileage UK residents who spend many hours a week driving,” the subscription service is an all-inclusive program which allows users to get a new Land Rover or Jaguar model every year.

Like other subscription services, Carpe provides the vehicle as well as insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance. Vehicles rented through the service will also come with unlimited mileage which makes them great for people who drive often.

An assortment of different vehicles will be available and the most affordable option is the Jaguar E-Pace which starts at £910 ($1,208) a month. Other small crossovers include the Range Rover Evoque (£980 / $1,301) and Land Rover Discovery Sport (£1,130 / $1,500).

Only two sedans will be available though the service and they include the Jaguar XE which starts at £1,200 ($1,593) a month. However, many people should probably skip that model and get the Jaguar XF which only costs an additional £25 ($33) per month.

Rounding out the vehicle lineup is the Range Rover Velar (£1,255 / $1,666), Jaguar F-Pace (£1,325 / $1,759) and Land Rover Discovery (£1,550 / $2,058). Customers will also have the option of getting a Range Rover Sport for £1,870 ($2,483) a month.

The service is being run though Jaguar Land Rover’s InMotion Ventures and the company’s managing director, Sebastian Peck, said “We know there is appetite for unlimited motoring packages and demand is growing rapidly for subscription services that better meet individual needs.” He went on to say “For people who love driving premium vehicles but are tired of inflexible contracts, a subscription to Carpe is the solution.”

It’s possible that the subscription service could eventually be offered in additional markets but, for the time being, Jaguar Land Rover simply says it will “gather feedback from its subscribers to expand its offering of tailored packages to UK residents.”

  • Bo Hanan

    $1208.00 per month for an E-Pace?!

  • Callanish

    $30000 a year for a Range Rover Sport. There must be a lot of people out there with ‘piss away’ type money for this to make sense.

  • Owen Kemeys

    Running new cars is expensive. I’ve had my F-type about 18 months and 30,000 miles, and once you factor in the deposit, the monthly payments, then any negative equity from trading out before the end of the agreement (normally 3 or 4 years), and insurance and road tax, it has cost me between £1200 and £1400 per month averaged out. The advantage of these subscription services is that you know exactly upfront what it will cost, and have no hidden lump sums on entry or exit. I’ve just taken on a new S90 for my daily driver but if I hadn’t, I’d be very interested in a year in the Velar via this subscription.

    • Smith

      There are no hidden lump sums on entry or exit, it is spelt out in your agreement when you buy the car. F-Type shows you have money to burn, so not a good example of an everyday car owner. This program is totally ludicrous and will make JLR a ton of money because there are stupid people who will pay this. Maintenance and road side assistance are regular packages on luxury car purchases, so where are the added benefits. This make NO sense, none at all. Just buy it outright and be done.

      • Owen Kemeys

        OK “hidden” lump sums maybe not accurate language, but “easily-forgotten” is. People tend to happily dismiss big deposits or early exit penalties and only discuss the monthlies. Looking at an entry level Velar for example – £1255 a month on this scheme – an example cheap lease is 2-year, 15k miles per year lease for the headline price of £484 per month. However this requires a downpayment of £2900, and then it’s a 2 year deal so if you need to exit at 12 months, you pay a penalty, normally 50% of outstanding payments. Once you’ve amortised the entry and exit fees you’ve actually paid £947 per month, and that does not include insurance (£50-150 per month depending on personal circumstances), service, or tyres. Plus the new scheme is unlimited mileage whereas you’ll be charged 7-20p for each mile over your lease deal’s allowance depending on the contract.
        No it’s not for everyone, but there will be a certain set of people for whom it works very well.

      • Andrewthecarguy

        Like me, you clearly do not fall in the intended audience. I used to think this was a ridiculous concept and a waste of money.
        But in actuality, it depends on your reality. If you drive a ton as it mentions, depreciation hurts a lot. Sure, it seems the best thing to do is buy outright, but you are not factoring the insurance and maintenance. How much is insurance and maintenance for five years? Added to the cost of the vehicle minus the hassles of running around to get things done, this concierge concept starts making a lot more sense.

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