Warner Bros Set To Relaunch ‘Cannonball Run’ Movie Franchise

The Cannonball Run film franchise is being relaunched by Warner Bros, Deadline Hollywood reports.

Warner Bros acquired all the sequel and remake rights to the franchise from the original owners. Rawson Thurber has reportedly been given the green light to direct the film, while Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben will write the script.

The original film was based on the famous Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash, an illegal cross-country street race run five times in the 1970s. Released in 1981, the film starred Burt Reynolds, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Roger Moore, Sammy Davis Jr and Dom DeLuise. A Lamborghini Countach was the vehicular highlight. The film was followed up by a sequel in 1984 and a third film was released in 1989.

Speaking to Slashfilm about a new Cannonball Run last August, Thurber said the film won’t look to mimic the stunts from the Fast and Furious franchise.

“I think we’re living in a post or current ‘Fast and Furious’ world. So I don’t think ‘Cannonball’ can out-‘Fast and Furious’ the ‘Fast and Furious.’

“That’s its own thing, but we definitely want to harness that with the fun of ‘Oceans 11’ and put those together. It’ll have to be a different thing than ‘Fast,’ but should have some great car action, obviously,” Thurber said.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Has-beens, terrible dialogue but good boobs.

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      Yeah, Dom DeLuise sure had some pair!

      • Six Thousand Times

        He did at that.

  • Craig

    Apparently the imagination died years ago. When was the last time someone came up with a NEW idea for a movie? Or TV show? Or anything? Even music and fashion, etc. has been basically the same now for years.

    • Papa Van Twee

      There are lots of great new TV shows (Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Westworld, Breaking Bad, etc) and movies (too many to mention). But there are also tons more outlets for entertainment. So some things will be repeated.

      • Craig

        I don’t agree. The ‘Walking Dead’ idea – for example – comes directly from ‘The Night of the Living Dead’ which dates back to 1968. ‘Westworld’ is based on the 1973 film of the same name. Perhaps ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ ARE ‘new ideas’. Or perhaps I just haven’t been able to trace back far enough. Either way – you and I as NOT going agree. So we’ll have to just ‘agree to disagree’.

  • kachuks

    Waste of time. The modern day reboot of these movies has already been done. It was called Death Race.

    • Six Thousand Times

      That was also a reboot of Death Race 2000.

      • kachuks

        That reminds me more of GTA. Mindlessly driving around taking people out.

        • Like in Death Race 2000…

  • Blanka Li

    There were a few films that preceded the 1981 “Cannonball Run” in the 1970’s: “Cannonball” with David Carradine and “Gumball Rally” (which I remember being the more risqué of the bunch). All of these (including the 1981 version) are loosely based on Car and Driver’s brilliant writer Brock Yates’ actual Cannonball Run.

  • The mirror pointing at the sky 😀

  • Good luck making Cannonball Run remake in the days where everyone are offended by anything. I mean has anyone seen original Cannonball Run? People these days will criticize it as hell. I miss when people are smarter and can differentiate sarcasm and stereotype.

  • Would be a bit out of topic to talk about film in CS, but in essence they keep doing remake, sequels and so on because there is a generations that just too lazy to watch the original and would pay for “modern” version instead. Some of it are also because of fan service, in essence.

  • Miknik

    The original film lived from stupid but fun dialogues between rather famous cast and some unspectacular, but fun (non CGI of course) stunts; I doubt they can recreate that….

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    Hollywood doesn’t have a cast with the same chemistry to pull this off anyway. It’s just another lazy way for them to make a movie and milk someone else’s name. Originality is dying and has been for quite some time.

    Next up on the remake list:
    Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
    Raiders of the Lost Arch
    The Breakfast Club
    The Goonies
    Fast Times at Ridgemont High
    Top Gun

    It’s due to many generations after the 80’s that have nothing to show but Hip Hop, Grunge Rock, Hospital and Police Dramas and Facebook, latching on to one of the greatest Generations (the 1980’s) and trying to (re)make it their own.

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