Ferrari Portofino Spotted With Matte Red-Black Dual Tone Exterior

There’s just something about contrasting colors that makes some cars look even sportier than they normally are. Some might claim that the beautiful yet not so aggressive looking Ferrari Portofino, could use that type of “touch”.

This particular model, spotted by Fraka in Milan, Italy, is wrapped in Matte Red, with contrasting black surfaces such as the roof, rear fascia, as well as sections of the hood as well as its profile.

Normally, Ferrari makes sure customers can choose between multiple shades of red when it comes to their cars, such as Rosso Scuderia, Rosso Corsa, Rosso Mugello, Rosso Dino, Rosso Fiorano and of course, Rosso Portofino. However, you could argue that none of them look as interesting as the color combo seen here.

Looks aside, if this Portofino is stock, then it has 600 PS (592 HP) and 760 Nm (560 lb-ft) of torque to play with, courtesy of a twin-turbo 3.9-liter V8 unit, the same as in the older California T, only more powerful.

In a straight line, it can hit 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 3.5 seconds, before maxing out at 320 km/h (199 mph), which are some extremely impressive figures for a sleek little 2+2 GT convertible. It may not be as quick around the track as its more expensive siblings, but for a daily cruiser, it performs really well – something Ferrari was really aiming for.

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  • lagunas3ca

    The only Ferrari I see in the pictures is a 488 Spider.

  • Knotmyrealname

    OK, it’s probably just me, but Ferraris don’t really do it for me anymore.

    • Mike anonymous

      The last time Ferrari’s line up was sexy (and was “Ferrari”) to me was around 2013. My gosh that was the best year (give or take one) when it came to Ferrari this Decade.

      They Had the FF (which I liked a lot, and that Grille just screams “Ferrari”)

      Then they also had the 458 Italia (still my favorite version of this design since it’s inception at the beginning of the decade).

      Next up was the LaFerrari (which was one of the most beautiful (modern) production supercars I had seen to date)

      and THEN there was the F12 F12 Berlinetta (my all time favorite iteration of the F12… which (to me) was all kinds of sexy)

      They had the California too

      THE Sergio Concept… (goodness)

      Let’s not even get me started on the 2000’s and prior. I personally feel as though this was when Ferrari was at it’s peak (this decade) when it came to beautiful, elegant, original “Ferrari” designs (2013). This was my favorite year when it came to Ferrari and I absolutely loved every car they came out with. Since 2014/2015 it has not really been the same, rather than producing elegant vehicles, they seem to be going for a more, “edgy”, “sporty”, “hardcore”, kind of look, which does not feel as nice to me personally.

      The first real (“2013-level”) sexy vehicle I’ve seen from them since this era at the beginning of the decade is the new 488 Pista, so there does seem to be some promise and HOPE of what was loved, returning again in the design department before this decade is out.

      • Matt

        The 458 to my eyes is the best looking Ferrari though I haven’t seen a f12 berlinetta in person. The ff didn’t do It for me & when I saw it right next to its replacement, i found the latter to be that much better.
        I think two main things are happening in why many dont see Ferrari as the de facto best looking brand.
        1) the competition and rise of new exotics /hypercars in the past decade and a half. Companies that were not once Ferraris main comp like Mercedes are making striking supercars. McLaren, Aston, Lamborghini have really brought the work in to compete in producing strikingly beautiful cars. The million to multi million hypercar are now normal to see (at least online) Not that I think Ferrari has got complacent in design, I just think since they were at the top others have had more incentive to best them.

        2) form following function has been getting harder to do. At least the allusion of it as Ferrari from a performance standpoint makes great cars for the track. The added vents, gills and aero are getting more pronounced because the advancements in tech getting faster lap times. Ferrari and the others sell on this even though most wont use their cars this way. I do think Ferrari along with the others will in time, due to better tech & techniques, be able to make supercars prettier again while continuing to make them perform better over their predecessors.

        • Mike anonymous

          I Agree with you 100% on “reason #2”. There are a number of major advancements in performance, handling, and automotive technology, where companies may be giving up, style, classic elegance, and things of that nature in turn for better performance.

          I agree with you about 75% on “Reason #1”. I feel that companies such as Lamborghini and Mercedes were making much better looking vehicles during the 2000’s and early this decade (also around 2013, ending for the most part around 2014/15, when It comes to sports cars and exotics). Mercedes Used to have vehicles such as the original SL-Class, The SLK, The SLR McLaren, and the SLS. I don’t think Mercedes has a vehicle that compete in terms of elegance with those vehicles (design and styling wise) today accept for the AMG GT. As for Lamborghini, they had vehicles like the first generation Aventador (pre-facelift), the Retention, the last-gen Gallardo, the original Hurracan, etc.
          I know Ferrari and other companies are doing these things for Aerodynamic and performance reasons, but other companies (for example; Maserati) are going with the “aggressive” look even though it’s not functional or adding functionally, over elegance, to appear as though they are keeping up. and it seems to be a trend currently within the industry.

          As for McLaren, Aston, and companies like that, YES I 100% agree in the fact they they have stepped up their game, not only in performance, but also (respectively) in elegance and design (likely forcing Ferrari to do the same).

          Again, (like you) I also hope that Ferrari along with the others in time, “due to better tech & techniques” as you put it, will be able to make supercars prettier, more elegant, whilst also doing their best to out perform their predecessors and their competition.

          • Michelin

            It seems to me that McLaren, Aston martin and Co. are copying Ferrari and try to reach its technology and charme. For this reason they are employing engineers from Ferrari, Lamborghini and Dallara (carbonfiber).
            Ferrari has the advantage to project and produce himself engines, gearboxes and chassis.
            They needn’t buy them from Mercedes or Ricardo and other suppliers….

          • Matt

            Good point about Maserati. I too wish they would refrain from the aggressiveness (excluding maybe thier track focused “hardcore” variants) they have so much potential to be beautiful, elegant grand tours. I cant quite remember what Mercedes is said to do for their next sl. Agree their GT is the only car of theirs thats a supercar atm. With more money to invest in R&D vs FCA, MB could produce something special in the new sl akin to how the original took the world by storm all those years ago. The question is will they.

      • Knotmyrealname

        Great write-up.
        I really liked the FF and LaFerrari, but after that…. meh…
        Don’t get me wrong, they’re not unattractive, but they just don’t crank my handle like they used to.

        • Mike anonymous

          Thank you. I still love Ferrari, But I feel the same way, I couldn’t really agree more 👍.

    • Six_Tymes

      yeah, like Kate Upton doesn’t do it for me anymore. lmao

      • Knotmyrealname

        Who’s Kate Upton?

  • Dude

    Looks nice

  • eb110americana

    I’m not a fan of matte colors (some black, white, or silver are okay), but that would look a lot better with gray inserts instead of black.

  • Six Thousand Times

    That looks like shit. Like a 40-year old pickup left out in the sun and wind. Actually, that’s a good look for old pickup trucks, not for a new Ferrari, though.

  • Yilmaz Yasar

    money and unappealing riches. inseparable duo

  • Six_Tymes

    looks good.

  • Bo Hanan

    Why are their cars so ugly now? Why to they have to be ugly?

    • Michelin

      Style and beauty are personal tastes.
      Sometime personalily is difficult to be quikly appreciate.
      I disliked some Zagato cars at their presentation, Now they are between my preferred styles.

      • Bo Hanan

        I am all about individuality and Ferrari’s are ugly these days. Aston Martin just introduced a 211 MPH car that is beautiful! Ferrari needs to apologize to Pininfarina and get things moving again.

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