Ford Pokes Fun At Tesla’s Production Capacity

Ford Europe chief executive Steven Armstrong has poked fun at Tesla’s production milestone for the second quarter of the year.

Shortly after Tesla built 5000 examples of the Model 3 and 2000 Model S and Model X units, chief executive Elon Musk took to Twitter to congratulate the firm’s workforce.

However, not willing to let Tesla bask in its production achievement too long, Armstrong responded on Twitter to say that the American carmaker builds the same amount of vehicles in just 4 hours.

In recent weeks, Ford and Tesla have been going back-and-forth on Twitter taking shots at each other. Late last week, Musk compared the energy at Ford’s production facilities to a “morgue” during an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

In response, Ford’s vice president of communications, Mark Truby, tweeted “No doubt the vibe is funky in that “makeshift tent,” but it’s not bad either across the street at the #FordRouge plant where a high quality, high-tech F-150 rolls off the line every 53 seconds like clockwork. Come check it out @elonmusk #BuiltFordTough.”

While Ford has the advantage over Tesla when it comes to production abilities, Tesla continues to lead the charge towards electrification and is building more electric vehicles than Ford.

At the start of this year, Ford announced that it will invest $11 billion by 2022 into electrification and will launch 40 hybrid and fully electric vehicles. Of these vehicles, 16 will be fully-electric while the rest will be plug-in hybrids.

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  • Blinka Bot

    F-150 rolls off the line every 53 seconds

    • S3XY

      Trucks are used for utilities and manlets that have small dicks. F-150’s also guzzle gallons of gas like nothing.

      Ford needs to develop an electric truck. Shame on them for continuing to produce gas guzzlers.

      Takes a new company to do things different and make change. Ford gets no respect in this day and age.

      • James Denz

        Tell that to the 600,000 plus F-Series buyers annually. I seriously doubt they all have small dicks.

        • Daniel

          I doubt too,that people with complexes about their reproduction parts would buy a slow and unfunny car. Its more a job for “i can accelerate so much faster than you guys”-Cars.

  • 115 years old gigantic company. We could compare Ethereum with the US dollars, yet no one knows if the first will not be bigger in the future. People poked fun at Apple in the 90s.

    • xDRAN0x

      Its just fair game, Tesla’s been acting too full of themselves lately and Ford puts them back in the reality seat.

      • Not really. Ford didn’t multiply their production rate.

        • James Denz

          Ford doesn’t need to double it’s production rate with approximately 2 million sales annually. If it needed to, I bet it could double production in a relatively short period of time.

      • Matthew Boyd

        That’s a good way of putting it.

      • Axiom Ethos

        How is Tesla acting too full of themselves? You also don’t try to ‘put them back in the reality seat’ by comparing apples to oranges. Tesla has done what they’ve done under immense challenges as a new car company which simply don’t exist for Ford because they’ve had a century to get to where they are. But the real reality is that you don’t see Ford pushing the envelope and innovating towards the EV market either. That could be a pretty grim reality down the road for them when they are trying to play catch up and Tesla along with others leave them in the dust. Fords like that rabbit racing the Tesla tortoise taking it’s nap getting eclipsed by the tortoise who’s about to become a rabbit of it’s own with no naps.

      • S3XY

        Ford produces generic non desirable gas guzzlers. I don’t want any bord.

        • James Denz

          Ford builds quite a few electrics and hybrids but, of course, it’s best vehicle, the F-Series truck is one of the best American vehicles made. Kudos to Ford for offering what people actually want. I will miss some of the cars Ford plans on axing in the future though.

    • Brent Morrison

      What people (including you) fail to mention is that there are companies other than Apple in the computing industry that failed.

  • Matthew Boyd

    Ha! takes generations to build juggernaut companies, everyone has to start somewhere. Powerhouse companies wouldn’t make Musk feel bad about his accomplishments but he hasn’t been nice to the auto industry so Karmas a… yeah.

    • S3XY

      You can’t be nice when its you vs. every 100 year old established car companies that want you to fail.

      Tesla has disrupted the entire automobile industry.

      Tesla is the Powerhouse.

      Tesla is Daddy.

      Tesla leads the rEVolution and Ford aka Bord is quaking in their boots.

      • Mr. EP9

        Looks like the one man Tesla PR machine is in full swing.

        • I’m honestly in the comment section just for this.

          • Mr. EP9

            Can’t blame you. That’s why I keep coming back.

    • mihsf

      It took Ford less then 5 years to create and apply the principles of Fordism and assembly lines when nothing like this existed at the time.
      It takes Tesla several years to have assembly lines for its vehicles while everything is documented and can be bought at suppliers.

  • Mr. EP9

    They mean 7000 vehicles (SUVs, Trucks, and Crossovers) because Ford stop making cars. Still, though, I find all this fighting hilarious.

    • mihsf

      7,000 cars because it’s Ford Europe my dear. You might need to learn how to read.

  • BlackPegasus

    What annoys me the most about Tesla’s push towards increased production is it’s drive to please investors, NOT actually deliver reserved models to patiently waiting customers. I also worry about quality controls being circumvented in the effort to reach this magical 5,000 figure. I read someplace that Elon ordered his engineers to STOP the brake testing on the Model 3. You know, that little problem that gave it a negative rating by testers and Elon promised to fix?

    I’m still team Tesla, but some of this bullshtt needs to be called out. If I said these exact words on Tesla’s Reddit forums I’d be banned… ?

    • Axiom Ethos

      So basically you just gleaned over some news snippet before coming to a conclusion and then also making a correlation with an isolated brake “problem”.. which, mind you, got “fixed” (improved) with a simple OTA update to an algorithm. Tesla didn’t need that particular test because they have their own testing and internal process that negates the need for it. You should work on checking all your information before raising a pitchfork from your internet armchair. ?

      • BlackPegasus

        I type my snippets from the prison library. We don’t have the luxury of “internet armchairs” here nor the time to research. I trade my online time for ramen noodles with my cell mate ?.

        And your response to my comment is typical of (some) within the Tesla community. As I mentioned, this fascination with the 5,000 production mark was based on Musk’s hype and promises to both customers and shareholders. Is 5,000 units per week really that important if it may come at the expense of quality? Based on my interaction with Tesla reservations holders, I think they wouldn’t mind waiting longer if it means a getting a safer well crafted Model 3.

    • S3XY

      You really believe that just because you read it on a random non credible website?

      Let’s be realistic Pegasus

  • S3XY

    7,000 Fords and not a single one that I want.

    • Tumbi Mtika

      That’s cool. You do you.

  • Knotmyrealname

    Yes, but Ford, with all your know-how and experience, have still not been able to make ONE car that’s comparable to any current Tesla.
    ….And don’t tell me Focus Electric. I mean comparable.

    • S3XY

      Exactly. Out of the what, hundreds of vehicles Bord produces, not one comes anywhere close to the level of any Tesla.

      • Mr. EP9

        You’re right. Their vehicles are actually produced without delays and have better build quality.

    • jon4uu

      It could be because Ford wants to make a profit..

  • S3XY

    I wasn’t aware that you were the spokesperson for “the people”

    • Status

      Neither are you, or any corporation for that matter.

    • James Denz

      I don’t personally know anyone who’s sick to death of Tesla. Quite the opposite. My neighborhood is full of Model S’s, X’s, and 3s.

  • Tinky-Winky

  • Paul Webster

    Tesla doesn’t make a vehicle that can haul a boat, a trailer with mulch or rock, or even a litter of pets. I have no idea who buys these electricity guzzling battery packs but they serve little utilitarian purpose. Toyz for millennial I suppose.

  • Let’s check on this in 10 years. Space X was supposed to fail big time, now it produces rockets for tenth the price NASA does without any competition.

  • meepmorp

    Tesla also seems to be overlooking the fact that all the other Luxury OEM’s are coming out with vehicles that directly compete with the Model S, Model X and Model 3. Most of which also undercut the pricing that Tesla’s are currently being sold at. Couple that with the reality that these OEM’s already have manufacturing facilities in place and have been benefiting from the engineering brain drain happening in Fremont… Tesla needs to move on from their automotive ambitions and focus on their battery tech…

  • Tumbi Mtika

    This is gonna be a fun one…

    Ford, it’s not to late to make that new Mach 1 into a supercar.

    And make compelling electric vehicles too, while you’re at it.

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