Jaguar J-Type Trademark Could Hint At Future Mid-Engined Jag

Jaguar Land Rover has recently secured the J-Type moniker with the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

Discovered by AutoGuide, the trademark refers to just about everything, from new cars to repairs and servicing, and even autonomous vehicles. But it appears that in this case, the J-Pace will likely be used on a new car.

Given the ‘Type’ suffix, we could be looking at a potential replacement for the current F-Type. The brand’s challenger to the likes of the Porsche 911, which is being offered in coupe and roadster body styles, has been around since 2013.

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Okay, so why not keep the F-Type moniker and call it all-new? That’s a tough one to answer right now, but the explanation could lie in a statement made by the brand’s design chief, Ian Callum, two years ago, in an interview with Road&Track.

“I think we’ve got more permission to break the mold. Our F-Type, before the one that became the production car, the previous design concept was mid-engine. It never happened. It would have been very different. But I think we’ve got permission to do that, because we’re a sports car company”, said Callum. “We’ve had a discussion – will the next F-Type be mid-engine of front-engine? We’ve had that discussion. We haven’t decided yet.”

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Another possibility is the launch of a 2+2 Grand Tourer as a indirect successor of the XK8, offered alongside the second-gen F-Type, as also hinted by Ian Callum.

“The F-Type has been a huge success. We love sports cars – and I use the plural quite deliberately. Whether that is delivered by a body variant or something else remains to be seen, but for now, let’s just say that the body type is very important to us.”

The ‘J-Type’ isn’t the only moniker trademarked by Jaguar with the EUIPO recently, as they have also secured the ‘C-Pace’ name, hinting probably either at a small crossover or a coupe derivative of an existing model.

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  • Bo Hanan

    J-Type should be the definition of JAG at its best and what they’ve learned so far. It should be a mid-engined car and not a 2+2 coupe. Let the new XF be a 4-door coupe and fill that slot.

  • Belthronding

    what’s the point of low selling-high cost mid engined jaguar for cosmos sake?
    jaguar has been suffering lack of profit so long and now they are making a comeback after all long desperate years.

    F Type has an ultimate impact;
    perfect designed,relatively reasonable cost and fast, who cares where the damn engine is?

    Hey Jag,just make sure you have sustainable & profitable business, higher sales volume.
    So, 2nd gen F Type should be following same formula, nobody asks any more wet dream.

    • TheBelltower

      This is probably an ego thing for Tata, who is incredibly proud to own this British brand. They have dumped an enormous amount of money into this JLR, with mixed results. Decent sales performance with their SUVs, but they can’t seem to get sales traction with their sedans. The entire brand needs an image overhaul so that they get younger customers who aren’t just splurging for “their last car.” Luckily, they have Range Rover, which is a cash cow.

      • Bo Hanan

        JAG needs a flag-ship car. JAG also has too many great sports cars in its history to not jump on the current British invasion (Aston Martin-McLaren, and Lotus?) of new sports cars. Remember the XJ220? That car was the fastest car sold in her day, minus the V12 debacle.

      • Belthronding

        but that ego thing shouldn’t be out there if jag hasn’t been profitable for almost two decades.they have to go after logic but not indian fantasy.
        but i agree with you regarding other points of you.

    • lagunas3ca

      So it can compete with the future low-selling high-cost mid-engine Corvette that will only be driven by GM execs. Jag’s F-Pace was close to toppling its biggest competitor, the Porsche Macan, within its first year. Yes R&D costs (and Brexit) are causing profits to fall, but the investment is there. Especially when annual sales grew almost 5% in the US and almost 20% in China.

  • ▶️ ProtectOurHeritage ◀️

    An entry level sports car to rival the Z4 would be better!

    • lagunas3ca

      Maybe 20 years ago. That market is drastically shrinking.

      • ▶️ ProtectOurHeritage ◀️

        If you don’t get younger people into sports cars like the Z4, they’ll go elsewhere. Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, Mazda, BMW, Mercedes all have them.

        • lagunas3ca

          You won’t get younger people into a Z4 and they’re already going to Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, and Mazda.

  • Michał Kisielewski

    Bring on the C-X75 ! 🙂

  • USOZ

    Another possibility is the launch of a 2+2 Grand Tourer as a indirect successor of the XK8, offered alongside the second-gen F-Type, as also hinted by Ian Callum.

    Sounds more accurate.

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