Pininfarina Plans To Launch Four New EVs Between 2020 And 2025

Pininfarina is planning on launching much more than its Bugatti Chiron-rivalling electric hypercar. In fact, the famous Italian design studio and coachbuilder has adopted a top-down strategy and will launch vehicles accordingly, starting with the hypercar and funneling down to more affordable models.

Speaking to Motor Authority at a meeting in New York, company executives said there are plans to launch four new electric cars between 2020 and 2025 and they won’t all be multi-million dollar hypercars promising break-neck performance.

Pininfarina said its second model will be a “lifestyle” vehicle or crossover that aims to attract similar customers to the upcoming Lucid Air and Faraday Future.

Of those two, the Lucid Air certainly looks the best, but like the Faraday, it is coming from a startup with no experience in building production vehicles. While Pininfarina is also a newcomer to building its own cars, it does have more experience in the automotive world thanks to its work with automakers throughout the decades. Being a Pininfarina, a breathtaking design for this vehicle is almost a certainty.

Recent teaser shots of the upcoming PF0 hypercar showed off an intriguing single headlight design. According to the Italian company, this look will be passed down to the rest of the range, helping to give their models a unique look.

Pininfarina got the impetus to launch its own line of cars after growing frustrated at having its designs being at the mercy of automakers as to whether or not radical concept cars would see the light of day.

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  • Bo Hanan

    So now we know why Pininfarina is no longer styling cars for Ferrari. They’re building their own. And going by the image above they look pretty good too. Ferrari’s loss!

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