Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro Intends To Shame All Other Hypercars

Aston Martin has admitted that there’s room to make the track-only Valkyrie AMR Pro even more ridiculous than what it has originally had us believe.

Official word from the British automaker is that the hypercar will deliver over 1000 kg (2200 lbs) of downforce and weigh just 1000 kg. Speaking to Autocar, Red Bull Racing’s Adrian Newey said this downforce figure may improve.

“The downforce we are quoting is obviously early days. The model you see now is effectively the ideas that stand behind the project given over to Marek’s [design] team to interpret.

“It will, of course, change quite a lot from that,” Newey commented.

Previous reports have indicated the car could produce as much as 1814 kg (4000 lbs) of downforce.

Whatever figures the Valkyrie AMR Pro arrives with, we know it will utilize a naturally-aspirated 6.5-liter V12 paired to an electric motor. This will result in a total of 1100 hp and could be enough for the car to mount a challenge to Porsche’s outright Nurburgring lap record with the unrestricted Porsche 919 Evo Hybrid.

Interestingly, the Valkyrie wasn’t always supposed to get a V12; according to Newey, a V6 aided by forced induction was considered.

“I spent a lot of time looking at different power units. The obvious choices were a V6 – either single or twin-turbo – or a high-revving, naturally aspirated V12.

“In the end, I came to the conclusion that it should be the V12 because of what that allowed us to do in terms of structural mounting, because it’s a very well-balanced engine with good NVH characteristics.

“With a turbo, you need intercoolers; by the time you’ve put those on, the weight is fairly similar. Technically, the V12 was marginally superior, but it was a close call.”

The Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro will launch in 2020, shortly after the first road-legal variants are delivered to customers in 2019.

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  • Shahul Usman

    bet the AMG project ONE is faster.. I mean they have been handing Red Bull their butts for almost 5 years now in F1

    • Matt

      Are you sure about that prediction? The Valkyrie looks far more extreme than the Project One. Both will be amazing but AM and RB aren’t messing around with this thing.

      • Shahul Usman

        nope, not sure at all lol… but If I had to put money into who can make a faster car vs AM and Mercedes AMG…my money is on AMG..I know Red Bull and Adrian Newey are great, but even Aston uses some Mercedes engines in the DB11 etc.. I’d love to say I basically drive a Championship winning F1 car

        • That is a very vague reason, we all know that Aston used Mercedes engine simply because that developing engine for small company has gotten really expensive. Beside their V12 is Aston own engine. The real reason for Mercedes deal was the electronic and infotainment system. Developing those can be more expensive than developing engine.

          • Shahul Usman

            IE… They needed help…got it.

          • i.e you had no idea how car building works.

          • Shahul Usman

            Let’s just agree to disagree . Unless you can’t agree on that either

    • That’s F1 and this is road car, while Project 1 has a good engine, from all supercars I see. Valkyrie is the one that has crazier aerodynamic influenced design.

  • Mark Seven-Ultranine

    As far as looks are concerned, I’l take the Apollo IE or Huayra any day.

  • Six_Tymes

    One day, i hope to see a shoot out review of all the upcoming new “hyper cars”

    • donald seymour

      My gosh! I would so want that.

  • If they can make cars that are faster than F1 it’s crazy, even as a track only model.

    • Bob

      Makes one wonder what comes after that.

      • Exactly, would we reach the point where horsepower war come to an end? Or a limit on how fast a car can go on the road.

  • fabri99

    I mean, that’s what everyone says about their latest hardcore hypercar.

  • Mr. EP9

    GR Super Sport also says hi.

    F1 derived vs LMP1 derived.

  • Don’t be fooled? I’m just looking at the fact, there is a review of it on technical publications such as Racecar Engineering and it has convinced me enough, unlike some people here I don’t rely on internet information.

    I never doubt that Project 1 wouldn’t had a great Aero, but it doesn’t have that same level of Valkyrie. The relevancy of that statement is exaggerated. You can say McLaren or Ferrari will make amazing cars simply because they had multiple F1 titles. Beside while the engine was developed by the same people that developed the engine, the body and aero was engineered by combined forces of AMG and Mercedes in Germany and not the F1 team in general.

    • Shahul Usman

      So because they are showing you how it’s made it automatically has better aero? In a post below you just said how Aston has less money for technical development. I know you love to argue with every post . Everyone on the internet always has to be right and think their opinion is gospel.. And yes Ferrari Mercedes and mclaren make amazing cars and F1 helped all 3.. Give me any recent history that Aston engineers can make a better supercar than those three.. What great performance cars do they make? The Vulcan?

      • Because you understand the philosophy and details of their design, it doesn’t take a scientist to understand the technical behind it. It’s a different car than Project One, it was meant to be very track influenced car.

        Again you twisted the facts, you were the one who started with the irrelevant comparison between the other range of Aston and AMG. And I explained the situation, and you just twisted the fact and somehow try to connect it to Valkyrie.

        • Shahul Usman

          No. red bull and Aston are trying to make a f1 car for the road based on their f1 relation.. And amg is doing the same.. 3 million dollar hyper cars we will all never drive or maybe ever see. . But I’m just saying .And it is an opion..its the internet.. Everyone has one.. That if I was looking for an f1 derived go with the 4 time defending Champs over Aston who just pays to have their name on a red bull f1 car with a renault engine.. Who as fans as I can see haven’t had many great real race cars over the years.. Your entitled to your opinion of course and respect it..

          • While it is your opinion, every good debate must at least has a base, you only cited Mercedes-AMG F1 team recent victory. Beside you start it with a rather tough stance of saying Project One is better instead of just saying your preference.

            And if you know the whole history of project AM-RB 001, you would see that Valkyrie original idea were in fact comes from Newey himself, while he propose that the people at Red Bull has zero experience on making road car (Newey later illustrate in an interview by saying “We don’t know how to make the doors shut properly). Then Aston (Through Andy Palmer) sponsoring Red Bull and now they found suitable partner for it. Aston had no plans for Valkyrie until Newey propose it to them (Which Red Bull agrees since it help Newey to stay on board to their team). So this car merely than an Aston slap their name into Red Bull F1.

          • Shahul Usman

            I guess if Adrian Newey asked me to help him. Make a car I would.. Too bad he isn’t a household name outside motorsport circles.. At least in the US..

            The pedigree of the project one being a championship f1 car you can buy for the street makes it more iconic to me and something I’d want.. I just don’t trust Aston as I can’t think of them as a real performance company… More about fast gt cars

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