Nissan To Boost Production In China By 40 Percent

Nissan and its Chinese partner Dongfeng are reportedly going to invest around $900 million into their manufacturing facilities in order to expand their production capacity. This is just a part of the Japanese company’s plan to rise among the top-three best-selling car makers in the world’s biggest auto market.

The new investment will boost Nissan’s production output in China by 40 percent by 2021, which translates to as many as 2.1 million vehicles per year.

Reuters cites a person with knowledge of the plan, reporting that Nissan aims at selling up to 2.6 million vehicles per year by 2022, from last year’s 1.5 million vehicles.

Nissan’s five-year plan to increase its market share in China focuses on electric vehicles, a budget local Nissan brand called the Venucia and light commercial vans and trucks.

General Motors and Volkswagen have dominated the Chinese market for nearly two decades, each selling 4 million vehicles per year. Nissan, along with Toyota, Ford and Honda lag behind them, each selling 1 million-plus vehicles per year.

Nissan will use the added capacity to build both electric cars and petrol-powered ones for the Nissan and Venucia brands. Nissan and Dongfeng seek approval from the Chinese government to build a new assembly plant in Wuhan, in addition to their two existing facilities.

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2019 Venucia T90 pictured

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