Slammed Land Rover Defender Is Now Off-Road Challenged

Regardless if you’re an off-roading aficionado or not, you must be aware of the Land Rover Defender’s well-deserved iconic status. After all, it’s been with us for almost four decades and is widely recognized as one tough cookie.

Fans of the nameplate will probably never forget variations such as the original 90 and 110 models, or the time when it actually started being called the Defender, which occurred in 1990. Since then, there have been a great number of versions and special edition models, all of them built to serve one specific purpose: be an immensely capable off-roader.

It is that purpose that has been absolutely and completely defeated by this particular iteration, which looks, well, weird.

The image was posted to Reddit by user ‘wishiwassailing’, making us wish we had never laid eyes on what has to be the most counterproductive mod we’ve seen in a long time; and it’s probably why it was posted on the “bad mods” thread to be seen and ridiculed by everyone.

What’s baffling is that, despite sitting just a few inches above the tarmac, it does feature a snorkel, which makes sense if you’re going to traverse, say, a river. Which this thing definitely cannot do, unless its suspension is height adjustable in some way. Unless it’s there so as not to drown the engine if they encounter a flood or lots of standing water.

  • TheBelltower

    Of course he’s parked like a douche. Of course he is. So many thoughts on the kind of person this is. Probably “that guy” after a couple of drinks.

  • Mr. EP9

    Its also the least aesthetically pleasing Defender on the road. God that thing is ugly.

  • Oh God no, why you slammed and body kitted a Defender. This is such a blasphemy.

  • Bash

    This is wrong.

  • Six_Tymes

    such ruin, what a shame.

  • Howfarr

    The New… ‘Land Rover Offender’

  • Bob

    To the motoring gallows!

  • Blanka Li

    Some shouldn’t procreate and some just shouldn’t own cars.

    • Mike anonymous


    • Howfarr

      And yet you know ‘that guy’ that owns this has 6 completely undisciplined kids

  • Cassandra Ward

    Ugly! And the driver has proven that regardless of that laws of physics and common courtesy, you can occupy two places at once.

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