What Do You Think This Mystery Crossover Could Be?

Spy shots come across our desk all the time. Most of the time, we have a pretty good idea of what we’re looking at. But other times we don’t. This is one of those “other times.”

Spotted in between test sessions is what appears to be a rather large, three-row crossover SUV, hidden under loose car covers. Several of them, it seems, in a developmental motorcade. They were photographed by our intrepid, shutter-ready reader Brett Borgard, who was kind enough to share them with us (and in turn, you).

Those basic parameters we can pretty well glean from the shrouded outline of the vehicle in question. But more than that, we don’t know. We get the feeling that it’s domestic. And if pressed, we’d guess it might be a GMC. But that’s just a hunch, and we have to admit that we could very well be way off.

GMC currently offers two crossovers: the five-seat Terrain and the seven-seat Acadia. The former it rolled out in its current second-gen iteration just last year, and the latter the year before, at successive editions of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

So it’d be hard to imagine that General Motors’ dedicated truck brand is preparing a completely new version of either. We could be looking, then, at an additional variant of either (more likely the Acadia, from the apparent size of it), or another new model altogether. Or something from another automaker.

In the end, your guess in this case is about as good as ours. So what do you think could be hiding under those covers? Take a gander and share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

A big thank you to Brett for the scoops!

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  • Commonsenseonthefield

    It’s the Hyundai version of the Kia Telluride

  • PK

    The new Mercedes Benz GLS?

    • Waleesa1

      I think so too. The shape/outline of the rear 3/4 panel & whole rear remind me of the GL/GLS. And the ‘W’ codes are also an indication.

  • Nick

    Look at the sloping roof-line and compare it to the new Explorer Police Interceptor. It looks almost identical. I’m gonna say it’s the Explorer

  • Mill0048

    … Or maybe the Lincoln Aviator?

    • Nick

      I would also agree with this, but the emblem on the front grille looks like an oval!

      • Mill0048

        Yeah, good point. Some have it some don’t. I wasn’t sure if it was a fake shape or not.

  • Rick Astley

    Looks like the new rwd Explorer.

  • kachuks

    Nissan. I see a bit of a nose sticking out.

  • performante


  • NoMan2015

    I’d wager it’s either the next-gen Explorer or the Aviator. GMC’s have squared-off wheel wells; these are clearly VERY rounded, which is something Ford tends to do on the Explorer.

  • Roland Fairwater

    Either the Explorer or the Grand Wagoneer is my best guess.

  • George Emilio

    isnt it the Telluride? LOL

  • rover10

    I agree. Could be the new Explorer or Escape but that does look like the Ford oval under that sheet? Both of the aforementioned is due over the next six months.

  • Some mercedes SUV.

  • LeStori

    Something I will not be purchasing that’s for sure. Not into BUVs. (Boring utility vehicles). Been unfortunately driving the performance version of the Jaguar E-Pace for a month. The R-Dynamic. A hire “car”. You can probably hear my yawns in most parts of the world. Boot small for the bulk size of the vehicle . Bad blind spots. A special award for the huge blind spot caused by the front side mirrors. An all round unengaging drive. And it gets “rave” BUV reviews …

    • Nick

      thanks for sharing…

  • Kash

    Pic 4 has me seeing a shape similar to the Velar, so maybe something from Land Rover.

    • Nordschleife

      See that’s why I went with Aviator because it’s looks too long to be a Evoque.

      • Kash

        You’re right, it’s not the Evoque, but it could be a new RR Sport.

        • Nordschleife


  • Jason Miller

    2020 Ford Explorer. Compare these shots with previous spy shots and you’ll see a lot of similarities. Roof line, shark fin antenna, etc. And the badge pressing through the front looks like the blue oval.

  • MarkoS

    Ford Explorer, Lincoln Aviator or possibly a Fusion based CUV. After that I’d move to Jeep.

  • rodriguez256

    A Ford was the first thing that came to mind as soon as I saw it.

    • Mike anonymous

      Same for Me. I also thought ford (or) Lincoln at first, but the front looked little too square to me.

    • ErnieB

      Explorer or aviator .. but a ford is what I thought as well

  • Raul

    It’s a Ford EXPLORER

  • Max Pappas

    its the telluride look at the tailgate and the front emblem and how the grill bows out and the headlights are so far swept back from the grill on the tellurride and look at the fenders on the real pictures of telluride .

  • Nordschleife

    See I was thinking the Aviator production model. How did they just gather it’s a GMC Model?

  • Mike anonymous

    It’s actually may not be a ford product, there are a few points that give it away in the front and back (the side profile would make you think it’s a ford… but I actually believe this is a Jeep… the upcoming Grand Wagoneer to be exact (which would also explain the camouflaged Renegade models that are there with it & the “W###” on the back).).

    Now it’s possible I may be wrong but I am almost sure that this is actually a JEEP.

    When you take a look at the (shots that are of the Wagoneer, and take a look at the) Body shape of the vehicle, the tail lights shape, the front, the profile, the size, it matches up quite well with the leaked Grand Wagoneer photos images.

    NOW I MAY BE WRONG… but I do think its a possibility, it’s the boxy front (doesn’t really look like the Aviator) and the rear (aroundtheg taillight area) that are making me thing otherwise… idk what do you all think.


    • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Рамазанов

      Honestly I feel the emblem is a circle,
      Maybe a new Highlander??

      • Mike anonymous

        hmm… maybe. I personally thought the circle emblem (thing) was some body came they had on the vehicle underneath.

        • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Рамазанов

          Time will tell

  • Craig

    How’s THIS for a far out guess? The all-new Chrysler 300.

  • charlotteharry57

    At this point, WHY is this even a story? Who knows? Who cares? Until we can see more.

  • TB

    I’d say Ford or Lincoln…one of the two.

  • Justin Bailey

    Is it the 2020 Ford Explorer or the production Lincoln aviator???

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