2020 Hyundai Palisade SUV Makes Untimely Debut With Official Photo

We are only weeks away from the world debut of Hyundai’s flagship SUV, the three-row Palisade, at the LA Auto Show.

Thankfully, we don’t have to wait that long to get a first look at the eight-seat model. That’s because the first official photo of the Hyundai Palisade has already been leaked by Russian website Auto Review in what looks like a classic case of breaking the news embargo.

For those of you who are regular Carscoops readers, the first photo of the 2020 Palisade won’t come as a surprise. We’ve shown you our interpretation of the big SUV in July and we have to say our artist’s vision accurately previewed the original (see below).

Clearly inspired by the HDC-2 Grandmaster Concept, the 2020 Hyundai Palisade also features styling cues from current models, mostly the latest Santa Fe. That’s most obvious at the front end, where it adopts similar headlights as the smaller SUV and a prominent grille that’s reminiscent of the same model.

The side profile bears a certain resemblance to the Santa Fe as well, but everything that’s behind the C-pillars looks quite different. For now, this is the only photo we’ve got, but we should expect more to follow in the coming days.

Photo Renderings Copyright Carscoops / Josh Byrnes

With the Palisade, Hyundai targets growing families thanks to a roomy interior with seating for up to eight people and the “commodious” cargo space. The Korean automaker said the crossover will feature premium materials, intuitive technologies, and intelligent safety features.

Not much else is known about the flagship, although it’s expected to share a platform with the 2020 Kia Telluride that will debut in at the Detroit Auto Show early next year. The big Kia will be powered by a V6 engine, likely the 3.3-liter V6 that produces 290 hp (294 PS) and 252 lb-ft (341 Nm) of torque in the Sorento.

Expect the 2020 Hyundai Palisade to go on sale next summer in the United States.

H/T to Webber!

  • Jason Panamera

    Front of new Santa Fe looks a little bit better for me. Overall Palisade looks like Chevy Suburban with Hyundai face.

    • Bash

      I was thinking of the latest infinity Q80, this reminds me a lot of it.

      • Jason Panamera

        You mean, ugly ?

        • Bash

          No, those wheels and wheel arches and that lower part of the front end and the overall bulky shape. All that combined reminds me of the Q80.

          • emjayay

            Me too. The Q80 (one lives in the next block so I see it all the time) is the most shockingly incompetently styled vehicle out there. Huge and ungainly besides.

          • Bash

            I haven’t seen you for a long long time. I always enjoyed your comments and additions. Hope to see more from you.


    Not bad

  • Dr Bjorn K. Von Strangefingger

    Looks great!

  • dumblikeyou2

    That grille, it is not good. Overall its shape looks like a badge-engineered Chevy Traverse.

    • emjayay

      Crossed with an Escalade.

  • Paul

    I’m not a fan. That front end is awful.

  • Jay

    They did to much to separate it from the Telluride.

  • Six Thousand Times

    How ugly do they have to get before people won’t buy them?

  • Matteo Tommasi

    Looks like a Mitsubishi, and it’s not a good thing

  • TB

    Not digging it…looks like an Infinti wanna be…

  • Enoch Gabriel Gonzales

    Looks like a hearse

  • cbATL

    This wanted to be a station wagon, but they made it a SUV.


    Hey, at least Hyundai isn’t copying cars anymore. But you still got asshurt grown men complaining about how ugly this car is. SMH you americans.

    • Galaxium

      What car did Hyundai copy with the Elantra/Sonata/Santa Fe/Veloster/etc?

      • EL CHAPO

        These new Hyundai may look dated, but at least they are not copying too much

  • Dennis Scipio

    That looks not half bad.

  • Galaxium

    Wow I was really hoping this was a thumbnail for a bad rendering.

  • Six_Tymes

    its awful. if someone gave me one for free of course I would take it, I would then put it up for sale the next day.

    • Mynameis Taylor

      you really think it’s that bad?

    • EL CHAPO

      This is a prime example right here about hurtful grown men

  • charlotteharry57

    That is one ugly CUV! Front end makes the Santa Fe look gorgeous. Wheel arches are WAY overdone, and the rear scrams Chevy Traverse (except for the taillights). Bet it sells like hotcakes. Just like the ’19 Chevy Blazer.

  • eb110americana

    I feel like “Palisade” is a bit too close to “Escalade” (likely their intention). If I were Cadillac, I’d fight that.

  • Craig

    The rendering front end is much nicer. Take note Hyundai. The designers obviously bought into the idea that SUV’s and Trucks need big chrome trim pieces up front. I say…. no they don’t.


    • charlotteharry57

      I agree 100%! It’s as if most automotive designers are spending too much time texting and playing video games and not doing their jobs. And ignoring clinics, if they still even have those.


  • charlotteharry57

    The ONE good thing I have to say, on second pass, is that at least Hyundai has moved past the no-visibility styling, as seen on the previous Santa Fe Sport and current Tucson. I imagine enough customers complained.

  • no25

    It’s not…terrible. I see so much GMC in it, though. I also HATE Hyundai’s headlights. Hopefully, the rear will look good. We all know the interior will all look like the Santa Fe.

  • Wayne Hawthorne

    I like the larger back windows as opposed to those slice of pie sized pieces of glass over the back wheels of newer suvs. And I don’t see that imitation spoiler sticking out above the rear window, which sucks up road dust and spreads it on the glass. That was a monkey-see, monkey-do design wart that everybody had to copy.

  • Mynameis Taylor

    what’s the big fuss about? It looks like everything else out there………i wouldn’t say it’s ugly but it’s contrived.

  • klowik

    honestly, it doesn’t look that all good, it kinda looks like a Ute with the 3-box design and the thick chrome grille looks like a drawing from some junior kids.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    It’s not really Hyundai.

    It could be really any make.

  • getoffme


  • David De Fortier

    Oh God, were doomed… Those f**king hideous lights again… Now its confirmed.. EVERYONE is doing it now.means i will never be able to buy a new car ever again.

    • emjayay

      The headlights are the only halfway OK part.

  • Jboy Ababon III

    What is that face though? Hyundai is so trying and desperate here.

    • EL CHAPO


  • Mabel W. Lima

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  • Harry_Wild

    Looks like a Chevrolet Traverse with an Infiniti front grill from the Qx80.

  • donald seymour

    I absolutely love the headlights; however, the rest of the design is so-so. I think it’s really okay.

    • David De Fortier

      Youre crazy! Those lights are FUGILY! And whats worse is EVERY manufacturer is starting to adopt the style. Looks like the lights should be directed towards a billboard advertisement

  • :/ Yurr

    No?!…. It’s the headlights

  • SteersUright

    Hideous. This will not sell well looking like this.

  • David De Fortier

    Toyota fortuner and mitsubishi xpander made a baby. Wtf? Its like someone made a render of those 2 cars combined

  • Justin Spencer

    I really hate that Citroen-like front end that’s just all the rage these days. Furthermore, I think Hyundai comes up with some of the WORST names for its SUVs!!!

    • EL CHAPO

      Names of the SUVS are great. But that’s your opinion.

  • Harry_Wild

    The second picture is the actual Pallisade?

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