Lincoln Tweet Hints At Return Of Suicide Rear Doors For Upcoming Model

It appears Lincoln is going back to the future with plans to install suicide rear doors on the Continental.

In a cryptic tweet, the automaker said “Center-opening doors elevated the Lincoln Continental of the mid 1960’s to the pinnacle of mid-century style, a car driven by the likes of Pablo Picasso.” The company then tagged Throwback Thursday (#TBT) and teased “or is it?”

The hint is particularly noteworthy as multiple dealers, who attended a National Automobile Dealers Association convention in Las Vegas earlier year, said Lincoln used the event to announce suicide rear doors would be installed on a “future version of the Continental sedan.” However, Lincoln declined to confirm this and dealers weren’t informed of when the change would occur.

Given the timing of the latest tweet, it could suggest Lincoln is preparing to introduce an updated Continental at the North American International Auto Show in January. The Continental debuted at the Detroit show back in 2016 which means it will celebrate its third anniversary next month. That’s a little early for a facelift, especially a major one involving something as complicated as adding rear-hinged rear doors, but Lincoln appears to be pretty enamored with the idea.

There’s also the possibility that Lincoln could show a Continental concept with suicide doors and then introduce the production variant sometime in the future. Of course, that’s all just speculation at this point.

Regardless, the tease comes at an interesting time as the Continental will soon become the only large luxury sedan from an American automaker to be sold in the United States. Cadillac will cease North American production of the CT6 on June 1st, 2019 and the last Cadillac XTS will roll off the assembly line in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Thanks to Bill for the tip!

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  • U8INIT

    Oh they are going to throw everything, including the kitchen sink, in this Conti::rubs hands like Birdman::

    • Ben

      Issa nice car ::21 21 21::

  • Mr. EP9

    I thought they were going to kill it? Well, anyway, I think they should give it the same engine and hybrid power train as the upcoming Aviator. Maybe offer a RWD version too?

    It couldn’t hurt.

    • Mike anonymous

      THIS IS NEWS from about to years ago! (< not directed at you but rather at C-S).
      Lincoln is going to discontinue the current generation Continental. That (to my knowledge) is still on track.

      Lincoln is introducing their 2020's "next generation" line-up. (so this essentially means all of their current generation vehicles Navigator included will be redesigned over the course of the next 4-5 years). The first vehicle in that "next-gen" line-up is the all new Aviator (that was recently revealed).

      They will bring back the Continental, but instead of competing with the E-Class, it will directly compete with the likes of the MercedesBenz S-Class (and/or higher). That's the plan as of right now, and it will feature the famed Suicide Rear Doors.

      Apart from that I agree, I do hope the bring a plug-in hybrid version of the vehicle. But what I do know is expect this next continental to be packing some SERIOUS power (for a vehicle within it's class).

      • Cobrajet

        Will they still have an E-class rival.

        • Mike anonymous

          I would think so. But I am not 100% certain on that. Thing could always change at the drop of a dime (or a hat).

          The current generation Continental is the first vehicle Lincoln has made this century that actually (luxury-wise) can compete with the E-Class, but I am not sure if it’s doing as well in that segment. So if Lincoln leaves, I’m not entirely sure they will ‘miss it’ as much. So I don’t know, but it is a possibility.

    • Hot Twink

      The rumors of Ford killing the Continental were just that. Unconfirmed rumors. Which were apparently started over on FordAuthority.

      It’s still possible that is the end game, but it’s just as plausible that the current car is refreshed, and part of the MCE is that rear-hinged doors are fitted.

      It may also be that a new rear-wheel drive CD6-based Continental is waiting in the wings and a new feature will be the rear suicide doors.

      • Mike anonymous

        From my knowledge, at the company they are planning to ‘kill off’ the current generation (note the> ” <marks). What I know is that they will discontinue the current generation (for about 1 model year), and re-introduce the vehicle (to help better distinguish it from the outgoing model) as it will be move up market to compete with the S-Class & 7-Series.

        The Continental that we will be getting will be completely redesigned (wider, and possibly longer). I don't know if it will be based on the CD6 platform, but there's also the possibility Lincoln will get the chance to develop a Lincoln specific platform for their next vehicles (which all their future sedans could utilize).

  • Paul

    Cool. I hope they do something with it.

  • Bash

    Nice. Please Lincoln do it for sure, and while you are at it, make it a rear wheel drive as well.

    • brn

      Your typical buyer of this type of vehicle doesn’t care. If it’s FWD based AWD, they’ll be happy.

      Having said that, Ford does seem to be beginning to shift toward RWD platforms, so your wish might come true.

  • Craig

    Lincoln has a golden opportunity to be THE American luxury car. With Cadillac giving up on the idea of a flagship – Lincoln could lead the way. I say… STRETCH the Continental… call it the ‘Town Car’… add suicide doors… and sail the waves of success.

    • Mike anonymous

      AGREED! The next generation Continental will be wider, longer, (likely thanks to the freedom Lincoln will have since it won’t have to be based on a Ford sedan,) and a LOT more luxurious as it’s going to be moving up-market.

      Lincoln definitely has a golden opportunity, and I sure believe/know they are not going to pass this opportunity to step back into being one of the best luxury automakers in the world.

      On A Different Note: I’m not so sure about re-naming it the Town Car, but it would certainly be nice to see that name-plate return (likely once they’ve completed their next-gen line up (started now with the new Aviator)). What I personally would like to see is a vehicle (maybe call it the “Intercontinental”) have have that compete with the likes of Bentley & Rolls Royce (as Lincoln used to way-back-when, in the days of old).

      • Cobrajet

        I would like to use the name Town Car for a flagship and keep the Continental as an E-class rival, just as it used to be.

    • дапвт

      Don’t call it a Town Car. That’s just brings back horrible memories.

      • Craig

        Then think of some other name that comes from Lincoln’s past.

        • Stephen G


          • Mike anonymous

            That’s what they’re going to be calling the MKZ replacement.

      • TheToadPrince..~~ToadSquad

        yah buddy i like Continental is just perfect

  • TheToadPrince..~~ToadSquad

    shouldve done that from the beginning..and added a V8 and a 10 spd…instead of a turbo with a 6 spped and normal opened doors

  • brn

    We went through the same thing with Nissan several years ago. The specificity on how the separate building had to be configured was nutz, right down to the direction of the seams on cushions in the waiting room. Um, it’s Nissan. You’re not that special.

  • Dennis Scipio

    Okay, i personally have no opinion on suicide doors.


  • JTL2017

    Good news to hear. However, I hope it’s a complete redesign. If this is true, it needs to be RWD and Lincoln’s best car yet. This isn’t just about making a good sedan, but helping out Lincoln’s brand image.

    • Mike anonymous

      It’ll be a full redesign (from what I know), & yes I TOTALLY AGREE!. This is more than just about vehicles, but the image (and desirability) of a brand itself.

      Lincoln is one of the few (in my opinion) companies to realize that if you make a desirable product, people will buy it. Their focus lately has really been going into making desirable products, especially with their first next-gen vehicle; the Aviator.

  • Ben

    Ford must call them “center-opening” doors due to fear of SJW backlash if they’re called “Suicide doors”. The world has become so soft…

  • Ben

    Community Lincoln Continental (redesign/refresh) WISHLIST:

    + Must be RWD based (AWD is acceptable)
    + Suicide doors are strongly encouraged
    + Pillar-less doors are wanted, but we understand if complications prevent it
    + Open pore wood is the standard now if wood trim is added
    + In-dash infortainment! Don’t you dare tack on an Ipad to the dashboard
    + Optional V8. We know Ecoboost produces similar power, but I already have a Dyson carpet cleaner at home!

    • brn

      You bought a Dyson? Really?

      • Ben

        It was a going away from home present.

  • Enter Ranting

    OK, so then they’re NOT cancelling it, but instead making it more complicated? Got it.

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