Some Jaguar E-Pace SUVs Miss Key Infotainment Software – And There’s No Fix

A number of 2019 Jaguar E-Pace models have been delivered to customers without a plethora of important infotainment system features.

The news broke when a user on Autoguide’s  EPaceForum revealed that their new E-Pace had been delivered without navigation, live weather, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and sports updates. And it wasn’t a glitch.

Not long after picking up the keys to the new ride, the owner was called by Jaguar Land Rover who informed them that a number of 2019 E-Pace models had indeed left the factory without the ‘InControl Pack and Smart Settings.’

The forum user’s post adds that the issue affects all 2019 E-Pace S, SE, and HSE models up to VIN SADFJ2FX6K1Z43230. Dealerships are said to be receiving a detailed list of all affected VINs shortly.

Jaguar Land Rover is reportedly offering owners with cars affected by this issue $600 in options credit as compensation. Why compensation? Well, the automaker is unable to retrofit the missing software, meaning owners are stuck without some key technologies and have no hope of receiving them through a software or mechanical update.

In a statement issued to Carscoops, Jaguar Land Rover US stated the following;

“A small quantity of U.S. cars left the UK without the Connect Pro Pack — this includes functionality for features like InControl Pro Services, WiFi HotSpot and Smart Settings — which are required for Apple Car Play and Android Auto to function correctly. Adding this pack is not something that can be retrofitted, so the decision was made to proactively communicate this to potential buyers (of vehicles at retailers) and offer a $600 credit in lieu of the content. This only affected a small quantity of vehicles in early fall of 2018 — U.S. E-PACE S models and above — where Connect Pro is a standard feature.”

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  • Rocket

    $600 bucks? That’s it? I have a feeling many will be less-than-tickled with that offer.

    • Zandit75

      It’s software, not a missing structural component, how much would you expect to be given a discount??

      • steve

        No discount – either reject car for full refund or they supplied what was contractually ordered!

      • Rocket

        Software that cannot be restored. Customers paid for navigation, live weather, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and sports updates — features that might have influenced the decision. JLR needs to do the right thing.

    • D-splash

      I dodged a bullet on this one. Jaguar’s InControl system is absolutely terrible, on a test drive it was actually laggier than then the infotainment and GPS on my 2009 Acura. Needless to say, I didn’t get the E-pace.

  • kachuks

    They can’t replace whatever piece of harware contains the software?

    • Momogg

      Yes, this is strange

  • Axel Cortez

    that features for some people might be a reason to buy or not buy the car, if by omission they didn’t add it, no owner should be stuck with a car without a feature they wanted.

  • Mr. EP9

    How did they mess that up?

    • Exactly! That indicates poor quality control and all the more reason to avoid JLR vehicles.

    • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

      JLR don’t manufacturer the cars themselves. I wonder if there was a breakdown in communication between Jaguar HQ and the Magna Steyr in Austria where these are built.

  • ScottM

    JLR must figure the forced buy back that’s going to happen after the class action lawsuit will be cheaper on their books than correcting the vehicles.

  • Callanish

    Anything less than replacing the entire vehicle with another one that has all these system features working would be unacceptable in my opinion.

    • Able

      Couldn’t agree more. Although it would be a pretty small issue for some owners (and a pretty big one for others), their typical arrogance is what speaks volumes here. Replace the entire system for owners who want it replaced, JLR. Anything less is a massive disadvantage for those owners – come resale time, their cars will likely be overlooked big time.


    • danno


  • TheBelltower

    First of all, each of these items should be standard on any luxury car. Second of all, Jaguar/Land Rover can suck it. This is the exact kind of ineptitude that I dealt with for years when I owned my Range Rovers. Now they are dead to me. It will be nothing short of a comedy sketch, watching them attempt to sell and service EV’s.

  • Sybill Julian

    looking at the cover photo, it reminds me of suzuki swift, don’t know why

  • steve

    They could take out and replace the incorrect module – but it would cost JLR too much money. I would reject the car or insist they bring it up to specification. $600 is a joke!

    • TuDoR_DrAgOs_77

      Indeed, and a bad one I must add…

  • These cars are lemons. Not having these features will severely affect the value of these vehicles by thousands of dollars. You would be a fool accept this money, because I’m sure Jaguar will make you sign a legal document stating that you will not sue them.

  • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

    Some? A number? How many?

  • designer_dick

    It’s rather disappointing to see JLR continue to exhibit the same ‘that’ll do’ contempt for customers that effectively destroyed Britain’s domestically owned volume car industry, but in this case, there’s an easy fix. Simply replace all the infotainment units affected with new ones that are up to spec. It’ll cost them far less than the resulting class action lawsuit that’s bound to come from this.

    • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

      This. I would be extremely angry with such an insulting offer.

  • BlackPegasus

    They should file a class action lawsuit and demand the affected vehicles be bought back. The owners should be made whole in this situation and they should NOT accept that $600.

  • NCC 1701-C Dodge Stealth R/T

    Where is all this incompetence coming from? Is it the Indian third world owners of JLR now? I know at work the third world affirmative action “IT” have totally jacked up the computer network, where as before it always ran smoothley for years when the group of White guys ran it.

  • LeStori

    Drove a Jaguar E-Pace in the UK for a month recently. The R-Dynamic. I wanted a compact Audi A3 sport was it was the right size for a lot of the UK roads. The first thing I noticed was the boot/trunk was barely bigger than the one in the Audi A3. Yet the vehicle was huge on the outside. So big it was incapable of going where I could drive inan Audi A3. The luggage that filled an A3 boot filled the E-Paces boot. Cannot for the life-of -me see the attraction of buying oversized vehicles with poor interior space for their size. Unless maybe you are a breeder family and your wife gives you no choice. Whipped!’
    As for buying acar with the navigation missing let alone the other features I had bought,and offering me US$600 dollars compensation. Now that would be laughable if it wasn’t a total insult.

  • Dennis James

    What do you mean there’s no fix ? Switch the damn cars with proper ones ! I would sue the heck of out Jaguar, and I’m not even an American.

  • designer_dick

    He’s not right at all, and his blatant, rather puerile racism shouldn’t go unchecked. Jaguar Land Rover’s incompetence and contempt for their customers is purely British in origin, and has nothing to do with the company’s Indian owners, who give JLR a very free hand to run things as they see fit, with minimal interference from India.

  • tldrkhnsm

    $600??? What an insult! Of course, there’s a fix – replace the module, but JLR is too cheap to do it. This says alot about the co, and it’s not good.

  • Beelzaboot teriaksun

    Receiving a brand new 2019 car without an option 99% of the new cars have…. This is a disgrace and… I’d definitely sue

  • brn

    Solution seems simple. The owner received something other than what was agreed to. Because of this, they can simply return the vehicle for the purchase price. If they still want a Jag, buy one with the features they want.

  • Bobby Lee

    Another reason to skip this model. Is Jag even trying with the E Pace?

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