Porsche Names New 911’s Top 5 Design Highlights

As much as we loved the Porsche 991.2, the all-new 992 does look like an improvement, especially once you factor in everything that went into its design.

Sure, the new headlights, revised air intakes, reshaped hood and different LED DRLs may not seem like that big of a novelty, and they aren’t, but the enlarged fenders certainly do, as do the door handles (flush with the body) and the new taillights, connected by a Mission E-like light strip.

But enough about what we think, let’s hear it from Peter Varga himself, as he is the Director of Exterior Design over at Porsche.

Over the course of this 4-minute long video, Varga outlines his top five exterior design highlights of the brand new 911, and he begins by telling us about the third brake light, embedded vertically between the rear window and rear grille.

Other design traits he really likes include the low rear design, similar to how it was on the first 911 Turbo, the previously-mentioned electric door handles, the front wing design and the car’s overall proportions – which he claims are an improvement over those of the old 911, something we won’t disagree with.

Of course, if the exterior doesn’t impress you, then know that inside the 992 there is a new instrument cluster, a larger 10.9-inch infotainment display, a more angular dashboard (inspired by the 911s of the 1970s) and more overall room, courtesy of the slightly longer wheelbase.


  • caddy45

    I wish they’d done the Tesla / RR Velar style door handles if they wanted to go for the flush design, the flip ups seem outdated on an otherwise beautiful car.

    • assassingtr

      When the car is that low, the flip ups feel good in person. Try it out for yourself and you’ll see it makes sense.

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    Perhaps it was always so, but that sure is a big fat rear end.
    The rest I like.

  • ace_9

    When I heard: “Today we will show you, what makes the car so unique!”, I was amused and said to myself: “Yeah, so unique! Show me, show me now!”. And then the director of design started: “My top 5 feature of the vehicle is the third brake light” 😀 😀 😀 Noobs. Even they cannot think up something reasonable distinguishing it from the previous generation. And don’t get me wrong, I’m ok with 911 being always more or less the same, but I don’t like pretentious crap from managers pretending to be experts. He is clearly a director of design, because he is not a good designer.

    • Axel Cortez

      sure he got there because he lacked the understanding of design…

      • ace_9

        Well, I would like your comment to be true, but I know so many managers and executives who are not very good in the area they have under control, that I simply must insist on my original comment. But I also learned that it is not always a bad thing and many executives are not really expected to be experts in the area. They need to have other qualities. But since I’m the one actually doing the work they just vaguely talk about, I usually throw around the words about incompetence 🙂 I’m however not saying that the porsche director of design is necessarily a bad director.

        • Axel Cortez

          I recommend you three things

          One stop assuming, not everything is as you have experienced

          Two learn about the naming/title convention in the design world specially cars (the top position is Chief designer, so he is still a designer a head one in the exterior department, but isn’t calling all the shots)

          Three go and read his linkedin profile so you will see where he came from (past jobs) is pretty easy just google his name and linkedin and that’s it.

          • ace_9

            Well, I see you are compelled to teach me a lesson. So, I will try to make it short, because it won’t make a difference in your opinion anyway.
            1. It’s not just my experience, but I used mine, because that’s what I know best. Many people can confirm that managers and executives are usually not the experts in the field. But I’m glad if you have different experience.
            2. I don’t care about titles in design world. He literally described himself as “the director of exterior design at Porsche”, so I shortened it to “director of design”, since it is implicit we are talking about exterior design.
            3. I wrote things about him based only on the video and it felt stupid to me, because the car does not have almost any distinguishable features from the previous generation. He can be capable in real world, but in this video he sounded to me like a pure marketing guy making something out of nothing. It would be better to acknowledge the truth and don’t talk about breathtakingly innovative out-of-this-world and game changing third brakelight… One does not need to be a designer to see the small differences and it does not mean they get bigger, if someone with designing credibility talks about them.

          • Axel Cortez

            check his background of that matter, the background of porsche ceo…

  • salamOOn

    what a great video porsche! im always thrilled to read a subtitles when is somebody talking about a vehicle design!

    • Axel Cortez

      oooh poor thing you have to read subtitles, why don’t you learn german?

      • ace_9

        You may think, you’re clever, but it doesn’t make any sense to learn a new language, if it’s not really needed. Several short videos are obviously not worth the effort. Besides, salamOOn could already learn english (it’s not my native language either). German is also a difficult language to learn.

        • Curtis 74

          You use, too many commas in, the wrong places

          • ace_9

            Well, sorry about that 😀 Now I noticed two commas that shouldn’t be there.

        • Axel Cortez

          german is pretty similar to english (so is not a hard language to learn), english isn’t my first language either nor is german is actually spanish and we are used to read subtitles, but americans never have to read subtitles so when they have to, they complain.

          • ace_9

            And do you know german? Because yes, german is similar to english, but it has more difficult grammar and many words are quite crazy. Both english and german is quite far from my native language (slovak) so that’s maybe the reason why german seems difficult to me. I’m not very interested or good in languages, so I usually don’t expect other people to be very keen to learn them. But I actually agree with you that complaining about subtitles is stupid. Especially in such a short video, which clearly wants to be more authentic and also to show a little bit of german pride.

          • Axel Cortez

            not as fluid as I would like, but some yes, I speak 4 languages and would like to learn Japanese at least in the most basic form and Italian as it an extension of spanish and portuguese which I already know.

            We live in a globalized world where we were forced to learn english to consume top information in the best way possible, but when english only speakers find they have to make the effort they complain, we didn’t we just had to learn

          • salamOOn

            so just to summarize everythink for you from your reactions.
            1. am not an american.
            2. im not native in english.
            3. i speak 3 languages, but unfortunately not german.
            4. for me its really annoying to read a subtitles if you could just make it in english, especially in video like this where i wanna watch the content, not read the subtitles.

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