2020 Land Rover Defender Interior Revealed In Leaked Image

This is probably the first image of the new Land Rover Defender’s interior, which was leaked on social media months before we’re supposed to see it.

The image was posted online by Twitter user rcdesignsuk and it looks like the real deal, featuring a digital instrument display and a wide infotainment touchscreen. The four-spoke steering wheel features a Defender badge, while the aluminum pedals feature ‘stop’ and ‘go’ to them.

The dashboard appears to retain the utilitarian character of the original without looking crude, mixing durable plastic with materials like metal and leather. The automatic transmission features JLR’s widely used gear selector that’s mounted high on the dashboard.

So far we’ve seen images of heavily camouflaged Defender prototypes only, with Land Rover working on both a short-wheelbase 90 version and a long-wheelbase 110 version. Reports suggest that Land Rover is planning a whole range of bodystyles for the new Defender, including a pickup truck.

The new Defender is going to be based on JLR’s new MLA platform, which is expected to be fitted on most of the British manufacturer’s models by 2025.

Land Rover is expected to reveal the new Defender towards the end of the year, with sales set to start early in 2020 with a range of four- and six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines.


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  • PK

    the g class still looks better!

    • Matt

      You’d hope so considering the G-Class is positioned as a luxury vehicle. The Defender isn’t a luxury vehicle…

      • PK

        it’s a still a suv/offroader vehicle tho.

        • Matt

          Not sure how that’s relevant? The G-Class interior can’t be hosed/cleaned out on the farm either, not practical as a rough and ready off-roader.

          If you want to compare competing vehicles, use the Range Rover instead as it actually a luxury vehicle.

          • PK

            ehh still the g class looks way better. i’m entitled to my opinion.

          • Mark Hawthorne

            But it’s not a valid opinion – you clearly realise that. It’s also not as nice as my living room – don’t say it isn’t relevant because “i’m entitled to my opinion”.

          • PK


  • no25

    that steering alone looks like it came from a diecast model.

  • Ilbirs


    Considering the placement of the auto transmission selector and this bit of upholstery that appears on the low right corner of the picture, I wouldn’t be surprised if this new Defender comes with seat for three (or some kind of, considering that what appears to be the middle place seems very cramped) on the first row at least optionally. OK, this bit of upholstery can also be some sort of an armrest placed on an very tall center console, but it took my attention the fact that the elements are arranged this way.

  • John Ye

    is that a “STOP” engraved on the brake pedal…

    • Axel Cortez

      stop and go

    • Jason Panamera

      You will be able to read it when car gets dirty… he…he….

  • Bash

    Really? Why would they sell Rubbish? They should have kept it dead.

  • Harry_Wild

    If the inside look so cheap, many buyers will go buy a Jeep Wrangler instead of the new Defender!

  • ErnieB

    Sooo .. I assume this will be a sub $40k Rover? This thing looks really cheap looking.. almost as cheap looking as the Jimny..

  • nellydesign

    You guys realize this is a prototype right? Nothing on the interior should be taken as gospel.

    • Mark Hawthorne

      THIS. It’s clearly an interior design buck – a study for the final version and NOT the final version hence the STOP GO on the pedals. Everyone’s in a frenzy about what it is and isn’t. 100% this is not the production interior.

  • EM1

    The tiny shifter is for an electric motor.

  • eb110americana

    Since the digital gauge screen is powered on, I suspect that any capacitive labeling in the steering wheel would be too. Since I do not see any, I will conclude that the outboard section of each upper spoke is a touchpad to control various on-board functions and infotainment.

  • David Wang

    The right seat bottom cushion comes quite close to the driver’s side, could this be a 3 seater in the front??

  • Mike anonymous

    To be fair, it is a Land Rover… not a Range Rover.

    I would expect the luxury to maybe not be up to the level of a Range Rover as this isn’t really a vehicle that is a part of that luxury off road brand. Many people confuse (or at least by now are used to) the two brands together. I remember before there was really a ‘line’ of Range Rover products and before almost everything LR revealed was a RangeRover. Most LRs’ were just very upscale vehicles, but nothing ‘too’ fancy. Where then there was the Range Rover & the Sport version of the vehicle.

    I think with the increase in popularity of the Range Rover product brand, many people forget that Land Rover is not a ‘luxury automaker’, they are an off road vehicle manufacture who happens to also have a (now increasing number) of luxury vehicles within their line-up.

    In my personal opinion I though this could be the interior for something such as the upcoming Ford Bronco (not the baby one, but the full size version). But it does not seem out of place on a Land Rover, especially given what this vehicle will be generally build for; ACTUAL off roading.

  • Craig

    The color reminds of what Chrysler was coming out with before they started making the nice dashboards they have now. See for yourself. [Example is the Chrysler Aspen]


    I really like it. Reminds me a Porshe design, that color, stering wheel, screen, gear selector…

  • exeptor

    At the end this is a Defender – its interior is not supposed to be very luxury. In fact I like this cheap looking style – somehow it is not too “look at me … I’m one of them all”. In addition if they fix the position of the steering wheel this alone will be a real deal.

  • Da Only Skid

    No way this is production ready. The dash pad gets more air than the occupants. A borrowed Honda Element shifter? So high up to afford the vehicle a cool 50-inch fording depth. And those steering wheel blanks are quick release levers (pull towards driver), just another anti-theft device. Amazing designs.

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