Jaguar Bringing Major Updates To 2020 XF And F-Pace

Following the reveal of the updated XE, Jaguar is now going to apply some similar updates in the XF and F-Pace models.

More specifically, Jaguar will now focus on refreshing the XF first, according to the company’s senior product planning manager Wayne Darley, who spoke to Autocar.

The facelifted 2020 Jaguar XF will be revealed sometime in the second half of the year, while the updated F-Pace will follow in early 2020. “If you look at when those two cars [XF and F-Pace] went on sale – late 2015 and early 2016 – that gives you a good idea of the timings”, Darley said.

The facelift will basically be as extensive as with the new XE, meaning subtle exterior styling changes but with a bigger focus on upgrading the interior. Jaguar will improve the quality of the materials used inside, as well as add new technology features that first debuted in the electric I-Pace.

The new Jaguar XE from the inside

Features like a new steering wheel, a secondary digital display for the climate system and updated infotainment and digital instrument cluster will be present, as well as new trim and color options.

Both the facelifted Jaguar XF and F-Pace are also set to get the company’s latest diesel powertrains, which apparently adhere to the upcoming 2021 emission regulations. However, there’s a question mark over the six-cylinder XF S and F-Pace S versions, as Jaguar has ditched the supercharged V6 from the XE lineup and stopped offering V6 petrol and diesel versions of both the XF and F-Pace.

Jaguar will most likely adopt the all-new 395hp 3.0-liter straight-six mild-hybrid petrol powertrain that’s going to debut in the Range Rover at the Geneva Motor Show, but we’ll have to wait a bit longer for an official confirmation.

Darley also confirmed that the F-Pace SVR will finally arrive in the market this April, after over a year since its official debut. Officially Jaguar has delayed its launch in order to perform just last-minute changes at the car’s setup but the same report says that the company was facing a parts supply issue, hence the delay.

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  • NoMan2015

    I guess we’ve basically already seen the facelifted F-Pace’s interior then, since the current interior is identical to the XE’s I assume the facelift will follow that same trend.

    • Sovereignty

      XE and XF interiors are similar, but not identical.

      • NoMan2015

        I said XE and F-Pace. I said nothing about the XF, which does indeed have a different interior.

        • Sovereignty

          XE and F-Pace interiors are similar, but not identical.

          • NoMan2015

            Sure, Jan. The entire dashboard is identical. Show me where they’re different…

          • NoMan2015


            F-Pace and XE shown here. The entire dashboard is identical. How are they different, besides one having digital gauges/a larger infotainment screen?

          • Sovereignty

            Yes, similar but not identical. The proportions are different to account for one being an SUV and the other a saloon, which are different sized vehicles. The window switches are in entirely different places on the F-Pace and I’m rather fond of the F-Pace’s sliding cover over the cup holders.

          • NoMan2015

            I said dashboard: not doors, not center console. How is the DASHBOARD not identical?

          • Sovereignty

            You should go back to Specsavers.

          • NoMan2015

            Whatever. I’m still waiting for you to show me how the dashboard is different, but apparently you can’t do that because….drumroll….they aren’t different at all. I’ll be sure to check back on this next year when they reveal the F-Pace’s facelifted interior and it looks just. like. this.

          • Sovereignty

            If you look at the sweeping line that goes from one side of the dash to the other, they are a different height. Everything between that line at the windscreen is slightly different too.

            Perhaps if you are an expert in interior design, you should offer to go work at JLR?

          • NoMan2015

            again, that’s a trim piece. THE DASH ITSELF. Look at the vents, look at the center stack, look at the gauge cluster. That is what I’m referring to. You keep pointing out all of these other parts, like the doors, the cupholders, the trim that surrounds the dashboard near the windshield, but you aren’t addressing how the overall design of the dashboard itself is any different. I rest my case, because clearly we’re talking in circles and I’m not going to get anywhere with you.

          • Sovereignty

            Go work for JLR if you want change 😂

          • NoMan2015

            dude I don’t need change(?), I’m not advocating for anything about the design or changing it, I’m merely using my eyes and making an observation/prediction about the facelifted F-Pace. best of luck with whatever it is you’re doing. byeeeeeee.

          • Sovereignty


  • designer_dick

    It’s a shame a facelift can’t do anything about the XF’s 1993 EU Honda Accord profile.

  • Merc1

    All the XE, XF and F-Pace need are new interiors. The revised XE looks much better but it’s still years behind the C-Class and A4. The new I6 needs to step in for ALL V6 applications like RIGHT NOW. The V6 is trashy and unrefined. There is nothing wrong with any of these vehicles that some sweating of the details can’t fix.


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