New 2020 Subaru Legacy Looks More Like A Refresh Than An All-New Design

Update 2/6/2019: We spotted the first image of the 2020 Legacy’s exterior and have updated the article and gallery below.

Subaru has dropped another teaser image of the all-new Legacy, which will make its first public appearance at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show that opens on February 9, 2019.

This time, we’re getting a partially shadowy-view at the redesigned mid-size sedan’s exterior, which from this 3/4 front angle, seems more like a refresh than an overhaul of the current car. A closer look shows some new styling touches such as the more pronounced front and rear fenders and the smaller grille.

The first teaser offered us a glimpse into the cockpit, revealing a big new portrait-style screen for the infotainment system. It will likely run an updated version of the brand’s software with access to MySubaru, SiriusXM satellite radio, navigation and other functions.

The controls for the air conditioning have been positioned under the touchscreen display, thus giving the impression of a larger unit. The mid air vents have a vertical design, whereas the rest of the dashboard has been wrapped in leather, although this is very likely the range-topping model.

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Further down, the central console incorporates the USB and AUX ports. The gearshift lever is entirely new, and right next to it is a button that says ‘View’. We’re not sure what this is yet, but it could be for the EyeSight active safety feature, or it might be used to access the front and/or rear cameras.

The seventh-gen Legacy is based on the brand’s global modular architecture shared with the Ascent, Forester and Impreza, which promises to improve handling and comfort, while also offering support for a possible future electrified version.

Potential engine candidates for powering the new Legacy are the Forester’s 2.5-liter for the base model, while the current car’s naturally-aspirated flat-six could be replaced by the Ascent’s 2.4-liter turbocharged four, mated to a CVT and standard all-wheel drive.

Subsequent to its introduction next week, the mid-size model will go on sale towards the end of spring or in summer to compete against the Mazda6, Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonata and others.

2020 Subaru Legacy (Top) vs 2019 Legacy (Bottom)

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  • xDRAN0x

    Most definitely need the 2.4T

  • Adilos Nave

    A shame they continue to stick with the CVT. Doesn’t matter to 99% of the potential customers though. Subaru prints money with the Outback in markets like Colorado, PNW and Northeast.

  • charlotteharry57

    OK, wait. This is SUBARU. They’re not going to put an Explorer-sized tablet in its Legacy. You’re getting confused. It holds the climate controls at the bottom. Can’t make out what’s at the top. It’s large, but not huge.

  • Matteo Tommasi

    But the hard-as-a-rock scratchy plastic is still there

    • alexxx

      Really?! Where exactly?
      Would you like it more if there is an actual rock and not plastic?

      • Netsphere

        he is probably referring to the top of the dash

        • alexxx

          I would like to have his eagle eyes…to be able to see from this dark images what he is seeing…?

      • Matteo Tommasi

        Look at the top, abote the vents

  • salamOOn

    i dont like it. i think that interior inside a current IMPREZA /XV/CROSSTREK is perfect.
    its too bad subaru jumped on huge touchscreen only bandwagon.

  • Toronado_II

    Usually, they show a concept that they can’t produce to tease us…. It seem that they don’t want to put our expectations too high this time !

    • MarkoS

      Concepts are meant to tease and show design directions. It creates a long-term design trap disaster when concepts come in to close to production for mainstream cars. They never directly tie the concept with a production nameplate. I don’t care for the new Forester, but overall Subaru does a good job at its designs for it market.

      • Toronado_II

        I know ! But it’s a problem when you fail to bring the cool details and proportions to the market. And when you final model struggling comparing to the competition…

        • MarkoS

          Agreed to a point. I would like to see a better compromise. Still they are hardly struggling to sell them.

  • TheToadPrince..~~ToadSquad

    better hsve buttons instead of touch…


    C’mon Subaru don’t screw it up this time….

    • MarkoS

      The only screw-up I see is the new Forester.

  • nellydesign

    Cool, it’s a got a USB port.

    Honestly, Subaru has been designing the same interior for about 15 years. Now we just get to look down by our knees to change the cabin temp.

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    No real buttons for HVAC?
    Not good.

    • MarkoS

      There really are no real buttons today, they may just look like it. We will see how this works. The HVAC controls are separate from the screen they just look attached.

      • Loquacious Borborygmus

        There are many physical buttons in other makes. Renault and Peugeot have them as does VW.

        • MarkoS

          They may look it but are actually as digital as everything else. Look again on the Legacy photos. The HVAC control are not part of the touch screen.

          • metric

            They may be digitally controlled but you’re not getting Loquacious Borborygmus point. What he prefers like many others do, is a tactile button/knob.

          • MarkoS

            Perhaps, many these days also prefer the familiarity with other devises. I say we have to wait and see how this works. This is also probably just the top spec option.

          • Loquacious Borborygmus

            There’s muscle memory with a real button whereas you have to generally look at a touchscreen to ensure you have pushed the right area and the screen has accepted it.

          • S3XY

            There’s muscle memory with stationary digital position of button. You are unwilling to adapt just like him.

          • metric

            I disagree. Many people reach for a button or knob without looking and are sucessful doing so due to muscle memory and the tactile aspect. By feeling it you have confirmation, touching a screen blindly does not provide the same benefits.

          • jake_cassidy

            so your able to operate your phone or touchcreen devices without looking at them at all? quite impressive.

          • S3XY

            Caveman loves to touch and move his rock.

          • Loquacious Borborygmus

            They are still touch screen buttons on this car.
            Again, other makes have reverted to physical buttons.

    • S3XY

      No need for buttons. You sound like a caveman.

      • Loquacious Borborygmus

        You sound like someone willing to embrace technology regardless of the effects.

  • Hoozyadatty

    F’n CVT transmissions!!!

    • MarkoS

      Driven one lately? Great alternative to a normal auto.

      • Hoozyadatty

        Yes…and they still aren’t up to the level of something I would own. They should be left in scooters where they belong.

        • MarkoS

          Bull, but to each their own.

          • Hoozyadatty

            Okay MarkoS…I bought my mother a new brand new Infiniti QX50 which as you know has a CVT. It makes a near luxury car feel like a cheap economy car. Also…the cars I drive have upwards of 400hp, so a CVT wouldn’t even work. The automatic transmission of choice is the ZF 8speed, which I have in 2 of my cars. Now that transmission is sublime.

          • MarkoS

            If even true, Your not in the market for a Subaru or its market. Not sure why you would even be following this post…

          • Hoozyadatty

            It’s all true my boy. I have no reason to lie. Here is the picture of the QX50 from delivery.

          • MarkoS

            OK sure. we are all so very impressed. Subaru is obviously not your market.

          • Hoozyadatty

            MarkoS…don’t be a hater. I drove Subis back in the day when I lived with my parents, like you obviously do at the moment, so I understand where you are coming from. I’ve moved up to higher end automobiles as is usually the case when one achieves certain levels of financial success. Last I checked I don’t need your permission to be a fan of Subaru. Someday you’ll graduate from school, get a real job and be able to afford a car with a real transmission. Until then, don’t be a troll and talk smack in these forums

          • MarkoS

            OK Kiddo, what ever floats your adolescent boat. Your hubris fools nobody. It is quite obvious you are not what you pretend to be, or near as accomplished as you desperately try and portray. Thanks for the chuckle. Move on now.

          • Hoozyadatty

            You figured me out…I’m busted. I’m a 47 y/o adolescent. Here are two of my other cars. I’m more than happy to take for a spin in them if you question me. Feel free to call me and leave me a message @ 972-829-0401 and give me a time you’d like to come by. Worst case, I’ll face time with you and show you them all in real time. I’ve got nothing to hide. Are you man enough?

          • MarkoS

            Maybe your Dads. Move on Kiddo;

          • willhaven

            Delete your number dude. You don’t want creeps calling you up.

          • Derp Derpson

            sh1t, i’m temped to call and go for a ride.

          • Hoozyadatty

            If you’re in the Dallas area, I’ll be at the next Cars & Cannolis. I’ll take for a ride.

      • CarbonPhiber

        Not an alternative at all to anyone who cares about the actual DRIVING part of car ownership. A CVTs only benefit is that it may improve fuel economy. The responsiveness, feel, sound, and overall operation is terrible, and cannot be compared to a good, traditional automatic. I’m certainly no Pro driver, just a car guy, and I took the hit and traded my 2015 Legacy Limited after just 17 months because I absolutely couldn’t stand it. And that was regarded as one of the “best” CVTs out there. For all its merits, that car was truly an automotive appliance in every sense of the word.

        • MarkoS

          You were obviously putting yourself in the wrong market. Plenty options out there for you. Subaru is having no troubles pushing its machinery.

        • Kevin Cagle

          Agreed. The two times I have had rental cars with CVT, I thought something was wrong with them. They were sluggish dogs. Give me DCT or die in an automatic.


    companies think that vertical screens are simpler

  • WalthamDan

    Is the production version going to look like yet another slice of bland Subaru toast?

    • Matt

      This is the production version.

  • MarkoS

    The interior looks promising. Now if they can avoid a styling disaster like the new Forester. People don’t mind styling that is compromised for practicality. The new Forester just comes across as sloppy, not grow on you quirky.

    • WalthamDan

      agree. too many odd design elements have been added.

      • MarkoS

        I would have much preferred a cleaner design with out the obviously slapped on design elements. Bland doesn’t bother me so much as long as its not compounded by the equivalent of Bedazzles. Frankly I would like to see a nice rugged box from Subaru in this size range. The wheel tire package also looks to small for the Forester.

    • Roland Fairwater

      I agree. It should look similar to the new Impreza. Subaru needs to learn not to over-style their cars. The new Forester is, in my opinion, hideous. The new Legacy better be good looking, too, because it will surely spawn a new Outback as well.

    • PhilMcGraw

      They posted a teaser image of the exterior and it doesn’t look that bad.

  • Steven Sposato

    Give me a legacy wagon or levorg with this interior and I’ll throw my money at it.

  • KAG25

    hopefully it will look much better than the last two generations

  • ErnieB

    Volvo wants that interior back!

  • Looks like the Volvo telematics system. Will go a long way in upgrading Subaru’s usually low-rent interiors.

  • Jason Panamera

    In terms of big screens I really like this. I always liked Subaru design. I want to see more.

  • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

    The lesbians will appreciate this extra connectivity.


      Ewww those reprobates

  • Matthijs

    Subaru has interesting technique but damn, those designs are bland and dated

  • john1168

    You want to put a big giant touch screen in the center stack? This is how you do it! Well done Subaru! Ford should be taking notes here for their new Explorer…

    • S3XY

      Tesla has had this since 2010. Only a decade later it took someone else.

      • john1168

        Tesla does have a decent looking one but it took this long for someone to make one look this good and well integrated. Even the Tesla’s (although one of the better ones) look like the tablets are tacked on and almost like after thoughts where as this does not.

      • badcyclist

        Tesla was first, but Volvo’s design is the best– it is seamlessly incorporated into the car’s dash. Everyone else’s– Tesla’s included– just looks tacked on. The Subaru teaser looks like they are following Volvo’s lead, which makes sense.

        • willhaven

          Volvo’s interface is pretty glitchy from what I’ve read.

          • badcyclist

            My original point was about cabin design, where Volvo is well ahead of everyone else. The Sensus system is pretty great, actually, except that voice commands are almost useless.

            CR deemed the system too complex, but that says more about CR testers than the Volvo system– it is actually very easy to use if you aren’t a Luddite.

            But you have a point that it can be improved– Volvo is quickly moving toward using an Android operating system, which should be a step up, and hopefully voice commands will start living up to their initial promise.

      • Marty

        Yes and no. Tesla 3 is probably the worst example of them all. First creating a nice, minimalistic interior and then totally destroying it by just leaving the test drive computer screen in the production car.

  • S3XY

    So funny how people are so resistant and against change. All of you love your old era knobs and buttons.

    Those are things of the past and are no longer needed. Touchscreens now.

    • Ackbar

      Safety is a thing of the past? Lmfao

    • Adilos Nave

      So please tell me how you can tell between turning up the thermostat versus seat-heater versus radio controls versus volume when using a touchscreen? I’d love to hear this. And keeping your eyes on the road while wearing gloves since it’s -10 degrees outside? THAT’S why knobs and buttons will always be better. They can be used by touch and feel alone. The only reason your god Musk put a gigantic touchscreen in his cars was because they were seen as cool by the iPhone-crazy crowd and it costs less than mechanical buttons and knobs. Had nothing to do with it being a superior user-interface.

      • MarkoS

        The HVAC are not part of the touch screen.

        • Adilos Nave

          I think you’re missing my point. Maybe not this car in particular, but there are many models out there that use touchscreens for basic functions (Model3 windshield wiper speed, etc.)

    • gambit gamboa

      Its so funny when people try to re-invent the wheel.

      Should go easy on the soy, it affecting your logic poorly,

      Whats going on Inside S3XY’s thoughts:
      (hey, look at that new the triangular shaped wheel with LED lights, its soooo futuristic, you guys with dem outdated round wheels are so primitive)

      (Touch screens are so futuristic, lets touchscreen everything!)


  • ctk4949

    Knowing Subie, the actual screen will be 1/3 the size. lol

  • Trackhacker

    Using your phone while driving is dangerous. However using your cars TV screen is not lol.

  • Dan Facciolo

    Volvo inside, Mazda outside

  • charlotteharry57

    Yeah, I thought the same thing months ago when a mule was spotted out in the wild (“refresh”). I bet you’re right as far as engines go. We’ll see tomorrow.

  • MarkoS

    It looks like the logical evolution to a successful line up thus far anyway. Just don’t ruin it like the forester.

  • MarketAndChurch

    The current front end looks more modern. This looks more like a traditional Subaru design.

  • ACM1899

    Feels like the Legacy design team fell asleep after 2008 or so and still hasn’t woken up… Since then it has looked so dull and boring. Should look like a softer version of the Impreza.

    • Bill Nguyen

      They should stick a massive Subaru Ascent grille on the front.. that’ll wake people up!!

  • willhaven

    phew – you never know these days lol

  • Lenore

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