All-New Buick Encore GX Compact Crossover Coming To The U.S.

Buick has unveiled the all-new Encore last week at the Shanghai Auto Show in two versions: the subcompact Encore and the compact Encore GX.

Everyone expected at least one of them to eventually make it Stateside, and many saw the small Encore as a safe bet. However, the U.S. market will only get the larger GX model instead.

As reported earlier this year, Buick is looking to China to develop and expand its U.S. lineup and the new Encore GX fits perfectly into this plan.

Sources familiar with the matter told Autonews that the Encore GX is indeed coming to the United States. The new SUV will slot between the Encore and the Envision and should help Buick retain customers and, hopefully, bring in buyers from other brands as well.

For now, it’s not clear where the U.S.-spec Encore GX will be made, but, unlike the Envision, it’s not expected to be imported from China. Buick has already confirmed that a model would be added to its lineup later this year, and all signs seem to point to the Encore GX.

The new compact SUV is expected to go on sale in the States before the end of this year at the earliest and will be sold alongside the current Encore. That’s because the new Encore subcompact SUV unveiled in China will not make it to America, according to the same sources. Based on GM’s new Global Emerging Markets (GEM) platform, the smaller crossover will be built and sold in China.

The current Encore has been a major hit for Buick in its home market, with annual sales nearly tripling since launch to more than 93,000 units in 2018 — which accounted for 47 percent of Buick’s total volume. In the first quarter of 2019, however, Encore sales were down 3.4 percent to 24,606 units, still scoring better than the brand’s overall U.S. sales, which fell 8.7 percent to 51,867 units during the same period.

Meanwhile, the Enclave SUV that was launched in the U.S. will make it to the world’s largest car market, as a locally built three-row version will go on sale in China later this year.

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  • Robert Eller

    Saw this coming, just like how the Trailblazer will replace the Trax.

  • Paul

    And now we know the rest of the story. I’ve sort of known this for a while that something was up and is the reason a while back, that GM trademarked Encore GX name here in the US.

  • lagunas3ca

    Outdated design now. Typical GM.

    • Six_Tymes

      If this had a bmw or Hyundai badge on it, you’d be saying it looks great

      • lagunas3ca

        The design is great… for the 2015 Regal.

  • Liam Paul

    keep the made in china GM crap

    • Elpatore

      yeah because the made in everywhere else GM is not crap……..


  • DM

    The smaller one looks better and more sporty.

  • lagann

    Finally a Buick that isnt an eyesore to look at.

  • ErnieB

    This would be great for my 83 year old father in law to pick up my kids in.. that just sounded very dangerous to me right now..

  • SteersUright

    G-d forbid it actually br good looking and a quality piece. This looks like a Kia from 5 years ago.

  • atomicbri

    Yay! So we get the ugly one out of the two. Why must all vehicles in the States keep getting larger and larger…. And why are all these CUVs having the Shark fin sides… so played out.

  • charlotteharry57

    GM released a ton of online ’20 order guides last week and the current Encore is listed as soldiering on with no changes. Not a peep on the Encore GX. My bets are that it’ll be a ’21, introduced maybe at the LA Show with sales beginning in the first half of ’20 (March-May best bet). If Buick is getting a new larger small CUV (a wise move), then so will Chevy. Bet on the larger China-sold (and maybe made here) one to come online, with the current Trax staying put.

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