VW ID. Hatchback Strips Down Its Camo Before Pre-Orders Open

Prior to pre-orders for the Volkswagen ID. hatchback kicking off, the company’s Dutch division published (and quickly removed) a handful of videos showcasing a lightly-disguised prototype. Thanks to the folks over at Elektrowoz, we have a number of screenshots which were captured before the videos were removed.

As recent spy shots of the ID. hatchback have indicated, the all-electric vehicle will look very similar to the concept. Consequently, the design is drastically different than other existing models in the Volkswagen family with the fresh and modern design fitting of an all-new generation of products from the car manufacturer.

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The prototype featured in the video was covered in a blue and red paint scheme and while some parts of the car are hidden, many elements aren’t. At the front, for example, we can see the headlights of the production-spec ID. for the very first time, complete with LED daytime running lights neatly incorporated into the outer edges of the headlight units. Elsewhere, we can see a small lower grille on the car as well as a number of golf ball-like dimples across the bumper.

As for the sides, the most noteworthy element are perhaps the windows in front of the side mirrors. The electric hatchback also sports very thin A-pillars and promises to offer excellent visibility. Screenshots showing the vehicle’s rear reveal a prominent wing stretching off the roof, a sharp tailgate, and taillights similar to those of the Golf.

Volkswagen has confirmed that the car will be offered with three battery configurations. The entry-level version will be powered by a 48 kWh pack that offers 205 miles (330 km) of driving range. Sitting in the middle of the range will be a model with 280 miles (450 km) of range while a 111 kWh version with about 342 miles (550 km) of range will sit at the top of the family. All three models will have a rear-mounted 168 hp electric motor powering the rear wheels.

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  • wintergraan

    Now this looks promising!

    • exeptor

      I agree. Even with the wrap it looks like a really good blend of normally looking hatchback and a little bit futuristic EV. Also it looks close to the concept car … which always is a good thing. I only hope that the technical specification (range and charge time) and price (30-35,000 EUR seems fine) will be as good as the look.

      • wintergraan

        Yeah, I‘m really looking forward to the official unveiling of this car.

  • Mike Gonzalez

    I don’t know why they keep it under wraps when we all have already seen it with the Seat El Born…

    • Matt

      The average joe public doesn’t know that though.

    • McFly

      The styling is different, which we can see even though it’s “camouflaged”. 🙂

  • Rocket

    Gotta love the implication that it was some sort of error. This “accidental leak” will make headlines everywhere.

  • KareKakk
  • verla

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  • Ilbirs

    Maybe a module that comprises wipers and their motors but also parts of the climate system, all this being put at the same time on the assembly line, as there isn’t an engine on the front end.

  • Enter Ranting

    Car company notorious for lousy electrical systems builds electric car.

  • JBsC6

    Pretty strong resemblance to a vw golf. Good for europe….needs to cuv ified for USA consumption ofr suffer the fate of the chevy bolt…

    The shoebox ev that nobody wants to be seen in….

    Europe loves that shape and market segment…

    Usa wants make believe cuv look a likes (that include large diamter cuv like wheels and tires….(screw mileage affective loss because of large wheels and tires) we are the lamd of waste for style and vw needs to remember that including our new upcoming cuv electrics

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