2020 Renault Zoe Quietly Rolls In With Up To 242 Miles Of Range

Europe’s best-selling electric vehicle, the Renault Zoe, has reached its second generation and promises to be better overall compared to its predecessor.

A rival of sorts to the likes of the Peugeot e-208 and Opel/Vauxhall Corsa-e newcomers, the 2020 Zoe gets a 52 kWh battery that ensures a WLTP-certified range of up to 242 miles (389 km). With a 30 percent bigger capacity over the old one and identical dimensions, this lithium-ion battery also supports fast charging.

Using the new 50kW DC charging option for 30 minutes will give it a range of around 90 miles (145 km), whereas plugging it in a 22kW public charger for 1 hour results in a 78-mile (126 km) range. Charging it from 0-100 percent is an overnight process when using the 7kW Wallbox, which takes 9 hours and 25 minutes.

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Another big update is the addition of the R135 motor, which delivers 100 kW (135 PS / 133 hp) and 181 lb-ft (245 Nm) of torque, hooked up to a single-speed gearbox. In this guise, the new Zoe takes 10 seconds to accelerate to 62 mph (100 km/h) and maxes out at 87 mph (140 km/h). From 50 to 75 mph (80-120 km/h), Renault says it needs 7.1 seconds, a 2.2 second improvement compared to the R110 electric motor, which carries over with 80 kW (110 PS / 108 hp).

Both versions of the car get the new ‘B mode’ driving function, which facilitates one-pedal driving. The ‘D mode’ remains an integrated part that will come in handy when the vehicle is traveling at a constant speed, outside cities. Switching between the two modes requires operating the new e-shifter, while other novelties include the new braking system and automatic parking brake.

Safety-wise, the 2020 Zoe is equipped with a generous suite of systems, like Active Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keeping Assist, Traffic Sign Recognition, Blind Spot Monitoring, Easy Park Assist, Auto-Hill hold and auto high/low beam headlights.

As far as the exterior design goes, the new Zoe is more of an evolution of the old car. Changes include the new grille, bumpers, standard LED lighting units at both ends, refreshed color palette and new wheel designs.

The cabin has however been significantly revamped, featuring a new dashboard layout and better materials. The infotainment system, with a 9.3-inch touchscreen, has been upgraded and there is now a standard customizable 10-inch TFT instrument cluster. Users have access to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity, two USB sockets in the rear and a wireless charging pad offered as an option.

Drivers can of course remotely access and operate some of the car’s functions using their smartphones. They can start or schedule the heating or air conditioning, check the battery range and charging status and pre-plan their journeys.

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  • J. P.

    Compared to the outgoing version, this one looks much better

    • StrangerGP

      It’s still strange they don’t base it on the Clio which is much better looking.

      • has to look different for people to identify it as an other car, but I used to think like you so I get it. Like the previous Clio when it came out, it was a welcome change to Renault’s boring or ugly design. But now The new Clio is 95% new but looks 95% like the previous one… They are stuck, the Zoe looks good, this modernize version doesn’t look better to me, it’s like Audi, the same but with sharper line.

    • Doesn’t really too different from the outgoing one IMHO.

    • erly5

      It’s a very minor facelift so to me it doesn’t look much different.

  • designer_dick

    It’s fairly obvious that this is about as all-new as the second-generation Nissan Leaf, which is to say not very. It looks like there have been relatively few changes to the sheetmetal, if any, with most of the exterior changes being focused on the lights and bumpers. All of this is to be expected, as there can’t have been a compelling business case for spending hundreds of millions of euros on developing an an all-new architecture for a car that sold just over 40,000 units worldwide in its best year.

    • Richard Taylor

      Renault’s current emphasis is on not fixing what isn’t broken, so this relatively minor-seeming redesign is, I suppose, in line with that ethos. Personally I’m not mad at this at all. Good design isn’t always about revolution. And premium design is often (perceived to be) about evolution. I think that by keeping true to what I assume is a successful formula, Renault can focus on the business of improvement, which has been much needed, especially for interiors. I agree with @disqus_1uW0RXPTvU:disqus that the Clio is more attractive, but for me, the Zoe sits comfortably close enough to mainstream, compared to the oddball (but not ugly) i3 or the awful-looking Prius. I guess the electric-car-as-outsider design will continue well into the next decade.

    • Matt

      We’ll see a full re-design when the Zoe is built on a dedicated EV platform that probably isn’t ready yet. This is really a comprehensive face-lift.

  • Looks like a great city car.

  • Brian Regan

    I don’t know anything about Renault reliability/build quality, but they make some good looking automobiles.

  • Not a fan of the new dash, and hate the huge Losange Renault Logo on all their cars, otherwise it looks good, still cute.

  • Super Rob

    30% greater range out of the same dimension battery. Exciting times as we witness the birth of the EV. Reminds me of back when 4MB of RAM was new. Then it was 8, then 16, then it started to become irrelevant as the speeds were high enough that no one cared and it wasn’t relevant in the advertising. The range part of the equation will be conquered within the next 5 years. Now who can get a below 10 minute recharge. We know eventually they will, and it will be interesting seeing how we get there.

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