Does The Mercedes-AMG A35 Perform As Advertised In The Real World?

With the introduction of the AMG A35, Mercedes can finally rival the Audi S3 Sportback and BMW M135i.

This is the most affordable AMG money can buy, yet due to the fact that it slots under the upcoming A45 and A45 S and doesn’t pack the grunt we’re used to from Affalterbach’s products, it was initially met with some skepticism.

The truth is, while all those arguments are valid, there’s lots to like about the A35, starting with its performance. With 4.7 seconds for the 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) sprint and a 250 km/h (155 mph) electronically limited top speed, it sure is pretty fast. As it should, given that its 2.0-liter turbo four puts out 306 PS (302 HP) and is hooked up to a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox and all-wheel drive.

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You may be wondering if those numbers are achievable in the real world by the average Joe – which is exactly what Motorsport Magazine’s latest video is all about. We won’t spoil the outcome, but let’s just say that the “baby AMG” delivers on its promises.

With that kind of output, we were never in doubt about that top speed. What the footage reveals is that the A35 accelerates pretty hard even after the 200 km/h (124 mph) mark, and although it doesn’t max out, with a bit more space it would have hit that limiter easily.


  • Craig

    Honda Civic Type R. 2.0 litre Turbo. 306 hp. 295 lb-ft of torque. WEIGHS – 3117 lbs. ZERO to 62 mph in 5.7 seconds. Mercedes-AMG A35. 2.0 litre Turbo. 302 hp. 295 lb-ft of torque. WEIGHS – 3492. ZERO to 62 mph in 4.7 seconds.
    It’s puzzling that’s for sure.

    • Matteo Tommasi

      AWD and auto gearbox

      • Craig

        That’s not enough – as I see it – to explain the 1 second difference. And the Mercedes weighs 375 lbs more.

        • ctk4949

          The Merc is underrated like most German cars are, lol

        • Yoda

          2019 Mercedes 7speed dual-clutch auto
          2018 Honda 6 speed manual

        • Holmer_k

          Oh it’s more than enough. Take the Kia Stinger for example. A car you can buy in 2 or all wheel drive in the 2 liter version. The all wheel drive version is 181 pounds heavier yet it’s 1.5 seconds quicker 0-60 than the two wheel drive version. And a dual clutch tranny gets you a half second advantage on a Mustang GT vs the manual version where there is only a 3 pound weight difference. Combined, it’s easy to see where a 1 second advantage comes from even with the weight and power differences.

          • Craig

            You put up a great argument. So good I have no smart sounding counter-argument. I’m still scratching my head a little though. I guess I don’t appreciate just how much quicker shifting a dual-clutch auto is compared to a human shifted manual.

          • Holmer_k

            Yeah, a good dual clutch tranny can shift before you can reach your hand out to grab the shifter in a manual, but the bigger difference is all wheel drive traction vs 2 wheel drive traction. Getting the power to the road twice as good is tough to overcome from a standing start.

    • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

      Launch control, AWD traction, and a lightning fast dual clutch auto.

      That easily explains it.

  • mattjelonek

    No gear/ausfarts? 😀

  • Vassilis

    An objectively quick car does 0-124 in 18.something. Now imagine how much quicker a 720S or a Pista feels which does it almost 10 sec (!!!) quicker!

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