Maserati Won’t Go Below The Ghibli And Levante Because Profit Margins

Maserati is, apparently, not willing to launch new cars that would slot below its two smaller vehicles right now, the Ghibli sedan and the Levante SUV.

“You don’t want to go down. You want to go up”, CEO Harald Wester told Autocar while discussing the brand’s current range and how larger vehicles generate larger profit margins

This is an interesting statement because, last year, Maserati said they were planning a crossover smaller than the Levante. It could have been based around a lightweight platform, sold with a number of different plug-in hybrid powertrains and may have even offered Level 3 autonomous driving functionality.

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Inspired by this, Vito Possidente rendered what a smaller Maserati crossover could look like last December. While it was an independent study, it did show how Maserati’s current styling language could be downscaled into a compact SUV.

While such a small model no longer appears to be on the cards, Maserati does still have a number of new vehicles in the works, none more important than the Alfieri. This sexy sports car was introduced in concept form back in 2014 but its production version has been pushed back a number of times, and current plans call for a 2020 Geneva Motor Show launch and sales to commence in either 2021 or 2022.

Underpinning the Alfieri will be an aluminum space frame and it will be sold with a mild hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, and an all-electric powertrain with three electric motors, four-wheel drive, torque vectoring, and 800V battery tech.

  • Six_Tymes

    that sketch art work is on point

  • Alx

    seriously, their current portfolio is so irrelevant in today’s market… they really ought to shake things up!

  • Bash

    Well, but also they building something bigger is some sort of a dream.

  • Bob

    Perhaps Maserati could take a stab at having an answer for most Porsches bar those that touch the 488 or whatever the new one is.

    • europeon

      The sport cars segment is already crowded enough. It’s probably better for them to focus only on grand tourers, no matter what shape they come in.

      • Bob

        But Porsche doesn’t only make sport cars…

  • europeon

    This is an interesting statement because, last year, Maserati said they were planning a crossover smaller than the Levante.

    Last year, that idiot marchionne was in charge. Now he’s gone.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    I’d give up the Xver and would go for a smaller model in Cayman’s territory but in GT sauce.

  • Richard Alexander

    I thought Tesla proved that you don’t have to make a profit in he car business…..

    • europeon

      But Maserati is making a hefty profit for each unit sold, even with the horrible Ferrari engines/warranty deal, where all the money goes to Ferrari. They’re making double than BMW, Audi and Mercedes, and ten times more than Land Rover.

      • Merc1

        Do you have any proof of that?


        • europeon

          Look, it’s the comments’ section favorite retrad again!
          Yes, use the search function and you’ll find the article with all the data. It was pubilshed right here a few months ago.

  • europeon

    You’re delusional.
    I’m not gonna dive deeper into this because I already got my comments deleted when I spoke my mind about the Lancia and Chrysler killer.

    What have I done with my life? The only thing that’s relevant to this discussion is that I was stupid enough to buy over a dozen Alfas, Maseratis and Fiats, money which ended in part in the butcher’s pocket.

  • RobPul

    It makes a lot of sense, sub-Gibli and sub-Levante segments are Alfa’s territory. There’s still hope that now that Jeep and Ram are sorted resources will be channelled to get Maserati and Alfa a proper line-up of models…

  • driv3r

    Whether they move up or down in the segments it would be rather useful for them to finally go ahead with any plan or to present any new model. Or they have to decide to keep Maserati the small niche brand that it is today but then they shouldn’t be chasing any Porsche ambitions/margins/brand positioning. Personally I’m wondering about what all the FCA engineers and managers are doing all day since the only three new models they’ve come up in the past few years are the Giulia, the Stelvio and the Levante. That’s it.

    • europeon

      It puzzles me why people think Quattroporte and Ghibli are old models. Ghibli was released only one year before Giulia, QP VI only two, which is barely more than 5 years ago. And since then, had both technical and design (interior and exterior) facelifts and they continue to evolve.

      W222 S-Klasse was launched about the same time as M156 Quattroporte and I don’t remember anyone writing angry comments on the Internet complaining about how old the S-Klasse is. A normal production cycle for a car is about 7 years and Maserati is still 2-3 years away with its current lineup.

      I could also go into the discussion about how, despite all the Internet hate, the current models are quite attractive for the customers (sales numbers prove it), but this is something that can be hardly discussed in a civilized manner with people that only seen those cars in pictures and Internet videos.

      • Astonman

        Here’s my theory. When people think of Maserati, they automatically think of the Grand Turismo. And they know the car is around 11 years old and they lump that thought with the rest of the line. Mercedes can hide the fact that their S class is old because they make so many other cars that distracts from it. People automatically think Mercedes is coming-out with new and updated cars and group the S Class with it.
        It alsocracks me up when I read how ugly their interiors are. I wonder how many of those people sat down in the car and take it in and not review from a picture. If they have and still believe that then it’s their opinion I will respect. But their interiors look and feel luxurious.

        • europeon

          I guess it’s hard to convey some things in pictures or videos. For example people see the Kia Stinger “stitched” dashboard, and they assume the plastic dash with a molded fake stitching Kia uses, compares to the manual contrast stitched, aniline leather dash used in Maseratis.

          • Astonman

            True. On another note – did you get the new Bentley GT yet?

          • europeon

            Not yet. I waited for the V8 to come out and first model year issues to be worked out, and by then the Flying Spur was just around the corner so I thought it might worth the wait to check it out at least. I was invited to a client preview of the new Flying Spur a few weeks ago, but unfortunately I couldn’t attend, so now I’m waiting for the real thing to arrive.

            The bad part is that they’re so much more expensive than I was expected – even with just a few basic options to make it feel contemporary (which is necessary, because almost everything seems to be tailored to cater to old bald men in their 60s prime) the prices goes up by a third (without going into Muliner spec territory which is even more insanely priced). And that’s really more than I could afford right now.

          • Astonman

            Good luck! That interior is to die for.

      • driv3r

        Uhm sales numbers prove it? I just can see that Maserati sales of 2018 crumbled to 36,5k units from 46,3k units in 2017. Thats 21% down.
        I’m not following Maserati closely enough to comment on model years but the overall Maserati line-up is way older than the current offerings of their competitors which already are ahead of Maserati in terms of tech. Whether it be regarding the engine (Mild-hybrid, Plug-in-hybrid or fully electric) or infotainment or safety tech. I think FCA should have the ability to get Maserati on a same level to their competitors. But as for now those many many announcements of recent years haven’t improved Maseratis position much.

        • europeon

          I’m not following Maserati closely enough to comment

          Yet you do it anyway. I don’t know where you get those numbers, they’re incorrect. Yes, there was a drop in sales due to China’s car sector shrink, which affected mostly luxury vehicles – all other brands had lower sales – but even so, Maserati was selling about 5k vehicles/year before 2013, that’s a tenfold increase.

          As far as the tech… another ignorant comment. Why do you assume if you don’t know the first thing about what model year and facelifts introduced?

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