Out Of Control RV Goes Flying Into Departing Ferry, Driver Gets Killed

A bizarre accident occurred in Quebec earlier this week when a speeding RV hit a ramp at the Tadoussac ferry crossing and was launched onto a departing ferry.

Video from the incident shows a number of people milling around the rear of the boat as it departs the harbor, while the RV can be seen speeding down a hill and approaching the boat launch.

After it goes airborne, passengers on the ferry look up and take cover the best they can. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much the driver could do so the RV crashed into the rear of the ferry and a Ford F-150 that was parked onboard.

CBC News reports that police believe the RV suffered some kind of mechanical problem. That seems possible and it wouldn’t be surprising if the brakes failed.

Regardless of what happened, the driver of the RV was killed. That’s unfortunate, but Éric Belec is being praised as a hero for honking his horn to alert pedestrians to get out of the way.

At least one witness also said Belec tried to stop, or at least slow down, the RV by purposely crashing into metal gates along the side of the road. Unfortunately, that didn’t bring the vehicle to a halt.

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While Belec was killed as a result of the crash, a female passenger that was hit managed to survive, although according to the doctors she’s still in critical condition.

Tadoussac’s mayor believes the situation could have been much worse as the ferry was full, and commented on the timing, saying that “if [the ferry] had taken off two seconds before, or two seconds later, the outcome could have been entirely different.”

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  • Paulbe

    What did he think was going to happen?

    • Matt

      If the brakes failed then it sounds like he didn’t have much choice in the matter and he did try and stop the RV before he got to the ramp.

    • panda-R

      Try reading.

    • Hi I am Zako

      May be he is trying to land into the sea?

  • Ali

    Chuck Norris !!

  • Bash

    OMG, that is horrible. Words are never adequate in moments like these.
    besides, I echo @@disqus_pPq7tAhqCx:disqus at what he said, I think something went wrong and he didn’t have a chance.

  • Six_Tymes

    then why point the vehicle at the ramp? everyone is actuality thinking there was no other place but to drive the RV towards a ferry boat with people? what am I missing here? OR are you all mad? seriously, you can see within camera he was far back, certainly had time to think and steer, why steer towards the ferry ramp with people on it? the guy was out of his mind mad that he missed it, and was intentional.

    I think you are all mad like sheep listing to the police, they say that to calm people down, much like you don’t want to believe the worst, that it was intentional, and it looks it. I bet someone has more video, and would incriminate the driver. He steered the rv directly towards the ramp, knowing there was lots of people on it, this was intentional.

  • Six_Tymes

    then why point the vehicle at the ramp? everyone is actuality thinking there was no other place but to drive the RV towards a ferry boat with people? are you kidding me? seriously, you can see within camera shot he was far back, certainly had enough time to think and steer, why steer towards the ferry ramp with people on it? the other possibility is that the guy was out of his mind mad that he missed the ferry, and might have been intentional. I would like to see video of the ramp LOADING area, on both sides and what is there near on the sides back further.

    Something doesn’t add up here, the guy steered the rv FAST towards the ramp, the ferry had lots of people on it, and he knew it.

    • Matt

      Step away from the keyboard.

    • badcyclist

      At the very least, I am not buying “brake failure” as the explanation for what happened here.

    • AintYerPa

      I agree. He was aiming for that spot… Probably watched too many movies and thought he’d make it.. Also wouldn’t surprise me to find out he was hopped up on something…

  • Bo Hanan


  • Leo


    • Leconte Dave

      The brakes failed…

  • LJ

    You have arrived at your destination.

  • kachuks

    Solar power almost took out that lady.

  • StrangerGP

    So you’ve advanced to posting videos with people getting killed?

    • ksegg

      They’ve been posting articles/videos with vehicles involved in head-on collisions, semi-trucks going out of control and decimating other cars, people getting run over, etc.

      This site is becoming a bit…..meh.

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      And yet, here you all are.

  • Thunderbolt

    I look at the video at 0:07 seconds, I can think of 2 possibilities
    1) driver of the RV thought that if he hit the ram it might stop the RV
    2) he could have turn the RV to the left or right and let it roll over but he didn’t have enough time to think.

  • McFly

    Very sad (and a bit disturbing that it was posted, and that I watched it).
    Makes me wonder if a real car wouldn’t have made it without casualties.
    Most RVs are basically just tree houses on wheels, structurally.

  • SpeedDemon

    1) Switch. off. the. engine.
    2)knock transmission into neutral. .
    Either one would have worked

    • Eric

      Brake failure negates both of your “solutions”, and switching off the engine only makes it coast on compression.

      • SpeedDemon

        That was never brake failure, that was a stuck accelerator pedal – look at the speed he was travelling. Remember the “stuck accelerator pedals” B.S. about Lexus a couple of years ago?

        • Eric

          Not sure what the Lexus issue has to do here, and the approche to the rampe is a long downhill stretch. Gravity.

        • Maxime01

          If you know the area the hill is very, very steep… There is an emergency braking exit (or whatever it is called) just before the ferry, but it seems it may have not been possible for him to use it.

        • Mr. EP9

          How do you know there wasn’t brake failure? Did you do an investigation of the accident and rule out all other possible causes?

  • Stephen G

    It is possible that the driver was dead at the time the RV sped down the hill. Very unfortunate.

  • JqC


  • U8INIT

    Suspicions narrative…

  • AintYerPa

    Liiiike a GLOVE!

  • Eric

    What’s your evidence of “brain failure”? And I just realised the irony of my own statement with regards to you…

  • ProtoMan1

    10/10. perfect execution.

  • Porkopolis

    Quebec? This is a feat for Florida or New Jersey, maybe a lake in Arkansas or something… Canada, really?

  • Bobby Lee

    “….Gets Killed”…… great journalism!

  • lagann

    Shows how unsafe rv’s are. Looks like a complete survavible crash if it was in a regular car.

  • Paul

    I’m not so sure I buy the story line they’re peddling here. It looks like to me the driver may have been deranged or something and mad he missed the ferry. Plenty of chances to find some other way of stopping the thing and it was moving extremely fast, as if on purpose.

  • CBV2020

    I used to come here for car news, but I’m actively looking for another site. There is enough of this showcased through other outlets. I come here for enjoyment and they’re posting videos of the moment someone was killed. Talk about desensitized…

  • Wandering_Spirit

    I want to be honest. The jump was an 8, the flight was even, flat and well executed in speed and distance. But the landing wasn’t that good. Overall, i’d say it’s a 6. The lack of somersault made it uneventful.

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