2020 Opel Insignia Retains GM Underpinnings, Freshens Up Its Styling

Two years after production of the second-gen Insignia started, Opel is already working on the facelifted iteration. The car has been spied testing on film for the first time, on and around the Nurburgring, in two body styles: Grand Sport and Sports Tourer.

Since this is an attempt at trying to keep it competitive in the rather crowded mid-size segment that includes rivals such as the Volkswagen Passat, Ford Mondeo, Skoda Superb, Mazda6, Toyota Camry and Peugeot 508, the 2020 Insignia retains the GM platform. However, it could get some hardware changes, maybe even swapping some of its engines for PSA-sourced ones, although nothing is certain yet.

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Now, it may have GM roots, but the refreshed Insignia will try to put distance itself from its past. Thus, the front and rear ends have been redesigned, getting new headlights and taillamps, reworked bumpers and a smaller duck lid spoiler in the GSi grade. The overall styling will bring it closer to some of Opel’s (Vauxhall’s) newer models, like the Corsa, which is entirely new and sports PSA underpinnings.

Some trim revisions are expected inside, but this is where the updates will pretty much end, given that the Insignia already received a new infotainment system last year.

Opel is thought to introduce the facelifted Insignia at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show in September, so we will likely learn more about it in the weeks to come.


  • alexxx

    I am glad they are redesigning front and back especially lights…the old/first insignia looks better than new one…

  • Shtekeris

    I’m with TG James on this one – why test all cars on Nordschleife, are they making this stiffer and sportier / less comfortable?

    • Ben

      Exactly, I know people say “Oh, its to test suspension, NVH, and stuff like that”, but its not. That’s what proving grounds are for. There is no reason to pace cars like these around a track, especially the Nurburgring.

      • Matt

        Most of the car’s calibration is done at proving grounds. The Nürburgring testing is often just for validation and ‘sign off’ as it offers a unique test of the car’s chassis, steering and brakes (as well as engine cooling).

        • Ben

          But at the Nurburgring?! its like asking to use Nasa’s wind tunnel to test the aerodynamics of the model plane you built over the weekend. There are so many tracks in the world that automakers could test on, but to use THE Nurburgring is a bit overkill.

          • Matt

            That analogy is incorrect. A model plane isn’t designed to last years and tens of thousands of miles. A car is. The Nürburgring is very different to other race circuits, it has a unique combination of corners, compressions, elevation changes and cambers that actually simulate many miles of regular road use in regards to the stress it puts on components. I remember reading a test engineer saying that a few laps on the ‘ring was equivalent to 100 miles of road testing (or something like that).

            If car manufacturers can strap their new models to million-dollar chassis rigs for days/weeks on end to test durability, then a few laps of the Nürburgring don’t seem like such a big deal.

          • Ben

            I felt the analogy was correct in the sense that a wind tunnel at NASA isn’t scaled or suited to testing model planes that you get from the drug store. The amount of wind, in proportion, would be more than that plane would ever experience.

            I’m saying driving around a grocery-shuttle on the very benchmark which the highest performance cars battle is a bit much. There are so many tracks that are smaller and more suitable to everyday vehicles. There are plenty of other tracks that are suited to testing everyday vehicles for camber, elevation, etc. Streets of Willow or VIR to name a few.

            However, I do realize I might be putting the green hell on an alter. I just do see KIA putting a SOUL around the ring and it having profound changes in the way the car is engineered or set up. The Nurburgring is a track that pushes the very best performance cars to their limit, why shuttle around a car that won’t see 110mph in its life?

          • FoxJ30

            It might not even just be about speed – from my understanding of the Nurburgring (from Gran Turismo 4, no less!), there’s enough mileage and variation there to help tune the ride, as well as some extended testing of engine cooling/engine management.

            As for Nurburgring vs other test tracks – shorter test tracks might not end up being so different from manufacturers’ own proving grounds, whereas The Ring is significantly bigger.

          • Matt

            It’s irrelevant whether the Insignia is designed for getting groceries or not, the Nurburgring is such a complex track it helps engineers validate all the chassis settings as well as durability testing.

            Cars are tested at their LIMITS during development. So if it can handle that, it can handle general driving in the hands of customers.

            And you’re forgetting that the Insignia might actually see 110mph on the Autobahn.

  • WalthamDan

    I wish they would get rid of that extended chrome window trim strip at the rear

  • uS’gedlemba

    “However, it could get some hardware changes, maybe even swapping some of
    its engines for PSA-sourced ones, although nothing is certain yet.”

    Incomprehensible reporting, going by logic alone; this car is not a PSA product, from ground up it sits on a GM platform; PSA pays royalties for every single one they sell; it’s exactly the same reason why PSA built their own Corsa F in parallel to GM’s now still born Corsa F and the same reason why the Astra K still won’t get PSA powertrains, the cost of licensing, royalties, homologation and adaptation of their technology to a unique, limited lifespan platform doesn’t make sense.

  • NormT

    Bring it with 2.7T for PSA’s of OPC!

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