Porsche Wants To Fight Carsickness With… VR Entertainment System?

Anyone who has used a VR headset knows that motion sickness comes with the bundle. Now, combine the VR experience with the backseat of a driving car and you’ve got what Porsche calls the potential entertainment system of the future.

Contrary to what you may think, the technology “significantly reduces the symptoms of motion sickness”. That’s according to Porsche, anyway, which is behind the joint project signed with Holoride, which will give rear passengers the chance of immersing themselves in the multiple worlds of virtual reality.

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The headset features sensors and is paired to the car, so that it can adapt to its driving movements in real time. Thus, if it’s being driven around the curve, the space shuttle that the passenger is ‘traveling in’ will change direction. The system can also entertain occupants with videos and can adapt the length of a VR game to the calculated duration of the journey.

“A new dimension for in-car entertainment is opened up by Holoride”, said Project Manager for Smart Mobility at Porsche, Anja Mertens. “The manufacturer-independent approach convinced us from the start and, over the past few weeks, the team has proven what this technology can do. We look forward to taking the next steps together.”

The technology is in testing phase, but the startup aims to bring the VR headsets in the backseat of production cars in the next three years. Until then, the system can be seen at the Startup Autobahn Expo Day on Tuesday, in Stuttgart’s Wagenhallen venue. If you cannot make it to the German city on such a short notice, don’t worry, because Porsche and Holoride will demonstrate the system at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show on September 20.


  • 2PacOfCarscoop

    Have you guys seen Two Girl One Cup? Well, thats gonna happen if you play VR in a moving car…

    • exeptor

      Which part of it?

  • Mr. EP9

    I’d rather have a VR system that let’s me experience (as authentically as possible) what it was like being behind the wheel of a 956 going down the Mulsanne straight. I don’t want just want to see it, I want to feel it.


  • McFly

    It will work, if the sensor lag is low enough. Both car sickness and VR sickness is a result of mismatch between visual and balance input. This will – potentially – remove that mismatch.

    But since you will not be able to control the motion of the vehicle in the game, the gameplay possibilities will not be that great. Think “rail shooters”.

  • Maricaibo

    How about a VR representation of the car you’re in and the road you’re on?

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