VW ID.3 Prototype Spotted Nearly Undisguised In Stuttgart

Aside from seeing it up close and personal in concept form, VW’s ID.3 has been kept pretty much under wraps while in prototype form, wearing a sufficient amount of camouflage so as to keep us guessing.

But what if you were to catch one just outside your house wearing little to no camouflage? That’s exactly what happened to automotive journalist Greg Kable who spotted the lightly camouflaged EV in Stuttgart, Germany and posted a few images of it on social media.

His post read: “A lightly disguised Volkswagen ID.3 prototype just pulled up in front of my house in Stuttgart…”

The images were quickly picked up by Autocar and Inside EVs and now here we are looking at a surprisingly “murdered out” version of VW’s upcoming electric hatchback, with only a little bit of tape masking its front and rear fascias.

Last month, we learned that VW received 20,000 pre-orders for the car, half of which came in just 24 hours after order books had been open. The German automaker is expecting to have 30,000 bookings secured in time for the Frankfurt Motor Show this September.

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It’s been previously reported that the Volkswagen ID.3 will be sold in three configurations: a 45 kWh version with 205 miles (330 km) of range, a 58 kWh mid-tier model with 261 miles (420 km) of range and a 77 kWh range-topper that can drive for 342 miles (550 km) on a single charge.

The first models to hit showrooms will be 1ST versions, featuring the mid-range battery pack, three available trim levels, larger wheels, voice control, sat-nav and more.


  • Ben

    Is it just me or are there 900 “other stories” blocks between the bottom of the article and the comment section?! My finger got slimmer doing all that scrolling. A few more pages like that and I might have to drop my ring size.

    • StrangerGP

      Start using uBlock. 😉

      • Ben

        Thanks friend!

  • DetrinKD

    Anybody else notice they seemed to have tried to disguise it as a LEAF? Funny.

    • eb110americana

      It actually looks like a slight smaller VW LEAF. (Yes, I know that should be Nissan.)

  • Dude

    I love it, it looks very sleek and sporty. but the lack of the super thin concept headlights is a tragedy

  • Bart

    Looks awesome!
    However, at the same time: it’s now clear that it is almost identical to Seat El Born. That’s obviously not a surprise, as El Born is a rebadged ID.3 (gosh, that name!) – my point is: except minor details we’ve already know how this car is going to look.
    Speaking of rebadged cars: nice try with that fake Skoda’s grill ?

  • ME

    A slantier Chevy BOLT

  • Mike Gonzalez

    Looks good but still too tall for my taste, it’s borderlining MPV territory

  • jason wu

    If it priced right, it will sell like hot cakes.

  • Marc

    Has a bit of Scirocco going on from the side

  • enthusia

    not VW disguising it as a leaf! they even camo-ed on a floating c-pillar LMFAO

  • Ilbirs

    It’s the same level of camouflage we’d see on a VW that is just months to be revealed in its final shape. Compare this to what happened to the T-Cross, T-ROC and the Golf.

  • Baeyoung ❂

    It looks like VW Golf, Honda Jazz/Fit and Nissan Leaf are integrated altogether

  • ThatGuy

    As per comments in previous article, the marketing push is heavy. For a car that will be expensive on launch, or lets say out of the price range of majority of people. To put it into perspective an E-Golf is $31k so this will be there or there about. Many dont have that GTi, E-Golf kind float, save the upper middle class.

    342 miles (550 km) on a single charge, that what i wanted to see. Now this is based on their test and sort of real world at a slow pace, less use of the radio, aircon and cell integration. Ima call it and when it gets in the hand of CR, they will say the real claimed figure via their customer survey puts the range at 300km/250miles.

    Which will still be good, not great but good.

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