A Mazda Miata-Rivalling Electric Sports Car From Tesla Could Be A Runaway Success

The second-generation Tesla Roadster promises to shake up the supercar and hypercar industries with mind-boggling performance at the fraction of the cost of its rivals.

With an estimated base price around $200,000, it will cost about the same as a Lamborghini Huracan but offer performance to rival the Pininfarina Battista and Rimac C_Two hypercars. While it could prove to be the bargain of the century, not very many people can afford to spend $200,000 on a car, putting it out of reach for most customers.

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With this in mind, a Twitter user decided to imagine what a more affordable Tesla Roadster could look like if it was produced as a rival to the Mazda Miata. This is the result.

The vehicle takes obvious design inspiration from the Model 3. Consequently, it includes a front fascia and nose section very similar to the compact sedan, but ditches the rear doors and the roof. The rear of the sports car includes taillights similar to those of the Model 3 and we happen to think the sports car looks quite nice and might have lured some buyers away from the ever-popular Miata.

Tesla would be unable to justify building an all-electric sports car of this size with a price in the mid-$20,000s to rival Mazda’s roadster anytime soon, however, but in the years to come, the electric car manufacturer may be able to slash the prices of its batteries and electric motors so much that it could build an electric sports car for the masses.

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  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    A Mazda Miata-Rivalling Electric Sports Car From Tesla Could Be A Runaway Success
    Unintended acceleration?

    • Jason Miller

      No that’s Toyota you’re thinking of.


    • db

      estimated base price around $200,000, it will cost about the same as a Lamborghini Huracan

      • Julien Lachemoi

        Michgo isn’t mentioning the future roadster that will rival high end luxury car.

        • db

          The mid $20’s car which is mentioned is just a dream. Tesla can’t deliver the Model 3 for $35k as it is.

          • Julien Lachemoi

            That is quite true but again, Michgo is just stating what would be nice.

    • Nordschleife

      I have to agree. I know they are no longer the go to but more automakers should have a 2-door coupè.

    • Wobble Dog

      Why didn’t you get the first Tesla roadster?

      • $100K+ IS AFFORDABLE?

  • Karter Harmon-Wilkening

    Yes, please!

  • Giannis Antypas

    But how could it be? Petrolheads are devoted to …petrol.

    I guess it is up to the Millennials in order to change old dinosaurs’ minds.

    Eitherway, the old dinosaurs will go extinct some day.

    • Mr. EP9

      Millennials changing older people’s minds when they’re too busy entrenched on social media dude who knows what for hours on end?

      Yeah right.

    • Ben


      • Tumbi Mtika

        Oh cool, dude, you use Reddit!

    • Wobble Dog

      Not understanding how gas works, or cars, or energy. Cool.

  • Zed68

    Not bad!!

  • Tabs Luther

    that last pic is spot on. this would be great! keep it under 2900lbs if poss, 300hp AWD w strong rear bias via torque vectoring for the top model, rwd for the base…

  • dubbreak

    Mid 20s? Ha. But I bet it’d sell even if it was priced the same as the model 3. Save r&d money by raiding the m3 parts bin. Save money with a smaller pack (how much range do you need in a vehicle the size of a Miata?). Save money by having it rwd only (Miata does fine without an AWD version).

    First and second gen miatas were best imho. Light, simple, fun.

  • Thunderbolt

    I’d buy an electric car when battery manufacturers don’t dig up the earth and destroy it.

    • Big Black Duck

      i am sure oil companies don’t do that at all..

      • Wobble Dog

        You’re right, nothing like the worldwide perversion for cadmium, lithium, and rare Earth metals. If every well looked like Bautao lake, we’d be in trouble.

  • Richard Alexander

    Love it in concept. But the miata might not be the exact right target. Remember that one of the key ingredients of the miata formula is lightness.

  • GreenPat

    I think Tesla needs to change the name of the upcoming Roadster to “Model R”. Save the name for a true Roadster like this. Realistically it would likely be priced higher than a Miata. Maybe have a starting price around the Miata RF and top end Performance Model up near a Cayman GT4.

  • Wandering_Spirit
  • Don’tBeSoStupid

    Obviously you buy a miata track car because they are cheap but it would be pretty neat to have a 25k Tesla track car that was also street legal. More focused towards track and some laps then actually driving across Houston and back for work like so many do.

  • Scherpereel Clement

    Well someone could make that possible. Take a Miata shell or a S2000 (even better) and stuff in model 3 tech like some people seems able to do and voila ! The best of both world
    Damn if I had a lot of money I would have so much fun making fun mashup cars like that !

  • Tumbi Mtika

    The moment you find light battery technology, give Elon a call.

    • Alduin

      Elon Ball Musk can go suck a fat one.

  • Wobble Dog

    There will never be an EV that can compete with a regular car. Maybe for a few minutes, but in reality, track days and long spirited drives will always go to gas vehicles. 40x the energy for a few bucks and 2 minute fillups.

    • Nic Gilding

      If the highlight of your drive is how long it takes you to fill up, then sure. Although you will never know the pleasure of not having to ever stop at the gas station on the way home from work and instead just plugging your car in when you get home. This is, of course, not even making any mention of the superior performance of just about every EV.

    • Holmer_k

      I wouldn’t bet on that if I were you.

      • Space Force

        Funny how nobody on the left refutes the Democratic parties ant-Semitic position. They can’t even acknowledge how evil they have become

        • Holmer_k

          Why bother refuting a lie? Only the stupid believe it. And you suckers simply aren’t worth attempting to correct. The ONLY reason we interact at all is so the next person who comes along, the kids who haven’t been brainwashed by right wing media or their parents have a chance to see what the truth is. I offer the only help I can for you. Make the call. A mental health professional is waiting to help you.

        • Alduin

          Who cares about the Jews? They hate all races of people especially if you’re not Jewish. Dems are Communists.

          • Space Force

            Omar cares

          • Space Force

            Fascist bigot

          • Alduin

            Everytime someone says something constructive, there’s always an a$$hole like you that has to put in their 2 cents worth. “Fascist bigot” oh so disliking Jews makes you a fascist now all of a sudden?

          • Space Force

            Just makes you a democrat and Jewish hating bigot

          • Alduin

            I’m not a Democrat nor a Republican. Jews have been behind alot of the worlds wars and grief.

      • Alduin

        2 hours on a race track and a Tesla runs out of juice it’s been proven that after a little while the Tesla cant make it and runs out of power.

        • Holmer_k

          Formula E cars are running over 35 laps and reaching speeds of 189 mph. Tesla’s cars are already old in the scheme of things. ICE has decades of manufacturing and development behind it while EV’s are still in their infancy. People like you weren’t betting on the average person carrying around more computing power in their pockets that it took to get to the moon in the 60’s. Your statement will be proved false eventually. It is only a matter of time.

  • MarketAndChurch

    Nobody buys Miata’s, or roadsters in general. However… if it performed like a Tesla…. then more people might give it a go.

    • Nic Gilding

      Millions of people have been buying roadsters for over 100 years.

      • Alduin

        Soft too convertables on the other hand need to die. I like hardtops.

      • MarketAndChurch

        Yeah but people aren’t buying 2-dr coupes, sports cars, etc. under 50k. Apart from the muscle cars, and the Corvette and the A5, people just don’t buy them in the US. And it’s been that for quite some time now.

  • that actually doesn’t look that bad…

    though a Tesla Miata would probably cost twice as much and only really offer superior 0-60 times…

  • Nic Gilding

    Who says it would have to be in the mid-20’s? The Miata starts in the low 30’s. Tesla would not have to sell it for cheaper to get people to buy it.

  • Alduin

    Boring. The dash layout on the model 3 is a total snoozefest talk about lazy design.

  • Chris Cole

    This would be great, as long as they take most of the 3 and cram it into this shell, they could sell it for nearly the $35k base price of the 3, of course get the long range battery, but make it handle like a Miata, and offer a hardtop convertible or the Miata rf top, and I would get one… (I would probably take a small generator in the trunk if I wanted to go on a road trip as a backup if I couldn’t find a power station lol)

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