Fiat 500 Reportedly Being Dropped In The US For 2020

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles announced a handful of updates to their 2020 lineup this weekend, but there was one notable absence – any mention of a 2020 Fiat 500.

While that automaker detailed the 2020 500L, 500X and 124 Spider, they didn’t have anything to say about the 500. Autoblog reports there’s a good reason for this as all versions of the 500 are being dropped in the United States.

That remains unconfirmed but, when Jalopnik reached out for confirmation, a spokesperson declined to comment. That’s a tad unusual, as most automakers are quick to dismiss rumors about a model’s death. That could mean the 500 lineup is indeed being dropped, but nothing is official as of yet.

If FCA did decide to eliminate the 500, it wouldn’t be too surprising as the model’s popularity has seriously declined in the past few years. According to Carsalesbase data, sales peaked at 43,772 units in the United States in 2012. They have fallen every year since then and 2018 sales were a dismal 5,370 units.

2019 is looking even worse as the company has only moved 1,692 units through June. If that trend continues, the company will only sell 3,384 cars this year.

The numbers are appalling by any stretch of the imagination and they’re inching closer to Smart ForTwo territory. Smart sold 6,211 units in 2016 and another 3,071 in 2017. However, those numbers plummeted to 1,276 units in 2018 after going electric-only. The massive drop caused Smart to throw in the towel and it appears Fiat is doing the same.

Regardless, the 2020 500X will be offered with a newly available black roof.  Likewise, the 2020 124 Spider gains a new “Scorpion Sting” side-stripe and hood decal package. The 2020 Fiat 500L, on the other hand, appears to carry over without any changes.

If Fiat does drop the 500, it’s curious that the 500L gets to live. US sales were a laughable 1,276 units last year and the company has only moved 399 units through June.

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  • Matteo Tommasi

    The ICE Fiat 500 will be dropped in the US making space for the EV one.
    In Europe the two will be sold together.

    • Patrick

      This would make more sense. I couldn’t think of another EV FCA has to replace the 500e. Maybe there is one and I can’t recall.

    • did they not see what happened when the Smart did that?


    i don’t get why fiat never released facelifted 500 to the US

  • Six_Tymes

    silly rear end design. It looks like someone with a flat back of their head. the rest if great design, they messed up on this cars rear.

  • FordMopar

    Doesn’t help that Americans got stuck with SAME design since first release and other countries got refreshed version of 500 which looked much better with LED lighting. It’s mind blown that FCA was clueless why 500 sales are dropping…

  • SavetheCamaro

    I thought the 500L was being dropped. If the 500 is dropped, the rest of Fiat’s US lineup will be dropped entirely, and Fiat will exit the US by the end of this decade. Spare Alfa Romeo, the Italian brand we Americans wanted in the States the most, not Fiat.

  • sidewaysspin

    About time it grows even bigger.

  • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

    IT’s over 10 years old. Of COURSE sales are dropping. FCA is run by morons.

    • Matt

      Challenger is even older yet is selling very well though.

      • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

        That’s like saying but broccoli is down. Two completely different markets.

        • Stephen G

          But they are both food.

          • Loquacious Borborygmus

            Yes but only one will satisfy your hunger. 😉

        • Matt

          I never said they were in the same market, but both are old FCA products yet one sells well despite its age (and flaws), while the other doesn’t.

      • the Challenger is a fullsize RWD V8 powered modern day muscle car,

        the 500 is the 500…

  • Karl

    The Fiat brand needs to leave the U.S market period. Just a bunch of archaic low quality vehicles anyways.

    • 124 Spyder though?

      • Karl

        Rebadge Miata!

        • Darrel Wojick

          It’s not exactly a rebadge if it has separate drive train.

          • Karl

            Spin it however you want it but the fact remains it is a rebadged Miata!

          • Darrel Wojick

            Wow, you’re dumb.

          • Karl

            Yeah,dumb just like you!

  • Nick099

    Americans generally do not like micro-cars.
    That, and gas is cheap…really cheap in most of the US…except Kalifornia of course…and maybe Hawaii.

    • Alaska as well.

      which is odd but the EPA shut down their refineries so they have to import it now…

  • take the L with you.

    and give the X to Chrysler…

  • Alduin

    Fiat needs to pull out of our market. They were atrocious in the 80s-90s and they’re still awful today.

    • Darrel Wojick

      What’s atrocious is everything dodge/chrysler builds!

  • Darrel Wojick

    FCA run by Idiots! Also, I love my FIAT, Its the Dodge/Chrysler dealerships that suck balls!
    Gas is 4.00 a gal and going up. These 500’s are everywhere where I live!!! Great city cars. They wont bring the new Abath 695 in either. Huge mistakes being made.

  • Darrel Wojick

    Hell, Americans can’t DRIVE!

  • Darrel Wojick

    we already have fewer choices in N. America than Europe. Pretty soon there will only be about 5 cars to choose from. Ah! such Freedom!

  • Daemonocracy

    always amusing when someone tries to generalize a country as large and diverse as the USA.

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