Honda Expects CR-V Hybrid To Account For Half Of European Sales

On paper, the 2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid offers similar consumption to a diesel, only it’s more refined.

Honda’s EV Prototype Reveals Dashboard Design With Extra Wide Screen

Honda’s near-production EV was previewed by the Urban EV Concept and will launch this year in Europe.

Honda Tomo Concept: An Electric Transformer That Changes From Coupe To Pickup

Created by 13 students from IED Torino, the Tomo picks up where the Urban EV left off.

Classic Honda NSX Vs BMW M3 CSL: Which Would You Buy For $50K?

Both the 1991 NSX and 2004 M3 CSL are heading to auction in the UK later this month.

Old Honda CR-V Goes Airborne After Run-In With Toyota Highlander

It would appear that the CR-V driver changed their mind at the last second about taking that exit.

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Buying a slightly used car isn’t always the wisest of options, study finds.

Golden NSX, Type R Celebrate Honda’s 50th Anniversary In Australia

Honda’s collection also includes motorbikes, a lawnmower and even a generator – but none is for sale.

Honda S660: Cruising Tokyo With 63HP Is More Fun Than It Sounds

The Honda S660 is a mid-engine, rear-wheel drive kei car sold in Japan only.

Honda Accord Gets Giant Truck Wheels, Looks Silly, But Somehow Works

Adding massive wheels to a regular four-door sedan doesn’t give it that much off-road prowess.

Review: 2019 Honda Passport Proves Comfort And Off-Road Capability Can Mix

Honda’s new Passport aims to be more capable than the Blazer, but more comfortable than the 4Runner.

2019 Honda Passport Starts At $32K, Costs More Than Pilot

Honda expects most customers will opt for the Passport EX-L which starts at $36,410.